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Working from Home Burnout? Here Are 20 Tips To Prevent This From Happening

Working from Home Burnout? Here Are 20 Tips To Prevent This From Happening

|Nov 20, 2020

Do you ever feel that your work productivity isn’t what it should be? These may be signs of work burnout. You may constantly feel fatigue, stress, and worry over not meeting project deadlines. As a remote worker, working from home burnout is a real problem. It’s important to deal with the matter so you can improve your work productivity.

Autonomous provides you work from home burnout tips. These 20 tips should offer you effective strategies to prevent frustrations. If you have any signs of work burnout, this article is for you.

1. Use Ergonomic Chairs

Autonomous provides ergonomic chairs, but the ErgoChair 2 stands out. With this chair, you can prevent working from home burnout with comfortable flexibility. It prevents back pain, which is a leading cause of working from home burnout.


  • Lumbar support straightens your back for correct posture.
  • Reduces neck, back, and arm pain significantly.
  • Maximum flexibility to move around.


  • Somewhat expensive; try monthly payments instead.

Use Ergonomic Chairs

2. Use Standing Desks

Standing desks such as the SmartDesk 4 pair quite well with ergonomic chairs. The SmartDesk 4 lets you move around freely in conjunction with the ErgoChair 2. It promotes work performance with energy from scheduled breaks, so you don’t suffer working from home burnout.


  • Free-range of movement due to its design
  • Schedules sit-and-stand sessions
  • Activity log for your overall health


  • Somewhat expensive; try monthly payments instead

 Use Standing Desks

3. Get a Goodnight Sleep

Sleep has a very important function for your body. Good sleep results in improvement of work productivity as you increase your concentration. Start your day off reenergized as you learn how to deal with work from home burnout.

4. Maintain a Work Routine

We are creatures of habit, so stick to what works for you. To prevent working from home burnout, stay focused on your work, and limit your distractions. Take scheduled breaks whenever you need to.

Maintain a Work Routine

5. Don't Multitask Too Often

Did you know distractions can take up to 15 minutes of your time? Don’t focus on too many tasks all at once. Maintain your concentration on the assignment, so you don’t suffer working from home burnout.

Don’t Multitask Too Often

6. Set Morning Schedules

Make sure to complete your tasks while the morning light is still out. If you hold off until later, it becomes difficult to catch up. Separate your time between work, household chores, and food as you find the right balance towards work productivity.

7. Exercise

Don’t just sit around all day. Let’s consider standing with an anti fatigue mat. Improve your blood circulation with a daily exercise routine. It keeps you in shape and prevents any signs of work burnout.


8. Have a To-Do List

Write down a list of objectives. Cross off each one as you complete them. Optimize your time with daily tasks so you can enjoy downtime afterward.

9. Start The Day Off Right

Eat a nutritional breakfast and take a shower. You need the energy to start your day. If you work immediately, you don’t have the power you need to maintain focus.

10. Set Up Your Own Space

Find a quiet area in your home, free of outside distractions. Have enough room to move around freely. The more space you have, the better.

Set Up Your Own Space

11. Reduce Time on Social Media

Social media is a major distraction. Don’t check your phone until you finish your tasks. Otherwise, you might lose time looking up something.

12. Maintain Efficient Storage

Keep everything where you can find them. Make sure your files are accessible while you work online. Clean up any clutter from your workspace.

13. Play Music

Try listening to a playlist of songs. Make sure they aren’t distracting. Classical and lo-fi are great selections for study and work.

Play Music

14. Eat Snacks

Snacks can energize you while you work. It takes time to prepare meals, so snacks are a good substitute in the meantime.

15. Be Proud of Yourself

One way to avoid working from home burnout is confidence in yourself. Be happy with what you have. When you finish the job, pat yourself on the back.

16. Breaktime

Don’t overwork yourself. It only leads to more signs of work burnout. Take a break every once in a while.


17. Dress Nicely

Be who you want to be. Go to work with a nice set of clothes. It’s a good mood setter.

18. Don't Work All Day

Working from home burnout can be a result of too much work. Commitment is key but be careful. Take it easy and take time for yourself.

19. Focus on Your Goal

Think of work as a race. You want to get to that finish line. Remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Take your time.

Focus on Your Goal

20. Find The Right Time To Work

There might be a point in the day you have the most energy. Focus on your work schedule around that time. We all have different internal clocks.

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