Working from Home Isolation: A Widespread Problem Among Remote Employees
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Working from Home Isolation: A Widespread Problem Among Remote Employees

|Oct 10, 2021

Looking around you, you will notice that a lot has changed in the past few months. You used to attend the office physically and enjoy social gatherings with your colleagues. Even if that was not possible, you would go to a coffee shop and see each other. But the tragedy is that now we are all somewhat grounded and are working from home isolation.

According to the Opinion and Lifestyle Survey (OPN), almost half of the global population (49%) started working from home during the pandemic, and the numbers keep increasing as more and more businesses are shifting online.

The problem is that now people do not like working from home, dealing with isolation when working from home gets difficult with time. Most of them miss their old offices where they met their colleagues and had a social life.

The current lockdowns had made everyone suffer and bound them to their home. And with such a negative mood, working productivity becomes more of a dream. In addition, things become difficult on the managerial side, too, as they can't make unhappy teamwork.

All these challenges of working from home end you in a grave situation where you fight tough with everything all alone. You know that no one likes staying in this stressed-out lonely phase of their lives, so it is important to think of a suitable way to overcome social isolation due to working from home. 

Ideas to Overcome Feelings of Social Isolation Due to Working from Home

 Ideas to Overcome working from home isolation

We thought a lot about how you can overcome social anxiety and stress that is there due to working from home. Thus, we came up with the following ideas. Go through them and try adding these working from home isolation preventing ideas to your daily routine. 

Use Team Collaboration Games and Tools

Virtual team-building activities and collaboration games help you regain a sense of social presence and have maximum interaction with your team. So, never miss out on the video conferences and any ice breakers that your manager plans for you, as these are the doorways for you to have better communication in this isolated mode of work.

Once you successfully build a team culture, you will get closer to overcome the feeling of isolation and depression. 

Never Miss a Chance to Engage and Interact with Other People

The worst thing you can do is to miss out on the opportunity to talk to your colleagues and managers timely. You can use apps like slack in this regard.

In addition, always make sure that you update your managers timely so that they know that you are engaged with the team and working with full zeal and dedication. The resultant appreciation would be a great booster for you and help in keeping your morale high. 

Take Frequent Breaks or At Least Once a Day

Take Frequent Breaks or At Least Once a Day

Usually, you feel isolated and stressed when you work for extended hours, so taking short breaks between work hours and stretching can help you overcome the common working from home isolation depression. If you can’t take frequent breaks, at least have an hour fixed for your break during the day. 

Focus on Your Goals

A good way to have to avoid depression and stress is to focus on your goals. People often feel stressed and depressed when they lose track and get distracted. So, surround yourself with positive thoughts and quotes to stay motivated and focused on your goals. Once you remember your purpose, staying focused won’t be difficult at all. 

Add Some Serene Background Music in Your Office

Here is another good way to remove working from home isolation. Music is the best healer and can be a great partner for you at work, so adding some ambient music can be a great way to give a new life to your workspace and make you feel complete even if you are working in isolation. If you are a fan of classical music or if it’s metal that keeps your morale high, add it in the background and notice the immediate change. 

Open Your Windows and Welcome Sunshine

Open Your Windows and Welcome Sunshine

Artificial light can never compete with the power of natural light. That rise and shine that you get from sunshine is something next level that one can only achieve if they open their windows and let the light in. So, if you have windows in your home office, open them and let the light enter to stay fresh and active. 

Spend Some Time with Your Pet

Spend Some Time with Your Pet

If you have a furry friend, it is great to spend some time with them as they would be your best partners in these tough times. Pets like cats and dogs can be your companion while you work from home, so whenever you feel low, your pet pal will have your back. 

Wrapping It Up

We understand that working from home isolation is a widespread problem, and you are among the millions of employees who are suffering from this dilemma. With the mentioned ways above, you now can learn how to avoid depression when working from home yourself. Using the ideas that we shared above can be a great way to kill your depression and give you the light of hope to survive in these tough times. We hope you will understand the importance of workplace culture and promote it in your virtual office.

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