15 Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Boss Ideas
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15 Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Boss Ideas

Autonomous|Dec 6, 2021

So, you're trying to find a Christmas gift for boss ideas. We all have been there. Trying to come out with a good gift for your superior can feel like a minefield, as there's a lot that can go wrong. A gift for your boss should be something special that doesn’t feel too personal or familiar so as not to send the wrong message.

If you're finding it hard to find the best Christmas present for your boss, here we have fifteen ideas you can take into account so you can give your boss a thoughtful gift during the holidays.

Christmas Gifts for Boss Ideas: 15 Options to Choose

1. Air Purifier

Air Purifier Christmas gift for boss ideas

home air purifier can be an excellent Christmas gift for your boss. These devices are meant to purify the air and erase all the harmful agents from it, allowing you to breathe fresh air in an enclosed environment. There are home air purifiers of all sizes, but keep in mind that the price will rise the bigger the device is.

2. Heated Lumbar Support

Heated Lumbar Support Christmas gift for boss ideas

Like you, your boss spends a major part of their day sitting. Even if they have an ergonomic chair, any extra item that contributes to their comfort can come in handy. Therefore, heated lumbar support can come to be an excellent Christmas gift for your boss.

These items are often inexpensive and are incredibly comfortable. Your boss will be able to go through the whole day without worrying about their lumbar pain!

3. Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet Christmas gift for boss ideas

Bringing some order to the office is always necessary. You can help your boss keep everything organized at their workstation by adding gifting them a red filing cabinet this Christmas. It is small enough to fit under any desk, but you can actually keep it anywhere you think it looks good. Plus, its minimalistic, clean style will enhance the atmosphere of the room.

4. A Pen Cup

A Pen Cup Christmas gift for boss ideas

If you want to keep things simple but would still like to give your boss a thoughtful gift, perhaps a pen cup can do the trick. There are tons of options out there that offer an interesting style, such as the City Pen Cup by Lexon.

This item is designed in the European Art Deco style and comes in three colors. It looks equally good in all of its presentations.

5. LED Lamp

LED Lamp Christmas gift for boss ideas

LED lamps are an excellent addition to any office environment. Home office lighting is necessary in all cases not to suffer from eye strain and other issues as you continue working. These items are good ideas as a Christmas gift for the boss as they blend in perfectly in any office environment or even at home.

6. A small plant

There are plenty of benefits associated with having plants at the office, which include a better mood and more productivity. Therefore, giving your boss a small office desk plant to keep at their workstation can be one of the safest options you can choose.

There are plenty of office-appropriate options, such as the Calathea Vittata or Succulents.

7. Travel-sized pillow

Travel-sized pillow Christmas gift for boss ideas

If you're trying to find the perfect Christmas vacation gift for your boss, a travel-sized pillow can be an excellent idea. Sleeping at the job is more acceptable in the modern era than it was before, so this pillow can be especially useful whenever your boss feels like taking a nap. Furthermore, they can also utilize it outside the premises due to its compact size.

8. House Slippers

As of 2021, people are spending more time at home – and many of us are even working at home permanently. So, you can contribute to your boss’ comfort by giving them comfortable slippers. These gifts are inexpensive and come in neutral colors, so it’s another safe choice.

9. A timer

A timer Christmas gift for boss ideas

Most people utilize their phones as a timer. However, smartphones aren’t always the best solution if we’re trying to be productive. Your boss is still a human being, so they may have troubles with time now and then. If you’ve noticed that, a good Christmas gift for boss can be a timer.

10. Business Portfolio

If you’re trying to find good Christmas gifts for a female boss, then a business portfolio can be an excellent idea. If you don't know any of that information, you can choose your boss's favorite color or any neutral color you find attractive. 

Business portfolios can also be an excellent Christmas gift for the male boss.

11. Pen on Base

Pen on Base

We will always use pens at the office as we need to sign papers or write on a notepad, for instance. However, traditional pens can be quite annoying as, sometimes, they stop working unexpectedly, and you find yourself struggling even to draw a straight line.

You can help your boss avoid this frustration by giving them a pen on base, which often comes with many extra features.

For instance, a good option is the City Pen on Base by Lexon, which works as a regular pen with inch cartridges, and on the other end, it can be used as a stylus.

12. Waterproof Notepad

Now that we’re talking about taking notes, a notepad can be the perfect gift for your boss if you're not sure of what to give them during this special occasion. Not only is it useful, but it also is necessary most of the time in office environments for whatever purposes. Waterproof options are better as they keep the notepad's contents protected.

13. Incense

Incense Christmas gift for boss ideas

Incense is an inexpensive gift that can help your boss relax during stressful times. There are plenty of scents you can use, and since each box comes in large quantities, you can be sure that they will have this gift for such a long time. Typically, each incense burns for about 25 minutes.

14. Desk bar storage

Again, items that help you keep your desk as organized as possible will always come in handy. So, a desk bar storage can help them hold pretty much anything, such as their phone and even their glasses. They’re useful in multiple situations.

15. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

You can also choose a photo frame if your boss is always showing pictures of their family or pets, for instance. There are traditional or digital option.

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