15 Privacy Pods and Booths for Better Work Quality (2021 Updated)
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15 Privacy Pods and Booths for Better Work Quality (2021 Updated)

AutonomousAutonomous | Nov 15, 2021

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The work-from-home culture has given rise to new technology. One such advancement is the work pod or work booth. Working remotely has its perks, but it certainly has its drawbacks too. 

Hearing car horns blaring and people navigating the morning traffic, hearing dogs barking next door, or having the sound of the television in the background while your toddler watches their favorite morning cartoon are sure ways to get you to lose focus and lower your productivity and creativity levels. 

A privacy pod or booth is designed to provide you with a unique, private space that keeps you free from distraction, so that you can function at your best. Here are 15 of our favorite privacy pods and booths for better work quality. 

What a Privacy Pod or Booth Is and Why You Need One

What a Privacy Pod or Booth Is and Why You Need One

Individual office pods or office privacy pods are known by many names, including home office capsules, acoustic pods, and phone booths, and the terms “pod” and “booth” are often used interchangeably. They are designed to be soundproof or sound-reducing and are typically large enough to accommodate a work-from-home desk setup

These pods are designed to be fitted either outside the home or within the home, or even within an office set up. They are more than just quiet spaces and are privacy boosters where workers can escape the distractions that often accompany a remote working model. 

If you work from home, you must know how challenging it is to work productively. Your little kids often venture into and out of dedicated home offices, disrupting your train of thought and making it harder to tick off items on your to-do list. 

The distractions aren’t just from sounds or wandering children either. It is often tempting to leave your desk to catch up on a quick episode of your favorite television show, and sounding confident when addressing a client or making a sales pitch can become difficult with your spouse sitting near you. 

While a privacy panel for desks may appear to solve the problem at first, it doesn’t afford you complete privacy as sound can still be transmitted past the panel. A dedicated work-from-home pod can give you the freedom to be yourself, focus on the task at hand, and feel more confident to make a winning sales pitch. 

Where to Put Your Office Privacy Pod

Where to Put Your Office Privacy Pod

Most privacy booths are designed to be used indoors. However, many studies have shown the benefits of having a privacy work pod outdoors. Having a view of the outdoors can reduce anxiety, stress, anger, restlessness, and fear while improving your overall mood. 

Additionally, looking out at natural beauty can also have an impact on your physical wellbeing, lowering your blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, and stress hormones responsible for a host of other health-related issues. 

Outdoor privacy pods also tend to have more space to store work-from-home equipment, so you need not allocate any space indoors for your work supplies. 

15 Privacy Pods to Choose From

Information about privacy pods is hard to come by, as it is an emerging technology. This is why we have put together this list of personal space pods to help you find what you are looking for. 

1. Autonomous Work Pod

Autonomous Work Pod privacy pod

If privacy is what you are after, you cannot find a more suitable option than the Autonomous Work Pod. This is the ideal solution, providing the best home office setup outdoors for all your home office essentials

You can position it such that you have the best view of the natural scenery in your area, and thanks to its many ceiling to floor windows, you can enjoy the benefits of nature to the fullest without the noise distractions. 

There are two options that you get with the Autonomous Work Pod. The first is inclusive of an adjustable standing desk and an ergonomic chair, while the second only includes the work pod, ideal if you already have an Autonomous SmartDesk or ErgoChair. 

With its soundproof design, you are guaranteed optimum privacy, and its many innovative features, such as USB and power outlets, air conditioning, and a weather-resistant design, this pod has everything you need to work productively. 

It also ships free and comes with a three-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your personal space is here to stay. 

2. Merline Privacy Pod

This Privacy Pod is designed to be silent, long-lasting, and effective. It has an ergonomic shape that is large enough to comfortably accommodate one person with a computer, allowing them adequate space to use their computer or make and receive conference calls. 

The office privacy pod has a built-in work desk and removable carpeting and interior panels for convenience. However, the work desk and space in this pod are pretty small, which may make it suitable for occasional use rather than everyday use. 

