10 Plastic Mats for Under Office Chair to Protect Floors & Carpets
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10 Plastic Mats for Under Office Chair to Protect Floors & Carpets

|Sep 4, 2022

Did you realize that the roller wheels on most office chairs might eventually harm your carpets or even hardwood floors? Utilizing a plastic chair mat represents one of the finest methods to protect your floor. Additionally, it can increase your chair's maneuverability, particularly on the carpet with a medium to a substantial pile.

As a result, you won't need to reposition your desk chair with as much power, which can assist in reducing back and lower extremities problems. The goal is to have more movement and less discomfort. In this article, we'll go through the key considerations for choosing the finest desk chair mat for your particular desk and flooring.

What is a Plastic Chair Mat?

What is a Plastic Chair Mat?

Employers and commercial owners always seek methods to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is valid not just for the services and merchandise they provide but also for their pay and perks to potential workers. Even while extra vacation time and year-end incentives are essential for candidates considering career opportunities, simple office improvements might have a bigger impact than you expect on hiring and retention rates.

The appearance and comfort of their workers' most frequently used places, such as their workstation or cubicle, is one modern sector businesses strive to enhance. Because of this, many firms are beginning to put chair mats at all of the desks, not just the one with the supervisor. Most chair mats have been constructed of plastic for many years.

Plastic chair mats often cost significantly less than other types of chair mats. Yet, chair mats made of plastic are far less robust than those made of glass. For smaller businesses with a few personnel, the expense of repairing a plastic floor mat may not be a huge deal.

Advantages of Plastic Mat for Office


Chair mats are essential because they shield floors from spills, scratches, and other blemishes. Chair mats make moving about your workstation considerably simpler; rolling an armchair on a mat requires 80% less energy than rolling one on a carpet. Additionally, moving your chair on carpets all day might tire your legs and create back pain.

Moreover, carpet produces static electricity. An anti-static seat mat stops electrostatics from getting to your computers or other electrical devices, where it might damage them or lead you to lose info. With the correct chair mat, strolling around your workstation is simpler, your flooring lasts longer, and you can prevent static electricity from damaging your information and devices.

Using a plastic chair mat may make moving about your work much simpler. Without an office desk mat, you can also catch yourself slipping when you wouldn't prefer to on hardwood or linoleum flooring. Using a mat, you may avoid rolling or sliding too firmly into some regions of your workspace. To keep your job simpler while still not negatively hurting your spine or wellbeing, you should invest in an ergonomic office chair and a plastic chair mat.

List of the 10 Best Plastic Mats for Office Floors

Desk chairs or ergonomic stools are supposed to be positioned underneath the office floor or chair mats. They can shield your flooring or carpets from office chair caster wheels scratches. Chair mats are available in various sizes, compositions, and styles. Consider your demands to choose the finest desk chair mat for your company.

1. Amazon Hardwood Floor Polycarbonate Seat Mat

Amazon Hardwood Floor Polycarbonate Seat Mat

Polycarbonate, which itself is regarded as a tough substance that can withstand wear and tear, is used to create this sturdy chair mat. This heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic chair mat offers an easy-gliding surface for rolling office chair tires.

2. Hard Floors Sallous Open Office Mat

Compared to some other seat mats, this one protects the surface in a more visually acceptable manner. This plastic floor mat for desk chair is constructed entirely of recycled material from polyamide as well as acrylic resin.

3. Basic Bamboo Roll-Up Desk Seat Mat from Anji Mountain

Basic Bamboo Roll-Up Desk Seat Mat from Anji Mountain

The regular form of this chair mat is made for low-density rugs. This seat mat has a UV-curved surface and is constructed entirely of tough bamboo.

4. Chair Mat - Floortex Polycarbonate

This transparent chair mat will highlight your wooden floors. With a sleek back and an anti-slip covering, it is constructed of 100% reusable polycarbonate and keeps the pad in position without creating any stains or residues.

5. 33" x 44" Evolutionary Modern Shape Transparent Mat


Because of its form, it is aimed at keeping the seat's casters on the pad and off your surface. It's perfect for a cabinet office because of its little size. You should most likely use a bigger chair mat in a typical office.

6. Home Wooden Floors Desk Chair Mat with Footrest

Your flooring, as well as your feet, are both protected by this mat. This chair mat is suitable for wooden and carpet with a moderate pile and is suitable for all ergonomic chair features. The plastic mat for office chairs on carpet is constructed of durable vinyl that is flexible and provides a smooth moving experience for your armchair.

7. Clear Office Floor Mat for Tempered Glass

Clear Office Floor Mat for Tempered Glass

If you want an alternative chair pad for carpeting or a solid floor, think about using glass. The tempered glass of this plastic mat for under the office chair is robust. This thick, clear plastic mat for office chairs is scratch-resistant and can support up to 1000 lbs.

8. AiBOB Wood Floor Desk Chair Mat

Now that you have this ideal office floor mat for wooden floors, tiles, linoleum, rubber, stone, and parquet, you can safeguard your surface from scrapes and allergens of any type. You may also use rubber chair casters to protect your floors further.

9. Clear Seat Mat for Harder Floors from Kuyal

This PVC seat mat is incredibly flexible and has alleviated leg tiredness by relieving pressure on your legs. It is also ergonomically built to allow increased mobility.

10. SHAREWIN Durable Wood Floor Chair Mat

The ground mat is more robust and long-lasting. It won't break as you use it; you won't risk breaking it by mistake and getting scratches. Higher intensity resistance is a feature of its structure.

If you want to buy a hard plastic mat for an office chair, or even the best value ergonomic chair, you should scroll through the Autonomous website. The brand currently offers amazing discounts through its employee purchase program, which anyone can avail of.

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