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15 Days of Doorbuster Deals - Hefty Discounts Still Available After Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 24, 2018

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15 Days of Doorbuster deals

Are you ready for more than 15 days of doorbuster deals this year?

Just as its name suggests, a doorbuster deal is a sales promotion whose objective is to get the shoppers waiting at the retailer’s doors for a sale.

The retailer offers limited items on promotion. They hope that the customers who miss the items they needed will buy something else.

Traditionally, they used to be 12 days of doorbuster deals offered by some of the largest online retailers. These deals could be found at the brick and mortar stores as well as online.

Some retailers would end the offers after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This would leave many shoppers frustrated because the items offered on promotion are always limited. Thus, the shopping holiday would be offer before people got what they wanted.

Companies like Amazon have always been offering deals, sometimes at even more than 50 percent of the original price. They offer these deals irrespective of whether there is a shopping holiday going on or not.

As we saw last year (2017) 12-day deals are getting a bit old, and out of fashion. That is why the mega stores like Best Buy are replacing them with better and longer doorbuster deals.

Amazon is not the only company that has 12-day doorbuster deals. Even Microsoft has such deals following Thanksgiving Day. Now, it seems they will be overtaken by Best Buy’s 20-day deal.

In 2018, shoppers can expect 15-day or even longer doorbuster deals. At the same time, if 2017 is anything to go by, big names like Best Buy may even make this one a 20-day doorbuster.

Deals start earlier than Black Friday

Deals start earlier than Black Friday

In 2018, Black Friday comes on 23rd of November. It will then be followed by Cyber Monday on the 26th of the same month. Therefore, discount deals will start coming on Thanksgiving Day.

Some retailers start offering deals as early as when fall sets in. However, many experienced deal hunters have been enjoying great deals on marketplaces like Amazon, which offer discounts all the time.

Most shoppers just think about shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tell you what though, that is not where the shopping ends. There are like 20 more days of discounted shopping. If you do your footwork, you will buy many discounted items. However, remember to create a shopping list and a budget and stick by them no matter how good the deals get.

Retailers are very smart though. They know that shoppers do not love to be turned away empty handed. Thus, as soon as the two shopping days are over, customers will still be looking for deals on items that they missed.

This is why the sales promotion goes on and on, for 15 days of Doorbuster Deals, or for even more than 15 days. Every new day, electronic items, gadgets and devices are placed on offer for a given time, usually for one day, or for several hours.

It is then replaced with another item on offer. And so the sales promotion goes on. The most important thing about this is that you can still get a deal even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over.

One of the best places to get many days of Doorbusters is Best Buy. As you read further into this article, you will see just why. Best Buys is just one place. Other retailers also offer different types of deals. Suffice to say that if you know where to look for a deal, there is always one to be found.

What happens is that retailers such as Best Buy execute sales promotions, where they offer a discount on selected items for everyday in the month of December, to Christmas.

What can you buy on the 15 days of Doorbuster Deals?

Everything, but mostly, electronics carry the day. Thus, if you do not get that television set that you have desired for so long on Black Friday, there is still hope for you. Shopping never stops, and the deals keep coming.

Shoppers will have the opportunity to take part in many promotions, but mostly, electronics are the most popular items with shoppers. The secret is to keep looking for the deals because they will be there. However, it can get a bit tedious to look for deals manually.

What can you buy on the 15 days of Doorbuster Deals?

Smart shoppers subscribe to websites that hunt and bring deals. That way, you will be alerted on the daily offers on the items that you have selected. If you are looking for a TV, you will get deals on TVs only. This helps you to weed out the stuff that you do not need.

Depending on the retailer, you may find the said item at the lowest price that it can ever go at in that store. Be sure of the time that the deal will go live. Most of the time, we have seen deals starting in the early hours of the morning, and running to midnight. After the expiry of that time, the deal is considered over and shoppers have to wait the following day for the next item on offer.

Just like you never know about the items that will be offered for sale at discounts on Black Friday, you also never know the items that will be on offer in the days preceding Christmas. That is why you must stay alert. However, some items are always a sure bet. You can be sure there will be TV sets on offer.

If you need clothing, cleaning appliances, outdoor gear, office equipment and furniture, subscribe to deal sites. You may also need carpets, toon figures, toys, computers, smart home gadgets and many more. Stay on the lookout for the times these items go on offer. If it is a doorbuster deal, then you have to be there by the time they are opening the store. Everything is sold on first-come first-served basis.

Save hundreds of dollars on items you would have bought anyway

You will have an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on things that you would have bought anyway. That is why you should take a deal whenever one can be found.

