Why You Should Be Using an L-Shaped Standing Desk?
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Why You Should Be Using an L-Shaped Standing Desk?

|Dec 11, 2020

Choosing the best desk for your office is a very important thing. Thanks to a good desk, you can increase your productivity, take care of your spinal health, and optimize the space in your office. Many people decide to choose an L-shaped standing desk for their working area.

Here are some of the reasons why L-shaped desks rule in offices:

1. L-Shaped Desk Increases Your Office Space

The L-shaped standing desk is one of the best choices for any kind of office. Whether you have limited space or want to optimize your floor plan, a corner standing desk is a perfect choice. Because it is very compact furniture, it can easily fit in any place. L-shaped desks can be used in previously unusable spaces.

The autonomous L-shaped standing desk was designed in a modular way. That means you can mix longer and shorter pieces and match them, so they can fit perfectly in your office space. It's also extremely easy to assemble, so you can quickly change your working space's look. Whether your working style has changed, or you just want to refresh the office, you can do it in a few simple steps.

L-Shaped Desk Increases Your Office Space

2. Enhances Your Multitasking & Productivity

When you have an L-shaped desk, you can keep all your documents and monitors in one place. Thanks to this, you don't need to run from one corner to another looking for what you need. L-shaped desks have extra space to keep documents, books, invoices, or anything you need to work faster.

If you need to work on two screens, an L-shaped desk is a perfect solution. You can easily fit two monitors there. Thanks to this, you can easily focus on work and multitask without switching between screens on one monitor.

The L-shaped desk also gives you a sense of a closed and cozy space. Even if there are no existing walls, you can quickly create a natural cube with this kind of desk. Thanks to this, you can disconnect from the surrounding world and focus only on your work.

To boost your productivity even more, reach for an Autonomous.ai Autonomous Chair, thanks to which you can increase your comfort but also quickly spin between both surfaces of your desk.

Enhances Your Multitasking & Productivity

3. Corner Standing Desks are Cost-Effective 

Getting an adjustable L desk is much cheaper than getting two standing desks. You can also easily add drawers or segments to your L-shaped desk and increase its cost efficiency even more.

In limited spaces, such as small offices, L-shaped desks are a cost-effective solution because you can better organize your space instead of renting or buying a bigger working space.

Corner Standing Desks are Cost-Effective

FAQ for Using a L-Shaped Standing Desk

1. What Is the Best Way to Stand Next to Your L-Shaped Desk?

You must remember that you have to pay attention to your body posture when you are standing.

Your head, neck, and back should create a straight line when you stand. The best way to achieve it is by placing the computer at eye level. Your elbows need to form a 90-degree angle. You should rest your wrists on the table. With an ergonomic desk, you can easily adjust the height and achieve the required posture in no time.

While a standing desk can reduce the sitting position's negative effects, you shouldn't remain in a horizontal position too long. According to experts, you should stand for a while, sit for a moment, and then stand again. That should be repeated several times during the day. You can start with 30-minute intervals of sitting and standing.

Stand Next to Your L-Shaped Desk

2. I need a Unique Top for My L-shaped Desk. Can I Just Buy a Mechanism?

If you want to adjust the top of the table to your unique needs, you can use a DIY standing desk L-Shaped. It is powered by a silent motor and executed in the highest quality materials. One click can help lift 300 pounds of weight, so you don't have to rearrange your desk to lift it up.

You can create a top with any of the materials you want. You can even reuse something you already have in your home, such as old kitchen countertops, saving money, and creating an ecological solution.

The biggest pro of this desk is that you can create the top according to your needs. Unfortunately, you may need some time and skills to prepare it.

Unique Top for L-shaped Desk

3. Are L-shaped Desks Good for Everyone?

When buying a desk for your office, you should think about your working style and how much space you need. If you use your desk just to work on your computer, perhaps the standard standing desk is going to be enough for you.

However, if you work on two monitors or need a lot of space to design or write, the corner desk is a perfect solution for you. It's also an ideal solution for those who struggle with unused and small room spaces, such as corners.

L-shaped standing desks are especially recommended for tall people, as they have extra space to stretch your legs.

L-shaped Desks Good for Everyone


There are numerous reasons to work on a standing desk, and even some extra to pick an L-shaped standing desk. Whether you are dealing with a small or difficult to arrange space or need a lot of surfaces to work on your projects, you should invest your money in this type of desk.

The Autonomous L-shaped standing desk has four programmable heights and a triple electric motor that works quietly and can lift up to 300 pounds within seconds. The anti-rust industrial steel frame comes in black and white colors. There are two tops colors: white and walnut. The corners of the top are rounded to create a beautiful design that is also kid-friendly and perfect for your home office. It also includes one cable tray so you can organize your space.

You get a five-year warranty, so you can be sure you can benefit from a perfect working space for a long time. If you are still not sure if it's the right choice for you, you can test it for free for 30 days.

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