Top 3 Picks for Zero Gravity Desk Chairs for Floating into Comfort
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Top 3 Picks for Zero Gravity Desk Chairs for Floating into Comfort

|Dec 4, 2022

Stress is considered the major productivity killer in the workplace. While most of us only consider mental stress when we talk about an office setting, physical stress is as much harm to an employee, which leads them to become inactive, unhealthy, and suffer from loss of motivation while working.

Stress also results in workplace burnout; hence the concept of modern office ergonomics is about minimizing the physical and mental stress for employees in a work setting. Now there are many products and changes brought in the name of ergonomics; all aimed to increase the comfort of employees. This includes the changes in office furniture such as an ergonomic desk chair hence encouraging multiple types of posture which are healthy. A zero gravity desk chair might be a new concept for most people, but it is a popular one.

Zero gravity office desk chairs are ruling the market for several reasons. This article will cover how a zero gravity office chair is one of the best computer chairs for you and the pros and cons of the zero gravity desk chair for proper desk posture.

What is a Zero Gravity Desk Chair?

A state of Zero Gravity occurs when your body remains suspended in space without any gravitational force acting on it. For example, in a Zero Gravity recliner, your body weight is evenly distributed across the chair, allowing you to recline in that position. 

The Zero Gravity recliner is ideal for anyone with swelling in the legs or suffering from varicose veins. In addition to allowing proper blood circulation, it reduces swelling in your legs by elevating them. As a result, the heart is also less stressed. 

Especially for the comfort and convenience of senior citizens, recliners with motorized lift-up and recline functions are very useful. At all times, these zero-gravity workstations provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In most cases, the term 'Zero Gravity' conjures images of weightless gliding and people oblivious to their surroundings. Surprisingly, it's not that cool. There is no skimming in these zero-gravity chairs. However, they do draw inspiration from space explorer chairs with leaning backs. A large portion of the muscular health community suggests these zero-gravity desks to recover from wounds and tasks associated with the spine, especially lumbar pain. 

Zero gravity office chairs or anti-gravity office chairs have a similar working action to a reclining chair. Still, they are more focused on keeping your body in an anti-gravity neutral position. The mechanism works with the alignment of your heart and helps you achieve a weightless sensation when working. This feeling of weightlessness encourages natural relaxation and helps the body achieve a natural state of comfort.

In a zero-gravity reclining office chair, your feet are raised under your heart in a nonpartisan position. Zero gravity chairs provide a weightless sensation, enabling you to unwind and release pressure when leaned back profoundly. As a result, your spine, back, hips, and legs are relieved of pressure, thereby preventing pain and irritation.

There are many different models and capacities of zero gravity chairs. A zero gravity chair is a popular outdoor furniture ergonomic sitting position option for your deck or lawn. Additionally, zero gravity recliners can be purchased for your home, allowing you to enjoy weightless relaxation in your own home.

Zero gravity office chairs relieve pressure points in the spine, back, hips, and legs, which helps avoid discomfort and soreness in these regions. Zero gravity chairs are available in a variety of styles and functions. Zero gravity recliners are also available for purchase at home, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of weightlessness in the privacy of your living room. Hence they can also be a great way to de-stress when working.

What Is A Zero Gravity Desk Chair

How The Best Zero Gravity Office Chair Helps In Improving Your Health?

The zero gravity recliner places the body in the ideal posture to equally distribute weight across all of our pressure points, supporting the lumbar area and immediately releasing unpleasant tension. You achieve the ideal "neutral body position" when sitting in a zero gravity chair. This is similar to the sensation you get when you discover the ideal sleeping position.

The basic legend about zero gravity chairs is that they always work to relieve back pain. In actuality, however, it doesn't work for most back pains. Is there any type of back pain that makes zero gravity chairs the best sitting position for lower back pain? Are there any zero-gravity chairs ideal for people with back pain? This article is about zero gravity chairs for back pain and addresses all of those inquiries. 

  • Using them makes the user self-reliant since they do not require someone's assistance to stand or sit.
  • Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, which significantly restricts their mobility, will benefit from these.
  • For proper comfort, armrests, headrests, and cushioned upholstery rest the entire bone structure of the user.

