10 Office Break Room Ideas for Your Employees
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10 Office Break Room Ideas for Your Employees

|Dec 14, 2021

Employees truly desire to spend more time at the finest workplaces that offer communal spaces such as a break room. Your staff works incredibly hard, and it's only fair if you provide them with a creative office space to unwind, refocus, and experience some relaxation. So, regardless of whether you designate it as an employee break room, a staff mess hall, or an employee café, the most important thing is that this is a place in which your staff can sit and take a break.

Every office is unique, and each team has its own goals set. If you want to make your office break room a place where everyone gets to enjoy themselves, you should ask your employees what they want to see. Some critical office accessories can elevate your break room. Continue reading our office break room ideas to discover everything that can encourage your team to relax, mingle, and revitalize their work pauses.

10 Fantastic Ideas to Improve Any Workplace Break Room

Is your break area becoming drab and uninviting? Would it entice folks in or make them want to flee the dust? If the latter applies to you, it's time for an office break room makeover. The common room has a lot of promise for nurturing your employees and assisting them in working at their best all through the day. When you spend on your break room, you are, in truth, spending on your personnel. Following are some of our cool office break room ideas for you to go through.

1. Start Providing Coffee and Refreshments

Start Providing Coffee and Refreshments

A coffee maker is a must-have in any break room, especially when employees are taking a break from work. They do need a caffeine dose to recharge themselves. You can also incorporate more alternatives to building a staff room that your workers will enjoy. A tea infuser, coffee machine, and a refrigerator or cabinet filled with nutritious snack alternatives can allow your employees to stay energized throughout the day.

2. Add A Bookshelf To The Break Room

Adding bookshelves or a bookstore to your communal spaces is a great way to promote learning. It is also a part of the most loved professional office decor ideas. It will encourage growth and development at your company. Individuals would instinctively find stuff to do during their intervals, so why not allow them to develop their skills? To start your workplace library, just set up a bookcase and load it with a variety of competence-based literature that your crew could enjoy.

3. Include a Fully Equipped Kitchen

Include a Fully Equipped Kitchen in office break room ideas

It's now time to restock your office kitchen cabinets. You might also have a beverage station in the kitchen. These are highly portable, taking up minimal space in the workspace. Presenting a choice of refreshments and consumables to fulfil different dietary demands is an excellent approach to show your staff that you are concerned about them.

4. Get to work on your decorating

The break room is great for getting innovative. Sure, you could integrate this room with the rest of the company, so why not just take advantage of the situation to make it pop out and draw more attention? Try painting the room bright and decorating with artwork, decorations, or abstract art. Chalkboard paint on a prominent wall is a fun method to encourage more people to doodle and write inspirational and motivating team quotes.

5. Relaxation should be encouraged

Relaxation should be encouraged in office break room ideas

You should notice this point in the office break room ideas. Assist your employees in diverting their attention away from their job so that they can enjoy effective break time at work. Include television, entertainment, and games. After all, assisting your staff in shifting gears during their downtime will refresh their brain and rekindle their creative abilities. You can also add plants to ensure that the environment is pleasant and staff feel rested and revitalized.

6. Make a napping area

Make a napping area

You can make a power nap zone in your office break room design for people who only want some peaceful time to recuperate and relax. Add some sleeper masks and a handful of sets of cordless, noise-cancelling headphones with soothing music. Also, help ensure you plan to sanitize things regularly to keep the room clean as possible.

7. Allow for personalization

One of the most amazing office break area ideas is to consider dedicating an area of the staffroom to your team's creations and sharing. They could also include photos of their colleagues and families, encouraging remarks, and personalized vision and mission. It allows everybody to recognize one another to be inspired by each other.

8. Change things up

Change things up

Consider whether you can make the break room new, from festive décor and food to continuous challenges. Use attention-grabbing message boards with advertisements, slogans, and future company announcements to keep visitors and employees involved. You should enhance a small office break room with personal decorative touches and productive colors.

9. Get them to move

Even though it's only some exercising ropes and a hoop, think about adding any fitness equipment to the company's office break room idea. These might motivate your staff to stretch and re-energize their bodies.

10. Seek input from the team

Seek input from the team

In the break room, encourage your employees to discuss what is more necessary to maximize your budget. Brainstorm on the space's design, decorations, and function.


What should be in an office break room?

It should include comfortable seating options like couches, a refreshment corner, a coffee machine, some table games and anything that your employees prefer.

How do you organize a break room?

You can use the tips mentioned above to help you organize your break rooms. Moreover, for a break room to look more inviting and cleaner, you should arrange everything nicely. For instance, you can hire an interior designer to design your space and determine where the furniture goes.

What should every break room have?

One thing that should be in a break room is a corner with massage chairs. These chairs will certainly help your employees relax and enjoy their break time. So, note it down in your office break room ideas list.

What makes a great break room?

A good break room allows your employees to relax and take a break. You can accomplish it by providing a calm environment where your colleagues can entirely disconnect from their jobs.

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