What Is An Electric Desk Riser, And How Can It Help You?
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What Is An Electric Desk Riser, And How Can It Help You?

|Dec 26, 2021

As you might have come across the term office ergonomics and the modern modifications, you must have realized that the furniture you have isn't equipped for any special ergonomic features. The desk you have isn't height-adjustable, the chair you use doesn’t have any adjustable armrests, nor does your seat offers recline. All these features make comfortable furniture for a workplace which is an essential key for productivity.

Moreover, when we talk about the concept of efficiency in the workplace, office desks are often a part of the conversation. Working in a standing position has many benefits instead of traditional modes of working. And even though your work desk doesn't offer you the perk of working while standing, an electric desk riser is a cheap alternative for it. Standing desk converter allows you to switch between the sit and stand by lowering or raising the height of your workstation.

There are many sit-stand desk risers in the market, but why do you need them, and how does it help you? In this article, you will find all you need to know about an adjustable standing desk riser and its benefits in the workplace.

What is an Adjustable Desk Riser?

What is an Adjustable Desk Riser?

As more and more people witness the benefits of working while standing, it is true that standing desks are a concept not getting old anytime soon. These desks are a part of current workplaces and will be seen in the future.

Though the earlier concepts must have only highlighted how you had to discard your whole desk to place a new one instead, standing desk risers are a great alternative to it. It is the desk riser system which has become a lot popular in the past years, and there are many reasons for that. A desktop standing desk riser is a portable platform that you can mount on the top of any flat surface.

This desk riser has different legs or mounting techniques to raise or lower the height. Like a standing desk, you can find an electric desk riser in manual and electric height adjustable systems. Moreover, with advanced products like standing desk connect, you can control the adjustability and height features of the standing desk.

What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Risers?

What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Risers?

Work can be extremely boring or great fun, depending on how you choose to work. Modern workplaces, for instance, revolve around the idea of making a workplace flexible hence employees don't feel drained out to the max while working. When it comes to standing desk risers, it offers many benefits. Here are some we have enlisted below:

Burning Calories

A few calories can be burned by employing an adjustable desk riser. When you stand for an extended period, you burn about 0.7 calories. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but when you sum up all of your working hours, you've burned nearly the same amount of calories as if you went to the gym.

At the very least, you won't be drenched to the point of exhaustion. An adjustable desk riser can work and earn money while reaching or maintaining a trim figure.


Portable electric desk riser

The electric desk riser is significantly easier to carry and move around due to its compact size. It's easier and lighter to transport than a full desk, plus it takes up less space.

It's portable so that you can take it to work, home, and on business trips. As a result, you will get more usage out of it, making it a much better investment than a standing desk where the huge size limits you. A standing desk converter can be an ideal pick for people who work while traveling.

Better Posture

Your posture is one of the most serious concerns with sitting while working. Working from the same location all day makes it far too simple to slump, lean, or hunch. Tilting your neck to stare down at your monitor, computer, or phone is also a possibility.

Standing aids in the improvement of posture. When you're standing, your spine is more erect than when you're sitting in an office chair. Furthermore, rotating between sitting and standing every few minutes helps prevent staying in the same position for too long.


Affordable electric desk riser

Considering the health benefits and equal level of ergonomics offered by both a standing desk and a standing desk riser, standing desk risers are affordable at most. They are just a platform with a height-adjustable capacity, so you don't have to pay a hefty amount for them.

Reduced Back Pain

Standing more while working can help relieve back and neck pain, which is related to the preceding advantage. Poor sitting positions cause the majority of spinal disorders. On the other hand, sitting can exert up to 90% more strain on your back discs than standing.

Standing and sitting alternately help keep your back and neck flexible and out of dangerous positions. Just be careful not to overdo the standing, or other back-related issues may arise.

Better Energy

Better Energy with electric desk riser

Your energy levels drop over time if you sit at your computer for virtually the entire day. If you spend the day standing up with a standing desk riser, on the other hand, you're more likely to store enough energy to last the entire week.

Keeping your body active by standing for long periods is beneficial. There will be no drowsiness or limpness in any region of your body. You can also walk around a little while working instead of being stationary when you're just sitting down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Electric Desk Riser is the Best Choice?

Which Electric Desk Riser is the Best Choice?

There are many standing desk risers in the market, but the best one allows you to have more control and easy settings. Like the Mount-It! motorized standing desk converter, this convertor gives you many features such as easy adjustability and a great load capacity.

Do I Need a Desk Riser?

If you suffer from back pain, laziness, and poor posture issues, you must change for working while standing. A desk riser is an affordable alternative to buying a whole standing desk instead.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Desk Riser?

Many famous retailers offer standing desks with technologically smart features and enhanced capability for the user to work easily. You can also get an electric standing desk riser from Autonomous and Amazon.

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