What to Do If the Hybrid Work Model Doesn't Work for Your Business
Hybrid Working

What to Do If the Hybrid Work Model Doesn't Work for Your Business

|Jul 4, 2021

The world is constantly changing, and so is the work environment. One of the newest approaches is the hybrid work model. Nonetheless, for some managers, it might not be the best choice. Read on to find out everything you need to know and learn what you could do if that is your case.

What Is the Hybrid Work Model? 

Hybrid work model

The hybrid model allows workers to mix on-premises and remote work. Therefore, some employees could do their job in the office while others stay at home.

When you use the hybrid workplace model for your business, you could split your team into different groups and choose who is going to work from the office and who stays at home.

You could pick your marketing team to work remotely, while your customer service group does their job from the office. 

With the New Model, Your Workers Could Be More Productive 

Many workers enjoy doing their jobs on-premises. They like having a specific schedule to complete their to-dos, and then go home and rest.

Others, however, prefer staying at home and working remotely. They thrive in their home office and do their tasks correctly.

With the model, your company could have the best of both worlds. Although there are hybrid work problems, it could be the correct approach for you.

Hybrid Work Allows Employees to Learn New Skills 

Learn new skills

Many managers only see the disadvantages of the hybrid work model. However, it could be what you're looking for to make your company more productive.

With that model, your employees can learn new skills. Suppose that one of your workers has never worked remotely, but belongs to a remote work team, so they have to try it. They would have to develop different abilities, such as using programs to complete their tasks. 

Times Are Changing  

The hybrid work model looked like the solution for many managers’ problems. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

In many cases, you might experience hybrid work problems. There may be something about your company that doesn't match with the model. Thus, it could create many issues. 

What Might Be Happening with Your Business 

What might be happening with your business

Not all businesses are suitable to adopt the hybrid work model and apply office hoteling policy. You might try to use it but fail and end with more problems than you started with.

Not everyone has a reliable internet connection and a distraction-free environment, which is necessary to be productive when you work from home. That's one of the many hybrid work problems you can encounter.

At the same time, the model might negatively affect the people who can't attend in-person meetings and other activities. Even if they are present on a video call, there are nuances that they might miss. Women in particular are usually impacted by that aspect since many of them take care of children.

Therefore, in those instances, adopting a hybrid model might make your productivity drop and lower your employee satisfaction rate. 

Solutions for Managers Who Can't Use the Hybrid Work Model for Their Business 

Solutions for managers

Finding the perfect balance for your company is not easy. You have to understand the business’ goals, but also consider your employees’ skills. Consequently, you can create a strategy that combines both aspects. It’s necessary for you to have a suitable workspace layout management for your employees and business.

However, not everything always goes the way you want. Therefore, there are some options if you have constant hybrid work problems. 

Adjust the Work Model to Match Your Business Needs 


One of the best things about the hybrid model is that you can adapt it to your needs. There are no specific rules for using it in your company. 

Thus, you could specifically choose which workers stay at home and which don't. If you do that, you might be able to control the variables affecting your productivity because you'd only choose people who can work in those environments. However, you must train them to use some technology to serve for hybrid duration like office hoteling software or hybrid booking software

To make the correct adjustments to the model and avoid hybrid work problems, you need to know your employees. You have to understand skills, weaknesses, and possibilities they have. 

Switch to a Different Model 

Switch to different model

If nothing works, you might need to choose a different model. Not all approaches work for every company, which is why you should always pick what's best for yours.

Suppose you try the hybrid model for a month or two. However, you notice that your employees’ productivity doesn't stop dropping. The ones who work from home are disorganized and don't meet the deadlines, or on the contrary, the ones working on-premises take longer than required or can't even attend the meetings.

 In that case, you should make a choice. If the hybrid work problems stem from the employees working from home, you could switch to a full back to office model.

 On the other hand, if you notice that the workers in the office are the ones causing you problems, you could choose a fully online approach instead of the hybrid work model. 

 During both occasions, you have to create new strategies to solve the hybrid work problems. However, it would allow you to reach your goals and solve issues. 

Pros and Cons of the Hybrid Work Model

Pros and cons of hybrid

Every approach has pros and cons. Check out the following benefits and disadvantages of the hybrid work model:

Pros of Hybrid Work Model

  • The hybrid model prioritizes the worker
  • It gives you more possibilities because you could hire people online
  • It's flexible
  • The model is good to build a resilient team
  • It might help you save money
  • It can help ease some workers’ social anxiety

Cons of Hybrid Work Model

  • It relies on a stable internet speed
  • The model depends on the worker having a designated workspace at home
  • A physical office might be considered with more opportunities than a remote one
  • It needs workers to learn about different programs
  • There might be communication and collaboration challenges

Keynote Takeaways

A hybrid model is an innovative approach to a productive work environment. It may be a good decision for some managers to implement it in their company.

However, for others, it doesn't help as much, and it could even hinder productivity. You should not fear if that is your case. There are other strategies you can use to make sure your team is productive and reaches its goals.

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