Why Is Hot-Desking The Office Solution After The Pandemic?
Hybrid Working

Why Is Hot-Desking The Office Solution After The Pandemic?

|Jul 7, 2021

After the pandemic, more offices have been trying to come up with hybrid workforce solutions where employees can feel safe and keep up with their jobs at the same time. Hot desking happens to be one of the preferred solutions in this case.

Although several concerns may arise about the hot-desking solution, it is not about whether "it works" or not. It is more about learning the ways that you can use to make it function correctly.

However, it’s more than just another trend. It is actually a working model that provides the employees to choose where and when they want to work. Also, it’s noteworthy to say that companies are not the only ones taking advantage of hot desking software; self-employed individuals are also keeping up with this solution.

For that reason, today, we'll be talking about what a hot desk is and also will be discussing its benefits and drawbacks.

What is hot desking?

What is hot desking?

Hot desking can be defined as a workspace system where all employees work at the same desks during different times of the day. With this solution, employers are looking forward to taking advantage of the whole office space. Although private corporations have been using this model for several years, it is also trendy among coworking spaces.

Hot desking solution is also associated with other adjectives, such as innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Learning how hot desking works


Hot desking isn’t that complicated to comprehend. Once you arrive at your workplace, all you need to do is choose an available desk, get your equipment ready and start working on your daily obligations. Hot desks provide each individual with space where they can work with everything they need, regardless of the nature of the job.

We can consider that hot desking is a sub-type of hybrid work. The Autonomous hybrid work solution happens to be one of the most complete and accessible options available on the web.

Although it may not be necessary, some employers may feel the need to teach hot desking etiquette to their employers, too. It is also another set of abilities that employees can learn to be even more productive and efficient at the workplace.

Still, please note that the resources available for hot desking may be diverse based on the office’s availability. Here are some of the many aspects that need to be taken into account to understand how hot desking works.

Benefits of hot-desking facilities

Benefits of hot-desking facilities

Access to electric resources

As a standard, hot desks will grant the user power outlets and access to the internet via Wi-Fi. Although the resources may vary based on the workplace, some companies include a phone attached to the desk, while others have private phone booths where employees can take calls without worrying about the background noise.

Meeting rooms availability

Meeting rooms are available at the disposal of the worker, as they’re bookable. Typically, this will be possible via the app or hybrid work software used to manage the facility.

Please note that meeting rooms are not the only areas that you may have access to. Again, it depends on the workplace, but you may have access to kitchens or brainstorming spaces, for instance.

Printing facilities

As it happens to any other office, all individuals will have access to printing facilities where they will be able to obtain the resources they need to continue with their obligations.

Private spaces

Private spaces

As mentioned above, some hot-desking facilities provide the users with private areas they can use as needed. Some conversations via the phone can be too sensitive for a public space, or maybe they want some time where they can recharge from the bustle.

However, these are not the only benefits that come with the incorporation of hot-desking into a workplace. Below we explain the pros and cons of hot desking.

Pros and cons of hot desking

Pros and cons of hot desking

Now we know some of the benefits of hot desking. However, it is also worth noting that this working model isn't applicable to all companies and may come with downsides that you should take into account.

You will find some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages of hot desking.

Pros of hot desking

This subsection describes why hot-desking has become so popular in recent years. Most workplaces can agree that these advantages are one of the main reasons why certain workplaces have enjoyed outstanding improvements.

  • Flexibility – Hot desks are one of the most effective ways a corporation can implement to use the whole office space. Over time, you will see how you can fit a particular number of workers within the same areas at different hours of the day without investing in more space. This situation will also lead to a cost reduction.
  • Affordability – With a more flexible workspace, people will become more productive as they will work in the most comfortable conditions. Thus, your company will improve its performance with the same space, saving you expenses related to the expansion of the corporation.
  • Accommodation – Certain companies work together with freelancers, remote workers, and even part-timers that may not need to own a desk at the company. In these cases, hot desking becomes the most viable working model not to lose valuable office space.

Cons of hot desking


This subsection describes why hot desking may not be the best option for determined companies.

  • High IT costs and effort – It can be a nightmare for certain companies with a small IT force. As this part of the company will accommodate the desk for the next worker every time one of them leaves the desk, it can become a pretty exhausting task in little time.
  • Communication difficulties – In hot-desking, people choose whenever they want to sit to start working. If an employer needs to speak with a certain worker but doesn't know where they are, it may take extra effort to find them. It is why a booking system may also be beneficial.
  • It can be disruptive – Some workers value their personal space. Thus, it can be challenging for them to keep up with their tasks if they need to choose a desk and adapt to a new situation on a daily basis. Again, hot desking may not be a good option for all companies, and the needs of the workers must be addressed before it is implemented.
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