Yosuda Under Desk Bike: Pedal Your Way to Productivity
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Yosuda Under Desk Bike: Pedal Your Way to Productivity

|Feb 14, 2024

Yosuda is one of the leading companies for exercise bikes, but buying from a reliable seller is the only way to get a highest quality product. To make your work life better with a healthier body, we have come up with a Yosuda product that has attracted a lot of fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. However, before we move on to the product, let's look at where to buy it.

Where to Buy Yosuda Products?

The best place to buy Yosuda products is the Autonomous online store, which offers Yosuda exercise bikes and other office workout equipment for you to improve your physical health. The best part about buying from this store is that you can get all the items in one place. On the other hand, you can also get some amazing discounts at the store, so don't miss the opportunity and get your exercise bike right now.

Where to Buy Yosuda Products?

Yosuda Best Seller: YBM-1 Under Desk Cycling Bike

The best-selling item at the store is the YBM-1 under desk cycling bike. To allow you to get a better insight into the product, our team of experts has tested it on all the different scales, which we will be discussing next in this article.

Core Features

Easy assembly

Once you open the box, the first thing you will need to do is to assemble the product, which will take around 15 to 20 minutes for you to complete the whole setup. The best part is that all the tools and assembly guides are present in the box, so it hardly takes any effort to complete the setup.

Yosuda Best Seller: YBM-1 Under Desk Cycling Bike

Low Noise

After putting the bike under the desk, the first thing we noticed was the noise levels while moving the pedals. Surprisingly, the noise levels were found to be much lower than other competitor brands. The overall noise the machine made was just under 20 dB, which is ideal for working without much disturbance.

8 resistance levels

The feature that sets the machine apart from all the other bikes is the 8 resistance levels that you get. So, you can easily adjust the overall resistance according to your requirements and physical condition. For a casual office exercise bike workout plan, keep the resistance level low so you can exercise for long hours. However, for a work fitness challenge, you can take the resistance as high as you want.


When you first get the package in your hands, the first thing you will notice is the weight of the product. The lightweight of 22 lbs. allows easy mobility so that one can use it with multiple desks at a time. On the other hand, the fitness equipment can also be easily stored due to its small size, unlike other exercise bikes.


High-quality samarium cobalt

A high-quality samarium cobalt magnet is used for the construction of the Yosuda under desk bike, which makes it extremely durable for daily use. Although most exercise machines wear out after some time of usage, the overall quality of this machine remains as good as new for years to come.

Built for blood circulation

If you are looking for an exercise bike shop, the first thing you need to see is if the bike actually improves your physical health. Yosuda exercise bike does just that by improving blood circulation if you use it daily for a specific period of time. Moving the muscles continuously allows you to activate them and makes you stronger and healthier.


If we look at the design of the Yosuda exercise bike, the black colored machine with orange stripes looks premium. The overall shine of the device increases its attraction to look like an expensive product with the best materials. On the other hand, the anti-slip pads make all the standing desk exercises even easier to carry out. The pedals of the machine are designed in a way to support both arm and leg exercises.

What to Consider When Buying an Under Desk Bike?


The first thing you need to consider before going to a stationary bike store is the setting you are going for. For instance, if you are going for a height-adjustable desk, then you will have the freedom to buy bigger exercise bikes as there will be more space under your desk.


The most important thing, of course, is the overall budget you have for your desk workout equipment. Keep in mind that not all brands provide value-to-money, so make sure to test all of them on the basis of their features and select the one that fits perfectly with your requirements.

Resistance Levels

The better adjustability the bike has, the more convenient it will be for different people with different physical health. If you want to take all the under desk bike benefits, you must choose a bike with more resistance levels; however, keep in mind that you will have to pay a premium price for this premium feature.


Due to the fact that most people like to work under pin-drop silence, exercise machines can become a distraction. However, if you choose a quiet exercise bike from a stationary bike store, you won’t have to face distraction issues. Make sure you check the device at the store to see if it works fine with your working habits.

Size and Portability

Most exercise machines are heavy and difficult to move from one place to another, so you have to keep them under the desk all the time. However, some like Yosuda under desk bikes are lightweight and small enough to carry with you wherever you go.

What to Consider When Buying an Under Desk Bike?


Exercise bikes from Yosuda show how far the technology has come. The YBM-1 model reviewed in this article shows the quality that the brand is providing for its customers. Test the product on all the different levels and decide on making the final purchase, as Yosuda is certainly worth a try.

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