What is Cell Phone Signal Boosters (A Complete Guide)
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What is Cell Phone Signal Boosters (A Complete Guide)

|Dec 9, 2021

No matter the carrier network you use, there are always going to be times when you experience weak cell signals. That’s when you need a cell phone signal booster. Cell phone signal boosters are devices that enhance weak cellular signals on such cellular-connected devices as smartphones, cell phones, hotspots, tablets, etc. Mobile signal boosters may look like every other office desk décor or work desk item but they are a lot more than that. Among other benefits, these devices ensure that you have fast and stable connectivity all day long. 

How Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work?

How Do Cell Phone Signal Boosters Work

Mobile cell phone boosters are a lot more than just standing desk accessories. How cell phone signal boosters work is that they amplify already-existing cell signals, thereby helping to reduce the rate of dropped calls, increase data speed, and improve voice quality. 

These problems with signals happen when we get too far from the cell phone tower. When you're too far away from the cell phone tower, the signal on your phone is not strong enough to communicate back to the cell phone power. You also experience problems with signals when obstructions are blocking the signal from getting to your phone. These obstructions could be trees, buildings, car metals. 

There are three main components to a cellular signal booster. First, there is the outside antenna, then the inside antenna, and the signal booster. The outside antenna catches the weak signals that are outside and takes them inside to the signal booster. The signal booster then amplifies that signal and sends it down to the inside antenna. Those same antennas then pick up the signal from your phone, send it back to the signal booster, which boosts it, and then sends it out to the outside antenna, which sends it to the cell phone tower. 

So here is how the signal really boosters works. If it's the distance that's the cause of signal problems on your cellular device, the signal booster takes the weak signal, boosts it, and sends it back to the cell phone tower. However, if it's obstructions that are the cause of the problem, then it takes the signals from outside, brings them inside, and spreads the sends the signals throughout your space. 

How to Install Cellular Signal Booster Correctly

How to Install Cellular Signal Booster Correctly

Cell phone signal boosters do a very good job of improving mobile signal coverage. However, they can only work properly, if they’re properly installed. There are two options for installing an indoor cell phone signal booster. You can either do it yourself by following the instructions on whatever mobile signal booster you are using or you pay to have some installation experts come to your home or office to do it. If you decide to do it yourself, here are a few steps to follow. These steps are the same for installing most indoor cell phone signal boosters in a home, office, basement, and any kind of building. 

Find the Spot in your Home or Office with the Strongest Signal

The first tip for installing an outdoor cell phone signal booster is to find a position outside your home with the strongest receiving signal. Since the booster works by strengthening the weak signals around you, you need to place it in a position where there is strong receiving strength. 

Three quick ways to find areas with the strongest receiving signal include monitoring the LCD on the booster. However, not all cell phone signal boosters have an LCD. Alternatively, one could use their mobile phones to check the strength of the signal in every location or lastly, use a signal meter. 

Install the Outdoor Antenna

Install the Outdoor Antenna cell phone signal boosters

You can either choose to mount this on the wall or a pole.

Install the Indoor Antenna

Find a corner around the area where you want to have the best reception. Mount a bracket on the wall and fix the panel antenna. 

Install the Signal Booster

Find a space for the signal booster, preferably close to a power socket on the wall. Mount the cellular signal booster. Look for the outdoor booster connector and connect the antenna cable. Also, find the indoor booster connector and connect the corresponding antenna.   

Connect Booster to Power Outlet

Look for the device’s AC power cord and connect it to the booster, and then plug it into a nearby electrical outlet.

Benefits of Getting Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Many people still use cellular devices every day without ever buying an indoor cell phone signal booster or an outdoor cell phone signal booster. This may make you wonder whether you need to get one. Yes, you may need to get a mobile signal booster soon, for the following reasons. 

Indoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters Enhance In-building Connectivity

Do you know it is possible to use your phone without experiencing those occasional dropped calls and slow internet browsing speed indoors? Many businesses are run indoors and depend on good connectivity to profit. Even homeowners, visitors, and customers all enjoy indoor spaces with good connectivity. The best cell signal boosters ensure that quality cellular signal comes indoors with you. 

With good cell phone signal boosters such as the cell signal booster by Hiboost, one never has to miss out on important calls, texts, and meetings due to bad connectivity. One can also stream uninterrupted and download at an unbelievably fast rate. These types of devices enhance all kinds of signals such as 3G, 4G, LTE, and even 5G networks for all cellular devices. 

Generally, the best cell signal boosters ensure greater productivity in the market. 

Strong Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters Help in Emergency Situations

Strong Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters Help in Emergency Situations

It's never a bad idea to have reliable signals in and around your home office setup and office buildings in case of emergencies needing to call 911 and being unable to get through because of poor signals. Mobile signal boosters ensure that you have consistent connectivity in your cellular devices through all kinds of emergencies such as natural disasters, home invasions, car trouble, etc. 

