A-Z Work from Home Setup with 15 Products to Work Like a Pro
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A-Z Work from Home Setup with 15 Products to Work Like a Pro

|Oct 2, 2021

The lockdown made many companies switch to a remote work model. That means they needed to start working from home instead of doing it from their offices. However, that didn’t mean a bad thing for some people.  

Having a work-from-home setup gives you tons of benefits. Freelancers have been enjoying those advantages for years. However, you need a proper home office setup to receive the perks of working from home. That includes having the correct office equipment to do it.  

Dive into this page to know the best 15 products to work from home like a pro!  

Why Is It Important to Have Decent Work from Home Setup?

Decent Work from Home Setup

People who used to work at an office may not understand how working from home can help them. Most of them see their households as places where they sleep and their offices as a place to work.  

That doesn’t mean they can’t work from home, though. The reason remote work models are so good is that they avoid some office issues. For example, you don’t need to be distracted by office gossip or problems between your co-workers. 

Regardless of that, you can’t enjoy those benefits if you don’t have a proper home office setup. You need to have high-quality equipment at home. That working gear should help you improve your work performance and boost your productivity. Ergonomic chairs, ergonomic desks, and home office gadgets are some of the essentials of a remote work setup. 

Those items can make some of the most common office problems disappear. That includes back pain, neck pain, stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. An example of that is ergonomic chairs, which give you lumbar support and correct your posture. Office gadgets can also boost your productivity. 

Make sure to buy the best products you can find on the market, though. Some companies tend to offer office items that claim to have many features but that don't have many of them when you get them. You can see if the office product you want is of decent quality by reading reviews. 

Top 15 Products for Your Work from Home Desk Ideas to Work Like a Pro

We want you to purchase the best products for your home office setup. To help you, here are 15 office items you can buy to work like a pro. All the products on this list are excellent for remote working setups and bring numerous benefits to you. Don’t hesitate to get them!  

1. Autonomous Chair

Autonomous Chair for work from home setup

The first item in this list for your work from home setup is the Autonomous Chair lineup. These products have all the features you need in an ergonomic chair. That includes lumbar support, full adjustability, and color variety. The three different chairs in the Autonomous Chair catalog are the Autonomous Chair Recline, the Autonomous Chair Ultra, and the Autonomous Chair Ergo.  

Experts agree that the Autonomous Chair Recline is the best ergonomic chair you can find on the market. It’s perfect for posture correction. You should get it if you have back issues, neck problems, or any trouble with your legs' blood flow. This chair can boost your productivity in a remote work office  and make working a more enjoyable and relaxing activity for you.  

2. Autonomous Smart Desk

Autonomous Smart Desk for work from home setup

Chairs aren’t the only thing that Autonomous offers to office workers. People looking for an adjustable standing desk can also rely on this company. When talking about desks, the flagship product of Autonomous is the Autonomous Smart Desk Core. This desk allows you to work while standing, which is the ideal position for working. 

This product has full adjustability, so you can switch from sitting to standing whenever you feel like it. That’s excellent since working in the same position for extended periods can make you get bored of your job. Adjusting this desk in your remote work office takes no time and doesn’t make any noise.  

3. Autonomous LED Desk Lamp

Getting to office gadgets, we have the Autonomous LED Desk Lamp. You can’t work without seeing what you are doing. This lamp aims to light up your remote work setup. However, what makes this product so good are its features.  

The LED Desk Lamp promotes desk aesthetics by allowing you to set multiple colors for it. Decide the one you want depending on your mood! You can also adjust its angle to adapt to your desk size and shape. The lamp's brightness can also be customized.  

4. Autonomous Monitor Arm

monitor arm for work from home setup

Graphic designers and programmers need a laptop or a personal computer to work. Unfortunately, not all office desks have space for it. The Autonomous Monitor Arm solves that issue by offering you a tool that can support your monitor and move it wherever you need to have it in a matter of seconds.  

Some monitor stands are excellent to hold your monitor or laptop, but they don’t allow you to change its angle. This product does. 

That feature encourages flexible working, which boosts creativity. The Monitor Arm is made of aluminum alloy, so it’s resistant and durable. Get it if you work with computers! 

5. Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mat

This is the last Autonomous product on this list you can add in your work from home setup. That doesn’t make it a bad product, though. The Autonomous Anti-Fatigue Mat is one of the best items you can get for your office. It helps you fight stress and anxiety by giving you a tool you can use to work while relaxing. 

You can combine this product with a standing desk for your work from home desk setup. The trick is standing on this mat while working. That allows you to work all the time you need without feeling exhaustion or fatigue. This standing desk mat encourages micro-movements that help you prevent strain or stiffness.  

