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Why is Standing Desk Mat for Work Important to Your Health?
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Why is Standing Desk Mat for Work Important to Your Health?

|Aug 31, 2021

Are you a fan of standing while working? Well, most people now understand the benefits of standing at work. Standing desks have many benefits to workers. Conversely, the advantages of a standing desk mat are foreign to many employees. The standing mat for work goes hand in hand with a standing desk. Also known as an anti-fatigue mat, this standing mat for work is also used while sitting. 

You may ask the question, what is an anti-fatigue mat? This part of smart office accessories is a stand-up desk mat used by office workers to stay comfortable while working when standing. The mat gets rid of foot fatigue and discomfort that comes from wearing shoes. 

What is a Standing Desk Mat?

What is a Standing Desk Mat

A standing mat for work is a mat you stand on to get comfortable. You gain a lot in standing, but long hours spent upright can be uncomfortable in poor conditions. With shoes on, standing on flat ground can cause foot aches and discomfort. Using the mats provides comfort and support for the whole body. 

These mats have ergonomic traits. Meaning they help in reducing lower limb and foot disorders. The mat's manufacturing materials are wood, rubber, vinyl, and carpeting materials. Did you ask what colors are there? Well, pick any color, size, or shape to match your office. 

You are in for a treat of a lifetime as the mats are available in different thicknesses. Do you want yours thick and elastic? It is there. 

Types of Standing Mats For Work

Types of Standing Mats For Work

Truth be told, standing on your feet all day is tasking. Your feet are sure to ache and lead to pain. In any case, you are likely to become less productive during the day. A standing mat for office use is ideal for these problems. 

There are things to consider when choosing a standing desk mat. Note that a wrong mat can worsen the problems more than they help. Two types of mats exist that you can use in the office. The two mats are the 3D "topographical standing desk mat" and the "normal standing desk mat."

  • Usual Standing Desk Mats. This stand-up desk mat is available from any store and is one-dimensional. The mat is one of the best standing desk mats, which comes in flat style. The kitchen is the most commonplace for this mat, though it is also ideal for office use. This one-inch thickness mat is part of smart office accessories. The mat relieves leg pressure and provides support when standing.
  • 3D Topographical Standing Desk Mats. A recent addition to the market, 3D mats are for people standing for long hours working. The mat has 3D-like traits that provide increased support and comfort. Users have many comfort options given by switching stances and postures. The mat massages the soles and balls of your feet while you work. Ideally, you get to fidget a lot and keep moving your feet. 

Guide for Choosing the Right Standing Desk Mat

Guide for Choosing the Right Standing Desk Mat

If you want to gain the full benefits of using a standing mat for work, then choose the right one. Once more, a wrong mat may lead to more problems and discomfort than the intended help. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing a standing mat for office:

  • Pick soft but not too soft a mat. Your feet are likely to sink through the best standing desk mat that is too soft. A soft mat provides much-needed comfort.
  • Your standing mat for office should be large to allow you to shift your leg positions. Watch out for mats that are too large that eat up your chair space as they may frustrate you. Make sure you strike a balance with what you have in your office working space.
  • An excellent mat to complement an office standing desk should not have grip edges. The non-grip edges should be inclined and filed to prevent floor curling. The field grips are firmer, increasing your support when standing.
  • A smart standing desk mat should be active against microbes and easy to clean. You need a clean surface, and using the mat regularly for long hours needs regular cleaning. Probably, there are days you may take your shoes off. Those times need to find your mat clean to avoid infections. The mat's antimicrobial traits help in eliminating the unpleasant smell in the office. You don't want to be the one responsible for making others uncomfortable at work, do you?
  • Check on the pressure an anti-fatigue mat can withstand before buying. Body weights vary, needing various mats to sustain the weight. Using excess weight on a lightweight mat may deform it. The standing mat for office may lose composure and anti-fatigue traits, rendering it useless. How should you buy them then? Quality mats have weight ranges to choose from; have your fill.
  • How long is the mat likely to last? Is it long-lasting? Since the mat goes on the floor and gets stepped on, choose a strong one. Of course, there are cheap mats in the market: they are, however, not durable. They are from poor materials. Look for mats that can withstand the test of time. That is, the best standing desk mat is strong enough to avoid easy wear and tear. What should you consider? Look for stains, punctures, and water-resistant mats. Cleaning the mat with basic materials should be effortless.
  • Are you aware of what your stand-up desk mat can do for you? It should be resilient to grant comfort when standing on it. Buy an orthopedic mat, which reduces fatigue and improves blood circulation. Do you know that the mat's resilience stimulates leg muscles? Now you know. It encourages a subtle but effective change in posture and fosters good posture. The result is an increased blood flow.
  • Would you use any item without knowing its safety features? How safe do you think you may be by not focusing on that? Well, consider the safety traits  of standing mat for work before buying it. Ensure the mat you buy fits well on the floor. Tape mats without bevel edges to secure them safely on the floor. Avoid office embarrassments by picking mats with textured surfaces. These mats minimize slip and trip hazards.
  • Are you the type that runs to the price before quality? Does it even matter when the product is of high quality? Be informed that low-quality mats come cheap, but high-quality ones fetch a fortune. Go for high-quality standing mats for work; durable enough to withstand wear and tear. These standing mats for office cost a worthwhile but stand to serve you for long. Are you meticulous enough to strike a balance between quality and affordability? The ball is in your court to get it right. Commit that extra bucks and give your body what it craves. 

