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Why and How To Buy Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 2, 2018

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Every office at some point has to replace its chairs. If the seats are heavy duty office chairs it might take more than five years before you think of getting new ones. For an office that has the basic computer chairs, these may have to be replaced within shorter time periods something that can prove very costly for a business. To ensure you don’t have to buy new seats often you should opt for heavy duty office chairs. Why buy heavy duty office chairs?

These chairs can:

  • Be used 24/7 without easily breaking down. Most heavy duty chairs are sturdy because they are made of durable materials which makes them capable of withstanding extensive use. These seats are ideal for customer service centers where different types of people work for long hours and in shifts.
  • Carry the weight of big and tall individuals. Standard office chairs only hold a weight capacity of about 225 pounds. This makes them not ideal for people with big body frames.  When such a person uses the standard ergonomic office chair it may not be able to support their weight. The person may therefore not be comfortable while will working or worse the sit may break causing them to be injured. We definitely don’t want that to happen that is why an office chair that is heavy duty is perfect. These seats are designed to ensure the comfort of people who are over 225 pounds. Heavy duty seats have a capacity to carry those in the 300-600 pound range.
  • Ensure you’re comfortable. The average business person will most likely spend about 40 hours a week behind their desk. With a heavy duty office chair, they can be sure they will maintain proper sitting posture and avoid getting a bad back, neck injury or leg pains while working. This is because heavy-duty offices chairs give the same comfort and ergonomics to everyone irrespective of their body type. Research has already shown that having a quality heavy duty office chair increases productivity which is a good thing for any business.

Things to Do Before Buying Heavy Duty Office Chairs

ErgoChair 2

If you are looking to replace your office chairs or want to buy a quality chair for your home office you should take the following step before you make your purchase.

Find out what your employees need

One of the best ways to ensure you get the right office chairs is to consult the people who will be using them. Before making any purchase talk to your staff and ask them what type of chair they would like to ensure they are comfortable enough to work efficiently. The company procurement manager can carry out a short survey within the organization to get feedback on the ideal office seat.

If you are buying the seat for your personal use you already have an idea of what type of seat you would like. You would probably be looking for something similar or better to what you are currently using.

Determine Your Budget

There is a wide variety of office chairs available on the market to choose from. The cost of the seats varies so to make it easier for you to make your purchase you should be clear about how much you’re willing to spend on your heavy duty seats.  If you have already discussed with your employees what type of chairs they would like coming up with a budget should be easy since you have an idea of what is required. Once you have allocated money for your seats you can move to the next step which is browsing what is available for your budget.

Compare prices and features for various heavy duty chairs

When buying your office chairs you should spend time checking out the various models available. A lot of people don’t take time to research about office chairs and simply buy the first one they see that looks goods. Not doing your research is a big mistake which can cost you a lot. You could for example purchase chairs that are stylish and match your office décor but their functionality could be terrible. The seats may not be adjustable, parts may be faulty etc. To avoid this do your research check out online stores like Autonomous which have a wide range of good ergonomic heavy duty chairs.  After doing this choose what best suits you or your employees.

Features Included In Good Quality Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Heavy Duty Office Chairs

When you are shopping for your heavy duty office chairs some of the things you should look for in any chair you may be considering buying are:

  • The chair is made from quality materials. This is an obvious one but at times we don’t take time to verify that the materials used to manufacture a seat are of the best quality and will last long. Many people just go for price instead of quality which often means you end up with low-quality products sold cheaply. While we are for affordable heavy duty chairs you should not compromise on quality to save money. Low-quality purchases require replacement quickly and can communicate a poor brand image to your employees, customers, and stakeholders. Common materials used in heavy-duty offices chairs include leather, faux leather, mesh, fabric, plastic, wood, and vinyl. Whatever material you prefer for your seat it should be the best and make your office chair ergonomic and comfortable as possible for you or employees.

If you choose fabric, for example, it should breathe so that the seat doesn’t retain heat making it hot and uncomfortable when someone sits on it for long hours. The seat cushions should also be adequate so that the person sitting doesn’t feel the base of the chair and so on.