Pros of a Zero Gravity Desk Chair

Just like an ergonomic chair or an ergonomic stool is focused on keeping the body as close to as natural posture, a zero gravity chair is also based on the same concept as already mentioned above. But many people find zero gravity chairs an advanced modification of a recliner chair. Hence it is important to learn about all the pros and cons of a zero gravity chair before buying one for your home office setup or living room.

1. Healthy Circulation

Zero gravity office chairs align the body to the natural, comfortable position, such as the sensation of floating in the water freely; this means your heart is at the most comfortable state. This allows the circulation of the heart to become stronger and much more even. This even circulation also plays a huge role in relaxing the body, oxygenating all the organs, and reducing any chances of swelling or numbness in any part of the body.

Healthy Circulation with zero gravity desk chair

2. Reduced Spine Pressure

Our spinal regions are most susceptible when working and sitting in the same posture for a long time. Various health-related issues result from a poor spine angle or improper spinal posture. There is no pressure on the spine; hence, the spine adapts to the natural 'S' curve.

3. Muscle Relief

Even when we think we're relaxing, many of our everyday sittings, standing, and sleeping habits strain our muscles. The muscles are relieved of pressure in the zero-gravity position, while oxygen-rich blood heals any pre-existing soreness.

Muscle Relief with zero gravity desk chair

4. Adjustable Lumbar

The lumbar is the region in the located back which is most susceptible to pain and long-term issues if not supported well enough. Like an ergonomic chair, an adjustable lumbar in a zero gravity chair is extremely helpful for long-term use and relaxation. You can adjust the lumbar height while sitting rather than lying down to meet your comfort angle.

5. Improves Sleep Quality

Sleeping on a flat surface might be difficult for people with asthma or sleep apnea. While sleeping in a traditional bed, lying with your legs inclined at a zero-gravity posture helps free up airways that may be obstructed.

Snoring might make it more difficult to reach deeper sleep stages, often known as rapid eye movement sleep.

Cons of a Zero Gravity Desk Chair

1. Not Suitable for Tall People

Zero gravity desk chairs have to support your body entirely, so if your legs or neck protrude from any edge, then the chair is not suitable for you. A zero gravity chair in a standard size might not be suitable for taller or heavier people. Hence working with these chairs for such people can do more harm than good.

2. Price

While not all zero gravity chairs are expensive, you may consider them an afterthought. If you consider a zero gravity chair to be an investment in your health and well-being, however, you can be confident that you will be able to save enough money to purchase one.

Top 3 Zero Gravity Desk Chairs For Back Pain

MOPHOTO Zero Gravity Chair

MOPHOTO Zero Gravity Chair

Dimensions26"D x 4"W x 37"H
Special FeatureErgonomic, Arm, Cushion Availability
MaterialsAlloy Steel
Finish TypePolished
Furniture base movementGlide
Maximum weight440 pounds
Imperatorworks Unicorn 2.0 Manticore Model Zero Gravity Gaming Chair

Imperatorworks Unicorn 2.0 Manticore Model Zero Gravity Gaming Chair

Dimensions24"D x 22"W x 62"H
Finish TypeBrushed
Back StyleSolid Back
Item Weight350 Pounds
Included Componentsmounts for monitors,keyboard tray
Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Omni-Motion Power Walnut Zero-Gravity Recliner

Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 Omni-Motion Power Walnut Zero-Gravity Recliner

Dimensions46"D x 32"W x 46"H
Special FeatureArm Rest, Cushion Availability, Foot
Frame MaterialWood
Back StyleSolid Back
Item Weight160 Pounds

A state of Zero Gravity occurs when your body remains suspended in space without any gravitational force acting on it. For example, in a Zero Gravity recliner, your body weight is evenly distributed across the chair, allowing you to recline in that position. 

There is no doubt that zero gravity positions are the healthiest way to sit. However, you should consider getting a Zero Gravity recliner if you suffer from varicose veins or swelling in your legs. In addition to allowing proper blood circulation, it reduces swelling in the legs by elevating your legs. Additionally, a zero-gravity computer station minimizes heat stress. 

Especially for the comfort and convenience of senior citizens, recliners with motorized lift-up and recline functions are very useful. At all times, these recliners provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. 

The best thing to do when you are constantly seated in front of laptops or just experiencing back and neck problems, in general, is to get a Zero Gravity recliner with an adjustable headrest and footrest. Then, when you sit for long periods, it relieves strain on your neck and spine.