Benefits of Standing Desk Floor Mats

Benefits of Standing Desk Floor Mat

Do you know of anywhere in the world where body parts are on sale as spare parts? This is a good challenge, isn't it? There is none. Why shouldn't you then take care of your body at the office? Standing desk office mats are ideal for health reasons in many ways. Below are some detailed points giving benefits of using a standing mat for work:

Reduced Fatigue

The standing desk floor mats help workers to reduce fatigue. Hard and bare floors cause a lot of discomfort. This anti-fatigue mat cushions the feet from direct floor contact. As a soft standing point, the mat reduces pressure on the feet. Buy one of these mats and work on your feet effortlessly. Research shows that the use of standing desk floor mats minimizes health risks. The mat improves health by reducing heart diseases, joint pains, and pregnancy problems.

Improved Productivity

When you have no leg ache, you concentrate on your work. Your attention gets redirected from work to the pains in your feet. Well, with the standing desk floor mats, your focus stays fixed on the job. Did you know that your company experiences high productivity when employees are healthy? The employees, definitely, do not need off days to tend to their workplace injuries. The employees are likely to refocus their passion to working. The result is remarkable business growth.

Aches Reduction

It is natural for employees to experience leg aches when working for long hours. With a stand-up desk mat, the pangs are kept in check. Without the mats, the role of the standing desk of comfort becomes negated. The standing mat for work is soft, making the leg comfortable while standing.

Decreased Accidents

It can be embarrassing falling over in the office due to sliding. The best standing desk mat has a textured surface that prevents you from sliding. You are sure of never tripping or sliding when you are working standing on the mat.

Saves Money

Saves Money

Are you aware that overspending is harmful to your health? Why should you incur huge medical bills when you can avoid them? Invest in a standing mat for work to stay healthy. The mat reduces the risk of diseases and accidents that would cost you. Are you ready to lower your paid absence, work leave, or cost of treatment? I guess yes. If so, invest in a stand-up desk mat to boost your overall company performance.

Stimulated Blood Circulation

Free flow of the blood within the body becomes enhanced. Imagine working in an uncomfortable position throughout the day. How is the blood supposed to circulate freely within your body? Ideally, an upright working position stimulates blood circulation.

Improved Body Elasticity

Poor posture equals poor body health. Why would you risk body stiffness while you can avoid it? Allow your joints to have minor but effective shifts while standing. A good mat for standing desks comes with this flexibility.

Reduced Spine and Muscle Pressure

Sitting too long puts pressure on your lower back. Alternate your working by standing on a mat. The built-up pressure is bound to be relieved, leading to less back pain. Did you know that by standing, you reduce energy spent supporting muscles? Well, now you know. Thanks to the stand-up working mat.

Cold Protection

Are you aware that your feet can get cold in the office? Well, they can. Grant your wish of taking your shoes off by investing in a quality standing mat for work. The cold floor shall become a distant memory. The cold floor becomes insulted by the mat. 

Disadvantages of Standing Desk Floor Mats

Disadvantages of Standing Desk Floor Mats

As much as office standing desk mats have health benefits, they have low points. Not much information is out there on the disadvantages of using active standing desk mats. These are the few gathered points to consider:

Wrong for an Existing Medical Condition

Do you have a predetermined medical condition? Standing too long is not good for you if you have an existing medical condition. Whether you buy a top-class standing mat for work or not, your condition may not let you enjoy using it. Look for the best alternatives for your case.

Easy Sinking of Foam Matting

Depending on the chosen stand-up desk mat, you can easily find one that falls out of shape. Some standing desk floor mats are made of low-quality foam materials. Note, the mat's wear and tear results from heavy loads. You don't want to fall off such a mat; the risk is too huge to take. Invest in quality mats to serve the purpose.

Prohibitive Price

If you are prince shy then don't even try it. Investing in a high-quality standing office mat requires chucking a little more. That extra buck is the difference between having a good standing workday and a bad one. Unfortunately, not all clients have the buying capacity of that best standing desk mat. The standing mat for work is slightly pricey. 



You must be aware now that standing mats for work are parts of standing desk accessories. In the modern world, employees prefer working standing. Standing desks are fashionable, and so are the standing mats. When choosing a mat, ensure it is the anti-fatigue one. You, as the employer, should furnish the workstations with these mats. 

To think of it, the employees' welfare is vital to the company's productivity. The consequences of your actions or inactions reflect on the business performance. Supply the mats and enjoy the rise in company revenue. Hit the market and have your fill with the many available standing mats for office.

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