Why Are Anti-Fatigue Mats Important for Office Workers?
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Why Are Anti-Fatigue Mats Important for Office Workers?

|Aug 14, 2022

Ever since people have understood the importance of active sitting at work, they have incorporated motorized standing desks in their offices. Although these standing desks have made office workers more active, they have made the use of an anti-fatigue mat inevitable. Many office workers wonder why they need an anti-fatigue mat for standing, and some even think that these standing desk mats really work.

The simple answer is, yes, they do. You don't feel tired because you worked all day; it might be because you were not constantly shifting your standing positions. Luckily, a standing desk mat makes healthy micro-movements in your feet and calves, which ensure your feet don’t get numb and you don’t feel fatigued by the end of the day. So, in the end, the best anti-fatigue mat for standing promises you a healthier work experience.

We know that as a curious office worker, you must be willing to extract the details of what these mats are basically and how anti-fatigue mat works. Learning this part later helps you pick the ideal mat for your office use. That’s why we have shared all the details in this article.

Reading further, you will explore the basics of the anti-fatigue mat for standing and how they work. We have even shared some of the ideal options, in the end, so stick with us! For now, let's begin with what these mats really are. 

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

The anti-fatigue mats help reduce the strain on your feet as you stand for extended hours. When you are working at an office, you spend roughly 8 – 9 hours there. So, the chances of experiencing muscle soreness and pain are higher. The anti-fatigue mats ensure you do not experience them and have a smooth work experience.

You can find anti-fatigue mats made from rubber, vinyl, and even wood. However, their purpose is the same, i.e., to provide you with a comfortable standing surface while you work. A comfortable standing surface ensures you don't feel fatigued and perform exceptionally with higher productivity and better health. 

Why Are Anti-Fatigue Mats Important?

Why Are Anti-Fatigue Mats Important?

You may not know, but research has now proven that people who avoid using one of these mats experience discomfort during work hours in their feet and legs. In addition, neck and shoulder stiffness are also common for those workers.

All that equates to the fact that a hard standing surface can make you more vulnerable to muscle stiffness and injuries. What may surprise you further is that people who do use the anti-fatigue mats are better able to save themselves from muscle stiffness and injuries. Nevertheless, the question that arises here is how does the anti-fatigue mat work? 

How do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

The anti-fatigue mats are designed to have a softer surface that somewhat cushions your feet. Such a surface is ideal for promoting micro-movements in your feet and calf muscles. That means, although you may look like you’re standing still, you are not motionless.

The standing desk mats are designed to keep you a little off-balance so that you constantly try adjusting your feet instead of standing still. Such a practice prevents your blood from getting pooled in your legs and ensures there is better blood circulation. In addition, it also ensures you put equal pressure on both legs and experience lesser stiffness in the knees, neck, and shoulders. All that helps you have a wholesome work experience. 

Top 3 Anti-Fatigue Mats That You Can Pick

We know that by now, you are convinced that the anti-fatigue mat is one of the office must-haves, and you should have one of them for yourself too. That’s why we have shared some of the best anti-fatigue mats for standing desks below. So, let’s have a look at their details.

1. Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mat

Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mat is an inclined standing desk mat made of high-tensile Vegan and PU leather. Being a durable mat, this standing desk mat is tear-resistant. Having a gentle 2-inch incline, this mat ensures your leg muscles naturally make the micromovements that are vital for avoiding any muscle stiffness. Overall, the Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mate is great at doing its job.

2. FENGE Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

FENGE Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

The FENGE Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat is a uniquely designed mat. Featuring comfortable support ramps and foot massage dots, this desk mat ensures that you get a good foot massage while you work. There is also a roller that comes with the mat. You can roll your feet on this roller to avoid blood getting pooled in your legs and to have better blood circulation. Since the FENGE standing desk mat is made using durable and safe materials, you can trust it for the longer term. 

3. FinerCrafts Anti-Fatigue Mat

FinerCrafts Anti-Fatigue Mat

FinerCrafts Anti-Fatigue Mat is a slightly lesser-priced model compared to the other models we shared above. Nevertheless, it does not disappoint you in terms of quality and performance. Since it is made using 100% polyurethane material, it is quite soft to touch. Featuring built-in massage balls and rails, this standing desk mat promises you a comfortable work experience overall. 

Wrapping It Up – Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

And that’s a wrap! We believe that we have addressed all the questions that you had in your mind in terms of an anti-fatigue mat. You must have realized why we consider that it is important to have one of these mats. However, one thing that may disturb you is the access to reliable stores and suitable pricing of office accessories.


You would be glad to know that we have created the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program especially to facilitate you in this regard. This purchase program is a discount program that makes it easier for you and your manager to manage the purchases of various essential office accessories. The signing-up procedure is quite simple as you are only required to log in using your corporate email. Once you do that, you get an initial 25% off on office accessories. Nevertheless, the discount offers become more exciting with time. So, go for it if you wish to change how you shop for office essentials.

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