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Where to Buy a Graphene Face Mask for Covid-19 Face Protection
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Where to Buy a Graphene Face Mask for Covid-19 Face Protection

|Dec 2, 2020

If you know anything about the strong material, you're probably wondering where to buy a graphene face mask. After all, this is the same hardy material used in the research and development of composites, electric batteries, and semiconductors. It's no surprise that a Covid-19 face protection mask with that kind of external material does wonders to keep the virus out of your system.

On the flip side, if an infected person wears a graphene mask, the transmission probability to a healthy individual is much lower. Cloth, plastic, and paper masks seem to be heavily advertised. However, the best face mask for virus protection is likely a graphene-based one. So, which website should you be using to buy a virus face mask made of graphene? The best answers are below.

1. PlanarTECH

If someone asked you about the most popular online storefronts, PlanarTECH would likely not be one of the first things to come out of your mouth. Did you know about PlanarTECH before reading this? Even if you didn't, it is a very impressive 2D material solutions provider. Apart from the store that you can use to buy items, there's a wealth of analytical information to teach you about materials, such as graphene, as well as various systems.

Currently, PlanarTECH offers three different face mask types based on the material. The first two are for adults, and they are not much different from each other. However, one has a nosepiece, while the other does not. The third option is a smaller mask type, as it is intended for the faces of children.

PlanarTECH's site has several reviews on the items, so you can see what other customers have to say before any purchases are made.


2. eBay

You can find almost any kind of item you want on eBay. That's because the site consists of both businesses and private sellers who wish to provide various products at a cost. It's no surprise that masks are present and ready for purchase. If you're confused about where to buy a graphene face mask, eBay could potentially clear things up.

 As you'd expect, the more traditional face mask types are also present for those who want to buy them. However, your interest is in the graphene alternatives. While not all the results point to masks, if you search the term "graphene mask" on eBay, you are going to get numerous hits. The good part about it is that most of the listings fall under the umbrella of what you're looking for.

You can explore various styles and designs of standard reusable graphene masks made by different vendors. The price range also runs from relatively cheap to obscenely expensive.


3. Amazon

There is no way you can talk about online storefronts for various items without bringing Amazon into the mix. Without question, Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform globally, and it seems to be on a path to even further growth. Therefore, graphene mask options are listed there as well.

One of Amazon's workflow's best parts is the various filters that you can use to find what you are looking for. Whether you want to filter by prime delivery, price, review standing, etc., you can get it done on Amazon.

The buyer community is very active, which means it is very unlikely for you to purchase an item without seeing the reviews. There are exceptions for third party listings, but much of the graphene masks present fall under the Amazon delivery umbrella.


4. Autonomous

Autonomous is the final entry on the list, and it's a bit different from the other sites discussed. First, Autonomous' main niche lies in the office space. There's an expansive catalog of accessories and office furniture, such as standing desks and office chairs, for you to enjoy. 

One of The premier standing desk options is the Autonomous Desk 4. As opposed to other adjustable desks that only serve the purpose of furniture, this smart desk is intended to be a productivity hub. It uses the Pomodoro technique to help you work within time slices of active and break periods. 


The best way to use a standing desk is to alternate between standing and seated positions. The smart desk has presets that it uses the switch when the time comes. Of course, these are customizable, which means that you can fit them around your specific needs.

If your personal or corporate health and wellness program involves exercise, the desk can help with that too. It has exercise recommendations and demonstration videos to help you get in a quick workout at your desk. 

Even with all those amazing offerings, the main concern is where to buy a graphene face mask. Autonomous has designed potentially the best face mask for virus protection. It has a custom layered composition that uses a sturdy graphene external layer with an internal cotton layer. The combination means that viral agents are kept out while you get to be comfortable wearing the mask.

Autonomous Face Mask

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