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Why You Should Upgrade Your Company’s Office Furniture to Benefit Your Employees

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 16, 2017

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Time to Go Out with the Old

Business owners: are you killing your employees?

In some ways, yes. If you are having them work at old desks and chairs, most of which are NOT designed for comfort or support, then you could be killing their hands, backs, feet, legs and shoulders. And the pain resulting from inadequate office furniture could, in turn, be killing their morale and productivity.

As you might know, research has shown that prolonged sitting is certainly not good for a person’s health. Unfortunately, many jobs today simply require that we sit for extended periods of time in front of a computer. It’s just the way of the modern world.

But you, a business owner, can take great steps in helping to avoid some of the long-term effects associated with prolonged sitting by supplying your employees with an adjustable standing desk.

Study after study has shown that standing, as opposed to sitting, throughout the day can help to offset some of the health issues directly tied to remaining seated for 6–8 hours a day. Apple, Allstate, and Chevron are just a few of the big-name corporations that have begun to incorporate the use of standing desks for their employees.

Let’s look at why you should join this list.

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The Benefits of Upgrading to an Adjustable Standing Desk

Let’s say that your current work environment is filled with older desks and chairs. Your employees are complaining about:

· Neck pain

· Lower back pain

· Carpal tunnel

· Tight shoulder and upper back muscles

· Leg pain

You notice a drop-off in productivity. More employees are calling in sick or taking short-term disability to address these issues. Morale is down because employees simply are not feeling well. They’re uncomfortable at their work stations.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. As a smart business owner, you of course know this and want to do your best to make them happy, so that you can see increased productivity and a reduction in lost and sick time.

Start with upgrading your office furniture! Get rid of those old desks and chairs and replace each one with an adjustable stand up desk.

Just upgrading to a more modern setting can greatly help the psyche of your employees. Not to mention that standing desks will improve circulation, tight muscles and ward off illnesses and conditions linked to sitting, such as diabetes, obesity and even some types of cancers!

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Once you make this important upgrade, you will see a sudden increase in morale and energy, greater productivity, and better attendance.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Company’s Office Furniture to Benefit Your Employees - Image 3What to Buy?

There are many models of standing desks out there to choose from.

To get the best for your employees, consider an adjustable desk that has all the important features you need, such as:

· Adjustability to balance sitting and standing

· Workspace

· Lifting capacity

The SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous, for instance, is a great choice. It meets all of your requirements, is an affordable option and will look great in your office.

It’s time, business owners, to stand up for your employees, and have them stand up for you! The success of your company depends on it.

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