Zero Gravity Desk Chair For Back Pain

Consideration When Buying Zero Gravity Desk Chair

Anyone's home would benefit from a zero-gravity chair. It is easy to use and will help you relax after a long, difficult day. There is a wide selection of zero-gravity chairs available, each with its own unique features. Overall, how would you determine which zero-gravity workstation is the best for you? All in all, there are many factors to consider. 

If you suffer from back pain, then consider investing in a decent zero-gravity chair. The best zero gravity chair that helps alleviate back pain is the one that will lighten back pain the most. This guide will discuss what you need to have in a zero-gravity chair. In addition, maintaining a good posture requires a zero-gravity chair. 

mobile height-adjustable desk also helps if you suffer from back issues such as sciatica or herniated discs. If you suffer from back pain, you need a zero-gravity chair to help your hand position when typing. You cultivate this by killing your back's pressure. 

It is intended that the best recliner for back pain is designed for the purpose that it will be used at home or at the office. Zero gravity chairs with solid metal edges are the best for back torment. For back pain, the best zero gravity chair has a high back support with a headrest and a couple of regrets. 

According to us, zero gravity desk hairs adjust to fit you more comfortably. But a regular chair doesn’t. Therefore, it helps avoid discomfort if that's what you're looking for. Generally, these are the types of features that set zero gravity desk chairs apart from regular chairs if you're looking to buy one: 

  • Castors (wheels)
  • Height adjustability
  • Sliding seat pan
  • Adjustable width and height of the armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support for added pressure and height support along the back
  • Synchro-tilt for the backrest panel
  • Seat pan tilt
  • Multi-tilt for the entire chair tilting mechanism

Reclining Office Chairs

Transforming a Reclining Ergonomic Chair into a Zero Gravity Desk Chair

A reclining ergonomic chair can be used as a Zero Gravity desk chair by adjusting its position to mimic the body posture and weightlessness experienced in the Zero Gravity position. Here's how you can achieve that:

Find a reclining ergonomic chair

Look for a chair specifically designed to offer ergonomic support and a reclining feature. These chairs typically have adjustable backrests and footrests, allowing you to customize the chair's position.

Adjust the chair's recline angle

Start by reclining the chair's backrest to a position where your body feels comfortable and supported. Most reclining chairs have a lever or button to control the recline angle. Experiment with different angles until you find the one that suits you best.

Elevate your legs

Once the backrest is reclined, raise the footrest or ottoman to a level where your legs are slightly elevated. This elevation helps to distribute your body weight more evenly and promotes a feeling of weightlessness, similar to the Zero Gravity position.

Maintain proper body alignment

Ensure that your body is well-aligned while sitting in the reclined position. Your head, neck, and spine should be in a neutral position, and there should be minimal strain on any part of your body. Use additional pillows or cushions if needed to support your head, neck, or lumbar region.

Position your desk or workstation

Adjust your desk or workstation to accommodate the reclined position. You may need to lower your desk or use a keyboard tray to maintain a comfortable arm and wrist position. Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level to avoid strain on your neck.

Take regular breaks and move

While a Zero Gravity desk chair can provide a comfortable and supportive working position, it's still essential to take regular breaks and move around. Prolonged sitting in any position can lead to stiffness and muscle fatigue. Get up, stretch, and engage in light physical activity periodically.

Remember, individual preferences and body types may vary, so it's crucial to find the reclining angle and support that works best for you. It's also recommended to consult the chair's user manual or manufacturer's guidelines for specific instructions on adjusting and using the chair in a reclined position.

What is a Zero Gravity Desk Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Zero Gravity Reclining Chair?

Zero gravity office desk chairs or reclining chairs have adjustment levers that can help you adjust the position according to your comfort level. This adjustment might need a little time to get your hands on at first, but zero gravity chairs are great once you learn how to use them.

How Does A Zero Gravity Chair Work?

The stress of gravitational forces on your body is reduced when you sit in a zero gravity chair. Zero gravity chairs help relax the spine and relieve uncomfortable pressure points by supporting you in a weightless and neutral posture.

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good for Health?

Zero gravity chairs are good for health because they improve the circulation of the body, keep the body in a naturally comfortable position, and minimize vein swelling.

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