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What is the Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Capacity & Speed?
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What is the Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Capacity & Speed?

|Feb 19, 2022

Everyone wants to get a standing desk, and the Autonomous Desk Connect is the newest option from Autonomous. Before you rush to get it, you should know the Autonomous Desk Connect lifting capacity, as well as the Autonomous Desk Connect lifting speed.

It can also help to learn why it’s so popular and how it can improve your work-at-home lifestyle. 

1. Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Speed

1.1. Autonomous Desk Connect vs. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Pro Lifting Speed 

The Autonomous Desk Connect lifting speed is something most people want to know. In fact, when we look at the Autonomous Desk Connect vs. Autonomous Desk 2 lifting speed, we find that they’re the same at 2.3 inches per second. Many other standing desks on the market can only raise 1.5 to 1.7 inches each second. 

Autonomous Desk connect vs Autonomous Desk core Lifting speed

Most companies claim that to raise the desk faster produces more noise, but this isn’t true. In fact, the Autonomous Desk Connect adjustment speed is only 40 dB loud, while the Autonomous Desk Eureka has a noise level of 45 dB, as does the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard). Most standing desks are between 45 and 60 dB, making the Autonomous brand a better choice. 

You’re going to find that the Autonomous Desk Connect adjustment speed is faster and quieter than others on the market. Therefore, you’re not going to wake the house if you work late or early. 

Now that we’ve thoroughly discussed the Autonomous Desk Connect lifting speed, we can move on to the Autonomous Desk Connect weight rating.

1.2. Pros and Cons of the Faster Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Speed 

The advantages of having a quick lifting speed include: 

  • Continue working seamlessly without waiting for your desk to get to the right height.
  • Reduce the time it requires to get it to a standing position.
  • Your fingers don’t hurt from pushing the button to raise the desk.
  • Since this desk is much quieter than others, it isn’t going to disturb the rest of the household. 

There aren’t many drawbacks here, but we did notice a few potential issues: 

  • Other desks can’t rise so quickly because they could topple over, but the Autonomous Desk Connect is more durable.
  • You can’t use your desk as an excuse for taking a mini-break.

2. Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Capacity (Weight)

2.1. What Is a Standing Desk Lifting Limit? 

The standing desk lifting limit tells you how much weight the desk can hold. You should understand that the standing desk lifting limit includes the weight of the desk’s surface. With the Autonomous Desk Connect, you can choose the Classic or XL top, which is either 47 or 62 pounds.

The Autonomous Desk Connect lifting capacity is 350 pounds, which is much more than other brands. Autonomous has many standing desks, and none can carry that much weight, though some come close.

Autonomous Desk connect Lifting Limit

Since the Autonomous Desk Connect weight limit is so much more than others, you can keep everything you require on your desk to make a productive desk setup. This includes the laptop, computer monitors, keyboard, mouse, and even the computer tower if you have one.

2.2. Pros and Cons of the Higher Autonomous Desk Connect Lifting Capacity 

Now that you understand why it’s better to have a fast lifting speed, we’re going to discuss the advantages of a higher lifting capacity

  • You don’t have to remove items from the desk before raising or lowering it.
  • You’ve got all of your desk accessories and tools within easy reach. There’s no need to store things on the floor or behind you.
  • Don’t worry about the motor not being able to raise the desk surface. 

Of course, since you can lift so much with the Autonomous Desk Connect, there could be a few issues: 

  • You could overstuff the desk with items you don’t really need just because it holds them.
  • It is easy to add more things to the desk over time, causing it to go over its capacity. 

3. Comparison of Other Standing Desks 

The Autonomous Desk Connect weight rating is excellent when compared to other standing desks. For example, the Autonomous Desk Eureka only lifts 300 pounds. Other brands, such as the Ikea Bekant, only holds 154 pounds, while the Vari Electric Desk allows for 220 pounds of weight.

We could continue about the Autonomous Desk Connect weight limit and compare it to others, but clearly, it’s the top choice if you have a lot on your desk.

Compare Autonomous Desk 4 with others

4. Why Do You Want a Higher Weight Limit?

Most people don’t put that many things on their desks. The primary equipment includes the laptop or computer tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse pad, mouse, and a pen or two. However, you may also require a second (or third) monitor, a laptop stand, monitor arms, and external fans to keep you comfortable. 

Some people also need a printer, fax machine, and more items. If you have a full desk, you want to keep it organized. However, the issue is whether or not the standing desk can hold it all. 

The average equipment you need weighs 15 pounds. Technology has gotten lighter, but when you add multiple monitors, printers, and other things, it quickly adds up. 

Why you need standing desk with high weight limit

5. Should Standing Desks Be Automated? 

Some people wonder if automated standing desks are the best choice. They’re motorized, which is going to cause problems at some point. However, the alternative is a hand-crank option, which only raises about an inch per six cranks. That means you’re using a lot of arm power to get the desk where you want it. 

Plus, they don’t offer presets, so you have to do that each time and fiddle with it to get the desk to the right height. With a motorized standing desk, you set it up once and then press a button to get it to the appropriate height.

Should Standing Desks Be Automated?


Autonomous has many standing desks available, and you can choose any of them to be a high-quality addition to your home. However, we think that the Autonomous Desk Connect weight rating is much higher than any other product on the market. This means you can have heavier items on the desk without having to move them. 

Of course, the Autonomous Desk Connect lifting speed is also better than other brands and is quieter. Consider the Autonomous Desk Connect if you’re interested in a motorized standing desk made of high-quality materials and designed for durability.

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