10 Bohemian Home Office Ideas to Get Inspired
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10 Bohemian Home Office Ideas to Get Inspired

|Mar 2, 2022

Designing your home office setup is crucial to inspiring and motivating yourself to work. Especially for people who often find themselves dull and bored while working, a little change in surroundings can do a lot more good than imagined. Home office décor has a deep effect on subconscious minds and is also proven to directly impact the motivation of employees, which is why many workplaces spend thousands of dollars to achieve office design ideas that are aesthetic and professional.

Even though there are certain rights and wrongs of a home office or an office décor, new studies suggest that personalization can be the most positive reinforcing factor towards employees' productivity. Hence it is important to decorate your space with the home office design trends that appeal to you the most. Whether it's bohemian home office ideas or a Scandinavian office design, there are a bunch of themes you can play around with.

This article will cover some easy and smart boho home office ideas for that touch of modern boho look in your home. Let’s find out some of the interesting bohemian home office ideas with us!

Best Boho Home Office Décor

Choosing the Boho Colors

Choosing the Boho Colors Bohemian home office ideas

Let's start with the basics. You have an empty room, and before you bring in all the furniture, you should focus on the colors you will incorporate into your room. A bohemian décor calls for certain colors and doesn't think others fit well. When talking boho, one should opt for neutrals, monochrome and monotone colors to bring that vibe.

Since the bohemian theme is about earthy and muted ideas, you need to focus on bringing nature and woody look into your home as much as possible. And since neutrals can also be a great way to avoid being distracted, bohemian colors can help you achieve that.

White Desk

White is a universal color that never disappoints. And when we talk about professional spaces, white desk always wins the race. It is pretty, decent, sophisticated, and matches many themes. White desks also provide you the versatility to be paired with any theme, color and type of office setup.

A white home office desk also fits into the boho home office desk style perfectly. We are talking about bringing minimalism and keeping up with the sophistication with a bohemian home office makeover.

Furniture Style

Furniture Style in Bohemian home office ideas

Your furniture can be mid-century modern, contemporary, or simply boho and eclectic if you're constructing a boho chic home office. The desk is the focal point of the room, so it should be elegant, comfortable, and complementary to the rest of the decor. If it fits your home office decor, go for a rustic, mid-century modern, or even a sleek and basic desk.


You should consider an ergonomic chair in your bohemian home office ideas. If you use a basic robotic-style office chair, you cannot expect a vintage and bohemian theme to mark its presence. Bohemian office chairs are preferably leather, and one can easily flaunt for colors like blue, emerald green and other pretty shades of elegance.

Storage Options

Storage Options

No matter what type of office theme and setup you are targeting, you will likely suffer from constant stress and anxiety without proper organization and storage in your home office. Yes, one has no idea the damage clutter causes their minds while working.  But keeping up with the theme, you need to opt for storage items that aren't just too out of the basics.

This means going for open shelving solutions rather than closed ones. Also, some storage baskets will keep your space bohemian. It's all up to you and the amount of space you have for ottomans, stools, seats, daybeds, loungers, sofas, and even chests.

Focus on the Details

Like any other boho chic area, a home office setup requires a lot of décors and detailing. If you have a neutral space, colorful gallery walls with signage, macramé and fringe, hats and beautiful baskets, and diverse artworks can be used. Keep the artworks in the same style if you already have a bright area, and don't go too flashy.

Keep it Simple

Keep it Simple

Minimalism is never boring. And keeping it simple is the first and foremost rule of a Bohemian theme. Ensure you don't clutter and fill your place with lots of furniture when there is only a certain amount of space. You should also prevent loading yourself with lots of colors and keep your desk with minimum accessories possible. A bohemian home office theme also has colors and patterns that aren't too flashy and loud to cause discomfort.

Unique Touch

If it's your office or cubicle, it should be what you like. When decorating in a boho style, one thing to keep in mind is that it should seem unique. For example, in your bohemian workplace, you can hang artwork with your favorite quotes or mantras, as well as vintage finds found while scouring flea markets.

Bring in the Nature

Bring in the Nature

The outdoors are a huge part of bohemian décor, and your office is no different. Please don't shy away from nature when talking about a bohemian-style home office. And besides just décor, nature has a lot of positive impacts on the productivity and motivation of employees. Adding a touch of green leaves, a little pop of colors with natural plants and flowers, and a way to invite that fresh air will all bring your mood to a happy, refreshed place.

And If possible, find a location for your bohemian office surrounded by huge windows that let in plenty of light. Opening the windows and enjoying the breeze or the sun's warmth while working appears to be a requirement in any office.

Add a Rug

Add a Rug in Bohemian home office ideas

A Rug can do a lot more than just aesthetics. Especially when you are setting up your office in a shared room, a rug can help you define your workstation boundary and mark the territory. Rugs are also a good way to keep a place clean, and luckily, a modern-style jute rug goes well with a bohemian theme.

Sum Up

Modern home office ideas are based on everything that can make an employee feel welcomed and safe in their own space. A modern space design isn't about getting just the right chair and a professional table, but it's about all the tiny elements from home office essentials to the selection of paint, type of stationery on your desk, to the placement of your desk.

All these things combined can impact the overall result of your motivation while working. That’s why you should start to make bohemian-style home office designs for your workstation.

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