Deal hunters always look for discounts, either in the form of promotions like the Doorbuster deals or in the form of coupons. For example, if you have been looking for a modern ergonomic office chair, you can find out whether sellers like Autonomous are offering one at a discount.

Sign up on websites that specialize in hunting deals and bringing them to the shoppers. Since the retailers will only announce a promotion on a certain item once it is on offer, only the people who are very alert are the first to know.

You can find the deal of the day updated as soon as it is posted. If Best Buy updates the item on offer for December 2, a few seconds later, the deal hunter websites will update too and send you an alert if you have subscribed to their email list.

Compare deals from different stores

One mistake that shoppers make is to rush for the very first deal that they come across. What they do not know is that if they had looked harder, they would have found a better deal on the same item.

The discounted price that saves you hundreds of dollars is not the only thing to look for in a good deal. Consider other things too. For example, in 2017, Best Buy offered discounted prices on some of the most sought after products from companies like Apple and Samsung. However, it did not stop there, but went ahead and offered free shipping.

Compare deals from different stores

Other things that you should look for is items shipped free of charge, without a minimum purchase being a requirement.

You should never run for a deal blindly just because you will save money. Also look at the terms and conditions governing that promotion. Are there any other hidden charges? For example, is the 4K TV being offered with all its accessories like HDMI cables and others? If not, are you required to buy them before you can get the deal?

Almost every item that you have ever seen on any store on can be offered on the deal. Thus, if you have been wondering what gifts you should buy your folks for Christmas in 2018, worry no more.

Just sign up for the Best Buy, Amazon, Microsoft and even Dell have their versions of best deals.

Compare deals across different retailers

You can look across all stores or you may also decide to look on one particular store. For example, in 2017, many shoppers looked for Best Buy deals because they brought them the top gadgets that they were looking for.

Big names like Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, LG, Dyson and others were all on offer. Whether you are looking for a tablet, laptop, a 4K TV, cameras and other items were on offer. It is suspected that the 2018 deals will be the same.

Other things that may be offered on promotion include drones, both pro and fun drones. Touchscreen laptops, VR items, smart HDTV and other items will be on offer.

Remember, many retailers take the doorbuster deals as an opportunity to clear their old stock. This is why people save money over a year to spend it on the Black Friday shopping holiday.

But promo deals are not only offered on electronics. If you are looking for tools for your DIY home improvement projects, this is the best time to look for them.

Amazon runs special offers on many types of small power tools. If your husband is quite handy with tools, you can decide to make his Christmas with a power tool of your choice on the Amazon’s 12 Days of doorbuster deals.

Best ways to get news of doorbuster deals

To get news of what items are on offer at any given time, you can sign up for daily email alerts from the stores. That way, you will be alerted of the following day’s deals and you can be ready for them.

You can also like their Facebook page so that you get timely updates about deals and promotions. You may also follow the stores on Twitter, or any other channel where they have accounts.

Before other third party websites can pick up news of the deals, these marketplaces and stores will first post the updates on their social media accounts. You can be one of the millions of fans worldwide getting news of deals all the time.

Get the apps for the different stores that offer running deals after Black Friday. You can start with the Best Buy app for mobile. It is small and nimble and downloads in a jiffy.

You can also get the Walmart, Target, Costco and Amazon mobile apps, download all of them onto your mobile and then wait for deals. This is the smartest way to get the best deals on items that you would have bought at another time, with or without a discount.

What happened the year before?

Sometimes you do not have to do a lot of digging. You just need to study what happened the year before. From that, you can get an idea of what will be going down this time around. Most of the items that many shoppers look for in the shopping holiday always make a comeback.

As we have said before, TVs, iPhones, Samsung mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets always come back. These are the crowd pullers on any shopping holiday in North America.

If the retailers did it last year, then they are going to do it this year. However, it is always good to confirm that the tem you are getting is the real deal.

Read the terms and conditions governing the offer. Just as you would do for shopping on Black Friday, take a picture of the ad and save it. You may need it to prove that indeed, the item was on offer.

You can close the doorbuster deal online

Instead of going to queue up at the store in the early morning hours, you can still clinch that deal from the comfort of home. When you buy an item on Black Friday promotion on Best Buy’s online store, you can then go pick it up in the closest outlet later. It can also be shipped to your address.

If you have signed up for a newsletter, you will get the best doorbuster deals as soon as they happen. Always create a budget and stick to it irrespective of how good the deals get. If you are an ideal discount hunter, you never stop looking for deals, even as late as January. With the big online retailers, there is always a discount on offer.

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