  • The chair has lumbar support: One of the key features you should expect a good heavy duty office chair to have is its ability to properly support your lower back. This will ensure your back remains straight while you’re working and help you avoid back health problems. When comparing the various seats available look for a chair that allows for the adjustment of the lumbar support. This will allow any user to set the chair to a position that comfortably fits their lower back.
  • It has adjustability: We have already mentioned above that the seat should have adjustable lumbar support.  The adjustment options should however not stop there. Other adjustments that should be included are seat height and armrest width and height adjustment. The best heavy duty seats on the market have a minimum of five adjustment options and this can go up to 14. These adjustments allow every user to adjust the chair to the position which offers them the most comfort and back support.
  • The chair has a high sitting capacity: When looking to buy a heavy duty office chair you should ensure it can accommodate all body types and sizes. Checking the weight capacity of a chair ensures you get one that you will be comfortable using if you are big or tall. A heavy duty chair can carry weights of up to 600 pounds, is wide and offers large back support.
  • Has a strong base: Heavy duty chairs are aimed to be used by different people. To ensure this is possible the chairs are usually made with a strong base which can handle different weights without breaking. The base of a heavy duty chair usually has 7 legs to support it this is two more than the standard ergonomic chair which has 5. Some seats may have more than 7 to ensure chair stability and easy movement when used by a big bodied individual. The strong base also guarantees that a seat won’t break and injure a user. So when buying office chairs make sure you check how many legs it has to determine if will accommodate heavy individuals.

When checking the base of an office chair also check if it has wheels. Wheels are important because they will help you easily roll across your desk to get items that are not within your reach. Most office chairs have wheels but others are stationary. Looking at the wheels will also help you confirm if they are the right ones if you have a carpet in your office.

Also, check on if the chair can easily swivel this feature will allow you to also easily access all corners of your desk.A chair that doesn’t swivel can cause you to injure your back or arm fatigue due to your continuous body overextension to get various items.

  • The chair comes with a warranty: When investing in a heavy duty chair you expect that it is a durable item that will withstand daily use for the foreseeable future. Many manufacturers will likely assure you of this when making your purchase. You should, however, find out if they are prepared to back their assurance of durability with a warranty. A manufacturer who is sure of their product should not have a problem giving you a warrant with your purchase. High-end brands offer solid warranty’s that can last from 1 to 12 years. The warranty ensures that you don’t have to pay for repairs or replace your chairs if they start breaking down immediately after purchase when you’re using them normally.

If you find a chair that has all or most of the things listed above and it fits your budget you should proceed to buy it. We, however, know that a chair may have all the features and the best reviews and still disappoint when you buy it. That’s why we strongly believe that you must try a seat before you buy. It is only after you have tried it that you can tell if it is the right seat for you and your employees.

If you are buying from your local office supply you can ask them to bring a variety of chairs for your staff to sit on and choose one that they love which you can then proceed to buy.

When buying online trying a sit out before you purchase may not be as straightforward like when you’re sourcing your chairs from a local dealer. So buying from a retailer with a good return policy should be something you strongly consider. A store with a good return policy will allow you to use a chair for a few weeks and if you are not happy with it you can return it for an exchange or a full refund. Getting the right chair for your office will save you money and keep you or your employees, productive, healthy and happy!

Our Recommendation for a Heavy Duty Office Chair

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

EroChair 2 - Autonomous

This chair can hold up to 300lbs making it a strong chair for heavy built people. The seat has several adjustments including lumbar support for good back support. Elegantly built with materials like mesh which allow the chair to breathe, the seat stays cool at all times so you can forget about sweating when you sit on it for long hours.

This seat comes with a one year warranty so if anything breaks the service guys at Autonomous will quickly fix it for you. A 30-day return policy is also included with the purchase if it is not a perfect fit for you it can be returned.  We, however, don’t think that will be happening because the ErgoChair 2 is one for the most comfortable ergonomic chairs on the market. You will be pleased with your purchase once you seat on it.

If you are buying new seats for your whole office you will be happy to know that the more chairs you buy the more you save at Autonomous. If you buy 15 ErgoChair 2 seats, for example, you will be purchasing each seat at $269 and not $299 for which is the retail price for one seat. That’s great news right? Go ahead and get this chair now you will absolutely love it.

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