10 Ideas of Fitness Challenges For Workplaces to Try
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10 Ideas of Fitness Challenges For Workplaces to Try

|Oct 31, 2022

By creating fun, engaging fitness challenges with healthy doses of competition, you can help teams of all sizes engage their audiences. The size of your team is the first factor to consider. In case you are looking for fitness challenges for workplace, here are a few suggestions: 

  • Engaging people can be accomplished by starting simply and focusing on one metric listed on an office fitness challenge chart.
  • Motivate employees by rewarding them based on their % improvement, not just the top of the leaderboard.
  • It could be a 'Walk to Disneyland' challenge or moving the office to another location. Count Your Steps, an open platform such as Count It, to receive rewards individually or in groups.
  • Are you interested in getting two departments to work together or putting them in fitness challenge ideas for groups? For ultimate bragging rights, pit two teams, such as sales and engineering, against each other in an intra-office challenge.
  • Is your team attending an out-of-office conference? Create a fitness challenge to show your employees how healthy your culture is. As well as encouraging your team to stay active, this is a great time to gauge how everyone is doing. 

We have seen some companies structure teams and fitness challenges to work creatively. These are just a few ideas. In order to make your challenge successful, you need to get management's buy-in and have a platform to track employee engagement and work fitness challenge leaderboards. 

The Benefits of Fitness in Office

Less absenteeism

Less absenteeism with fitness challenges for workplace

Business owners insist on fitness in the workplace first and foremost to reduce absenteeism. An employee health and gym equipment program could save companies a great deal of money by encouraging a healthier workforce. Exercise keeps people healthy and makes them less susceptible to common illnesses; thus, they spend more time at work and save money.

Fitness creates less stress

Employers can provide employees with workplace wellness programs or garage gym ideas to help them feel better when working, both mentally and physically. Workplace stress and fatigue are due to neck, back, wrist, and arm fatigue caused by sitting at a computer all day. As a result of looking at a screen for so many hours, many employees complain of eye strain. You can avoid both by using an exercise chair for abs.

Better work performance

Better work performance

A corporate fitness program is associated with a longer employee retention rate for companies that offer it. Compared to companies without wellness programs, those with wellness programs report lower voluntary attrition.

Fosters teamwork

The benefits of a workplace fitness program include camaraderie, which is harder to measure. As a result of participating in an employee fitness program, employees are more likely to feel a sense of teamwork at work. Exercise together helps employees establish stronger relationships, and those enhanced relationships lead to various benefits.

Top 10 Office Fitness Challenges

1. Walking Challenge

Walking Challenge - fitness challenges for workplace

Regarding encouraging remote employees to be physically active, walking challenges are the most popular and well-known fitness challenges. Several studies demonstrate how health benefits of walking for employees. Most people who work from home don't do it enough, so they get foldable under a desk treadmill.

Step challenges or walkathons require participants to walk a specific number of steps daily. Walking challenges are effortless and convenient to participate in. Alternatively, you can modify the challenge to suit your needs. 

The standard for the challenge should be the number of steps you want. The number of steps your employees take daily can range from 5000 to 10000. Providing small gifts for completing the daily step count will motivate people to complete the challenge.

2. Start your day between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Spend a month waking up extremely early. There is a reason almost every successful person does this, even if you don't think it gives you much benefit. Test it yourself using the best foldable walking pad to see why.

3. For 30 days, refrain from listening to or reading any news

Ignoring everything going on and returning afterward to see what you missed is the challenge. This news presents a lot of negativity, which you miss most.

4. Don't consume any sugar

Don't consume any sugar

You’d be surprised at just how much sugary junk food we consume as you think you do. It is relatively easy to diet, become a vegetarian, or go vegan. Spend 30 days avoiding sugar to see if it works for you.

5. Make sure you exercise harder than you think you can

Try adding more reps and sets to your routine instead of adding more weight, or jog for longer or swim a few more laps. You should only start counting when it actually hurts for the rest of the week/month. Counteract the ill effects of sitting with a 2-in-1 folding treadmill.

6. 24 hours of continuous work

Try to work through the night on something small one day a week. Make sure you stay awake and keep producing, but make sure it isn't something that requires a lot of mental capacity.

7. Every day, lie down in public

Every day, lie down in public

You only need to find a very busy area (lunchtime in the city should work fine) and then lie down for 10 seconds. Continue on without explaining yourself.

8. Every day for a week, spend two hours with yourself

Observe for 2 hours in utter silence without any person, object, or electronic distractions. Two hours alone in a quiet, empty room. The effects speak for themselves, even though it's a challenging challenge.

9. Water consumption should be at least four liters a day

This will mean more frequent bathroom breaks, but you will also experience an increase in energy and vitality. In 7 days, you will see a difference, and in 30 days, for those who are really motivated.

10. Breathe deeply for three minutes

Breathe deeply for three minutes

Exercises that promote deep breathing can improve our mental health as well as improve our state of mind. Workplace deep breathing challenges are fun.

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