Indoor Cell Phone Boosters Help circumvent Building Material

There are some types of building materials that block signals and cause poor reception inside a residence or office. Such materials include concrete and brick, metal, some types of glass among others. The best cell signal boosters have a way of bypassing all building materials capable of blocking signals inside a building or even inside vehicles. 

Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Booster Improve Signal in Weak Terrains

Outdoor Cell Phone Signal Booster Improve Signal in Weak Terrains

Ever thought about taking a nice quiet holiday tucked away in the middle of nowhere and changed your mind when you remembered how poor the reception is around the area? With cell phone signal boosters, this should not be a problem. Any place that's built far far away cell towers must experience terrible signals. The same applies to areas partly or completely covered up by trees, dense foliage, mountains, and other unfriendly terrains. With the best cell signal boosters, you no longer have to think twice about visiting rural areas where it was previously impossible to maintain a consistent connection. 

Signal Boosters generate a Secondary Network

Cell phone signal boosters are beneficial in times when your WIFI provider undergoes a network outage, or when your WIFI network gets overloaded. The booster is always available as a reliable backup for when you can no longer depend on your WIFI connection. 

Mobile Signal Boosters Reduce Stress and Frustration

Mobile Signal Boosters Reduce Stress and Frustration

In this age of remote work and complete dependence on connectivity, it can be extremely frustrating to experience any downtimes at all in connectivity. Everyone needs to stay connected to friends, family, bosses, and clients for a good part of their day. With signal boosters, situations where you can’t browse, stream videos, make important calls, are drastically reduced. 

The Best Cell Signal Boosters Enhance Security Alarm Systems

If you have a security and alarm system in your home or office that requires good connectivity to function optimally, a signal booster helps to keep it working at its best. This is a great way to make sure that your home is always secure. 

Indoor Cell Phone Signal Boosters Ensure Longer Battery onDevices

When your devices are working too hard to find and maintain stable cellular coverage, it weighs down on your battery power. One of the best ways to preserve battery life on your cellular devices is to provide a source of the signal to them. This way, your devices do not have to work overtime searching for a signal all day. 

Recommended Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Your Home & Office

Enough of asking the question, ‘how do cell phone boosters work?’ Maybe it’s time to finally get a signal booster and try it out for yourself. If you agree, here are a few recommended ones you must try 

1. Cell Signal Booster by HiBoost

cell phone signal boosters by HiBoost

The cell signal booster by Hiboost boosts GSM, 4G, 3G, and 2G LTE cellular connectivity. It comes in four different options which include the dot, zoom, 4K Smart Link, and 4K Plus. This cellular signal booster works well with all smartphones and cellular devices. Its coverage radius depends on which of the options you go for. The Dot offers the lowest outside signal stretch while the 4K plus offers the highest strength. 

This office device amplifies network and signal on all kinds of wireless devices and hotspots. It considerably improves your download pace and ensures you have a stable connection in your entire surroundings. 

2. SureCall Flare 3.0 Signal Booster

This is a pretty good choice for signal boosters especially if you intend to use it at home. It has a directional antenna for the outdoors and a unidirectional antenna for indoors. With the device, you can always adjust the outside antenna until you get the strongest signal possible, you can also just install the inside antenna at any location of your choice and still get a stable connection. This booster can cover up to three rooms at once in your home. 

3. WeBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster

WeBoost Drive Sleek cell phone signal boosters

This booster provides an excellent, secure signal that’s most effective when used inside vehicles. It has a cradle for your phone and a charging port as well. With this device, your car navigation system never has to disappoint you for lack of a stable connection. 

4. WeBoost Home Studio

One of the best features of this device is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It's a small device that uses a directional antenna that is often installed on the roof or an outdoor pole to receive the strongest signal possible. 

5. SureCall EZ-4G

SureCall EZ-4G

This office equipment is an indoor cell phone signal booster. It's suited for spaces where there are no options of mounting antennas on the pole or the roof. You can just hang this device by the window. Despite its location, this device promises to deliver the best connectivity possible in your location. 

6. SureCall Fusion2Go

These RV boosters can be used as car boosters or home and office boosters. They use an omnidirectional outdoor antenna but also have two other antennas that one can install in the interior. It’s a great RV booster and also works well in cars, but as a home or office booster, it is just not as powerful. To get it functioning optimally, place the indoor and outdoor antennas exactly as it says in the instructions and keep them as far away from each other as possible. 


Now that so many people are working remotely to earn an income, the importance of cell phone signal boosters can no longer be overlooked. The antennas that come with your cellular devices are really small and may not be able to capture all the signals you need at all times. Cellular dead zones are now a thing of the past and if you have such zones around you, it’s time to get yourself a signal booster to help with your connectivity problems.

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