6. Desk Organizer

desk organizer for work from home setup

The problem with many remote working setups is that they are extremely disorganized. Having a disorganized work from home desk setup reduces your focus and productivity. However, not many people know that and see organizing their desks as a nuisance. This product gives you an easy way to do it.  

Desk Organizers give you a place to store all your working equipment without keeping it too far from you. That allows you to pick your working gear whenever you need it without having it on your desk. 

There are many types of desk organizers, so choose the one you feel most comfortable with.  

7. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger for work from home setup

Like graphic designers and programmers work with their laptops, some people work with their smartphones. The problem with that is that some smartphone models tend to lose battery in a few hours. Not having a charger with a long cable makes you stop working.  

Fortunately, portable phone chargers allow you to work while charging your phone. You just need to recharge them at night to have them ready for your day. Portable phone chargers are also known as power banks. Yet, there are many different types of them on the market.  

8. Dual Monitors

Combining two office desk accessories can double the benefits both products give you. You could see that with the anti-fatigue mat and the standing desk. This time, we have dual monitors. Getting two monitor arms allows you to work with two monitors at the same time. 

Dual monitors encourage multitasking for your work from home desk ideas. That boosts your productivity since it lets you work on two things simultaneously. For example, you can check some stats on one monitor and send emails on the other. People also love using dual monitors to dive on the internet during breaks. 

Naturally, you don’t need this product if you don’t work with computers. However, getting it represents a beneficial investment in the long run.  

9. Desk Tray

desk tray

Similar to desk organizers, desk trays are made to help you organize your workplace. What makes them different is that desk trays are focused to store documents and files. You should get this product if you handle a lot of paperwork. 

We recommend you get a desk tray and a desk organizer for your work from home setup. That way, you can have enough space for all your working gear regardless of what you need to use to work. Some people use shelves as desk trays, but they don't work in the same way. 

10. Office Decorations

Many office workers forget about aesthetics and avoid buying decorations for their home office setup. They do that because they don’t know how much decorations can help them. Working at an appealing place makes your brain feel more comfortable with the idea of working. 

There are many items you can get to make your office look better. Plants are the most common option. LED lights are helpful since you can change their color depending on your mood or how you want your office to look. You can also try paintings and wall art. 

11. Air Purifier

air purifier

Air purifiers are mainly used for work-from-home setups. That’s because offices don’t tend to have a lot of dust or dangerous agents to your body. Unfortunately, households do have a lot of dust and dirt. This kind of problem comes from using a lot of equipment without cleaning it. 

Dust can trigger allergies in many people, which decreases their productivity and well-being. Air purifiers make sure to get rid of anything that can disturb you. Some of them have a custom scent to make your office smell better, too! Get one if you tend to suffer from allergies at home.  

12. Speakers

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can work while listening to music. Possibilities are endless when talking about what music genre to listen to while working. From classical music to even office sounds. You can choose anything that helps you focus and work better. 

If you want to listen to music, it’s better to do it with high-quality speakers. That helps you dive into your thoughts and work without anyone distracting you. Take into account that not all music genres can help you focus, though. We recommend you to listen to something that helps you relax in your remote work office . 

13. Noise-Cancelling Headphones


We previously talked about people who like to work while listening to music. On the other hand, some workers try to avoid any noise to prevent themselves from getting distracted. The best way to do that is by getting noise-canceling headphones. 

Many people prefer to soundproof their walls. Unfortunately, that’s not inexpensive. Noise-canceling headphones are a more affordable alternative for people who want to focus more while working. However, if you can soundproof your walls, it's also an effective alternative for you. 

14. Calendar

Working is something that makes some people suffer from a significant deal of stress. That stress can cause anxiety and make you forget important dates. Getting a physical calendar for your office helps you remember all your tasks, deadlines, and important dates you can’t forget.  

With so many digital calendars, you may ask yourself: why use a physical one? The reason is that physical calendar pads in your work from home setup offer you a visual alternative that you can touch a modifier any time you want. That helps a lot of people remember what they have to do in a better way.  

15. Smart Clock

smart clock

At last, but not least, we have smart clocks. With clocks, it happens the same thing we mentioned when talking about calendars. You can tell what time it is by looking at your smartphone. However, smart clocks have a lot of features that aim to boost your productivity. 

Some of them allow you to play music through them, tell the weather, and even set custom alarms! 

Wrapping Up

Working is something everyone should enjoy. Unfortunately, some problems can make you suffer from stress and anxiety while doing it. Using the correct equipment helps you get rid of that problem and makes working the enjoyable activity it should be.  

Try using the items in this article to develop new desk ideas! If you are buying products from Autonomous, you can also take advantage of its employee purchase program.

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