15 Interesting Home Office Accent Wall Ideas for You (2024)
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15 Interesting Home Office Accent Wall Ideas for You (2024)

|May 6, 2023

Ever since the pandemic locked us in our homes, your home office has become your personal workspace that you use to do all your office tasks. Since you spend a lot of time there, it is vital to decorate it in a way that pleases you. People often think about home office accent wall ideas when they are making such plans.

It is seen that your office’s walls are where you usually start decorating it. Featuring office accent walls is one of the ways of successfully executing the decoration phase. There are multiple wall designs for offices, but the best one of all is the one that matches the color scheme of your home office.

Getting accent walls is the best way to decorate a dull home office because it gives your office room a new life.

Today, we have come up with the best office accent wall ideas to give you an idea of what you are supposed to do in your office space. We'd suggest you skim through this article to get know-how about these office accent walls.

So, without any delay, let’s begin this venture.

Top 15 Picks of the Best Home Office Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall can be a fantastic way to transform a plain and dull office space into a captivating and inviting environment. It allows you to experiment with colors, textures, and patterns while adding a touch to your personal style.

Let's explore 15 cool home office accent wall ideas that will help you create a stunning accent wall in your home office.

1. Floral Print Accent Wall Design

The floral print accent wall design is one of the best accent walls that you can think of going for. If you are artistic enough, paint the front wall of your office space on your own. You may think of drawing and painting some colorful flowers on your wall to give it a splash of colors. You may even look for other office wall painting ideas to get more creative here.

The second possibility that you can adopt to have a floral print accent wall design is that you buy a floral print wallpaper. There are multiple floral wallpapers that are available in the market, so you can pick the one that suits your requirement and budget.

Floral Print home office accent wall ideas

2. Contemporary Accent Wall

The contemporary accent walls have become the latest fad in home offices. You will usually find such accent walls in a modern home office. You may think of getting this wall painted with a nice texture of gray or black and putting up some wall lamps to make it look aesthetic. Making these alterations will make your office look aesthetic yet minimalistic. 

3. Decorative Home Office with Accent Walls

Another way of going creative with your office accent wall is to put up decorative items like photo frames or art pieces. You may think of adopting a wall design for your office or setting a specific theme for this selection. You may even choose to stay monochromatic. However, adding a splash of colors will make it look funkier and would suit people who love being artsier.

Decorative Home Office with Accent Walls

4. Black Accent Wall Paint in Home Office

If you have a masculine home office, you might think of going for dark colors that men usually like. A black accent wall office would be an ideal choice for such office workers. Nevertheless, this office décor is not restricted to any gender, and you may go for it if black accent walls match your classy personality. 

5. Wooden Accent Wall Design

The wooden accent wall design is one of the most unique home office accent wall ideas. To adopt this wall design, you may think of putting up wooden tiles on your office walls or using wooden wallpaper. For the latter, you will only have to stick the wallpaper on your walls, so it will not require much work from your side. 

6. Cream Colored Office Accent Wall

If you are a fan of minimalism and neutral colors make you calm, you can think of going for the cream-colored office accent wall. Since this color is quite light, it radiates positive vibes and ensures you stay focused while working on your tasks. Nevertheless, if you find them too dull, you may think of putting up some complimentary frames to make them look better. 

7. Masculine Home Office with Accent Walls

The masculine home office with accent walls is ideal for those office workers who wish to have a darker office accent wall. To adopt this office accent wall idea, you may think of painting your office walls with a dark texture or color like dark blue, black, brown, etc. All these accents will help you create an environment that will suit your mood.

Masculine home office accent wall ideas

8. Bright Orange Accent Wall Paint in Home Office

The bright orange office accent wall is ideal for promoting a positive attitude in your home office. Bright orange is a color that you usually don't see when you are looking for home office designs. That's why you will find this accent more unique and let you make your home office look more exclusive. 

9. Nature Inspired Home Office Accent Wall

Nature-inspired home office accent wall colors are loved by all those office workers who are a fan of nature and greenery. You may think of setting up a green home office to make your nature-inspired walls complement your home office.

A green office accent wall will be a nice choice in this regard; however, you may think of going for some nature-inspired room wallpapers to make it look more aesthetic.

Nature Inspired home office accent wall ideas

10. Blue Accent Wall Paint in Home Office

Lastly, going for the shades of aqua is among our most-liked home office accent wall ideas. A blue accent wall paint in-home office will radiate positivity in your workspace and make it look pleasant overall. So, you may go for it if the shades of blue color make you feel calm and help you concentrate better on work.

Blue Accent Wall Paint in Home Office

11. Painted Accent Wall

The most common and adaptable choice for an accent wall is a painted wall. The atmosphere of your home office can be completely transformed by painting just one wall a bright, contrasting hue. Pick a hue that portrays the atmosphere you wish to create while enhancing the decor you already have.

For a calm and serene environment, consider soothing blues or soft neutrals. To make a bold statement, vibrant reds or energetic yellows can be an excellent choice. Remember to use high-quality paint and proper techniques to achieve a smooth and professional finish.

Painted Accent Wall - Office accent wall ideas

12. Wallpaper Accent Wall

If you prefer patterns and textures, a wallpaper accent wall is perfect for your home office. Wallpaper offers endless possibilities, ranging from intricate designs to subtle textures. You can opt for a floral pattern for a touch of elegance, a geometric design for a modern look, or a faux brick texture for an industrial vibe.

Wallpaper is relatively easy to install and can be a great DIY project. Ensure you measure accurately and prepare the wall surface properly before applying the wallpaper for a seamless and visually striking result.

13. Textured Accent Wall

Adding texture to your accent wall can create a captivating visual and tactile experience in your home office. Consider materials like wood panels, stone veneers, or textured wall panels to bring depth and character to the space. A reclaimed wood accent wall can add warmth and a rustic charm to your office, while a stone veneer wall can give it an earthy and natural feel.

Textured wall panels of materials like bamboo or cork can add an organic touch. Choose a texture that complements your overall office design and conveys your desired ambiance.

14. Gallery Wall

If you are a fan of art or photography, a gallery wall can be a fantastic way to showcase your favorite pieces while creating an eye-catching accent wall. Select a collection of artwork, photographs, or inspirational quotes that resonate with you. Arrange them in a visually pleasing layout, ensuring a balance of colors, sizes, and frames.

You can experiment with different arrangements, such as a symmetrical grid or an eclectic mix of frames. A gallery wall adds a personal touch to your home office and sparks creativity whenever you glance at it.

Gallery Wall - Office accent wall ideas

15. Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Lastly, consider using reclaimed wood to give your walls a rustic and eco-friendly finish. Reclaimed wood brings a sense of history and authenticity to your home office, and it can be sourced from old barns, pallets, or salvaged lumber, giving your space a unique and sustainable touch.

Reclaimed wood's natural variations in color, grain, and texture create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you opt for a wall fully covered in reclaimed wood or use it as a wainscoting element, this accent wall idea adds character and charm to your home office.

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What is an Accent Wall or Feature Wall?

An accent wall, also known as a feature wall, is a wall in a room intentionally designed to stand out from the surrounding walls. It serves as a focal point and adds visual interest to the space. The purpose of an accent wall is to create a dramatic or striking effect, highlighting a particular area or architectural feature. It can be achieved through various techniques, such as painting, wallpapering, adding texture, or incorporating different materials.

An accent wall allows you to experiment with design elements while expressing your style and taste.

What Should You Consider Before Adding an Accent Wall to a Room?

Before diving into cool accent wall ideas, it's essential to consider a few factors to ensure a successful outcome. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Color and Contrast

Choose a color that complements the room's existing color palette while providing enough contrast to make the accent wall stand out.

Color and Contrast

Room Size and Lighting

Consider the size of the room and the amount of natural and artificial light it receives. Lighter colors can make a small room appear larger, while darker colors add coziness but may require ample lighting.

Purpose and Mood

Determine the purpose of the room and the mood you want to create. Bright and vibrant colors can energize a workspace, while softer hues promote relaxation. Opt for cool accent wall ideas that go well with these factors.

Materials and Durability

Assess the durability and maintenance requirements of the materials you plan to use for your accent wall. Some options, like wallpaper or textured panels, may require more care than painted or wooden walls.

Materials and Durability

Balance and Cohesion

Ensure that the accent wall harmonizes with the overall design of the room. Consider the existing furniture, decor, and style to create a cohesive and balanced look. For this factor, all you have to do is align the design ideas with the personality you wish to portray through your office accent wall.


Creating an accent wall in your home office is an excellent way to infuse personality and style into your workspace. Whether you prefer a painted wall, wallpaper, textured surfaces, a gallery of artwork, or reclaimed wood, there are numerous ideas to explore. Consider the color scheme, lighting, purpose, and materials when planning your accent wall.

Let your creativity shine as you transform your home office into an inspiring and visually captivating space. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of a beautifully designed accent wall that enhances your productivity and creativity.

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