3. EcoSpace WorkPod

EcoSpace WorkPod

Another outdoor solution is the innovative WorkPod from EcoSpace. The company offers users the option of adding additional ceiling to floor shelving, which is a great feature to have, especially if you need to store several files, books, documents, and gadgets to use throughout the workday. 

It also has many great features like ventilation, lighting, and heating. Its small size makes it ideal for smaller urban spaces, and the work pod can be customized further to suit your needs and preferences at an additional cost. 

4. PoppinPod Om Sit

The PoppingPod Om Sit pod is one of the work pods in the PoppinPod range. Unlike most booths that are more closed in, this office privacy booth has a more open design with ceiling to floor windows on either side to avoid feeling boxed in while working. 

PoppinPod also sells an office chair that is available at an additional cost. One of the stand-out features of this individual office pod is a motion-activated fan and lighting. It also includes other features such as a power outlet, USB ports, and an Ethernet port. 

5. The Pillar Booth

Pillar privacy pod

If you need a small space to escape to when you need to focus or take a call, then this office privacy booth, available in a choice of black or white, may be the one for you. It can be assembled in just 30 minutes with two people and has a simple, minimalist design. 

Some of its main features include acoustic panels made with material, a magnetic seal door that keeps you away from the distractions outdoors, a standing desk, a four-fan ventilation system, and LED lighting. 

6. Thinktank Booth for One Person

The Thinktanks privacy office pod for the home comes flat-packed, with an estimated installation time of between one and four hours. It has electrical outlets, insulation to keep sound out, a mounted sit-stand desk, and fans to allow for ventilation. One of its most remarkable features is the eco-friendly design, as the structure is built from recycled aluminum. 

7. ÖÖD Home Office

ÖÖD privacy pod

The Home Office work pod, another outdoor office work pod option, is more complex than indoor pods. Unlike the other two outdoor pods on this list, building this office privacy pod in your backyard is more complicated, involving permits, a strong foundation, and a lengthy building process. 

Each pod is approximately 21 by 11 feet in size and stands more than 10 feet tall. Some items, including internal finishes and lighting, ventilation, thermal regulation, and internal fittings and office equipment, are included in the price. Still, others, such as water, or electrical utilities, are additional costs. 

8. Framery O Pod

Framery’s O Pod employs acoustic padding and felt fabric in its inner panels to block out the noise while you concentrate. The most significant advantage to this office privacy pod is its open design that lets you enjoy the view and keeps you from feeling closed in while you work. It has carpets on the floor that are resistant to staining and are anti-static, as well as a birch plywood desk work desk. 

This modern privacy pod lets you work independently while still being conscious of your environment and makes a quiet, but contemporary addition to any home office. 

9. Yardadu Turnkey Backyard Offices

Yardadu Turnkey privacy pod

Yardadu's Turnkey Backyard Office is another more expensive outdoor option, available in three different models. The first is the Zen Office One, next is the larger Focus Office. Finally, the largest, the Productivity Office. All pods arrive preassembled, with room for resting and working in the larger models. 

A great advantage is that the company provides monthly financing options if you do not have the cash to lay down, that start at just $349 per month. They also offer free property checks, so you can have them look at your space to determine a suitable place to put your office pod. 

10. Cubicall Two Series Phone Booth

The Cubicall is a US-made office privacy booth and is available in ordinary models as well as in special editions. USB ports, an electrical outlet, an Ethernet port, automatic lighting, and integrated fans for ventilation are included in standard units, which are available in five different color options. 

Design options range from a modern take on the classical telephone booth to either closed or open pods, depending on how much privacy you need. 

11. Room Phone Booth

Room Phone Booth

The Room Phone Booth provides the privacy and functionality you need from a work pod. With a motion sensor that activates its light to a built-in desk and Ethernet, USB, and power outlets, it is a great place to escape the world when work calls. 

You can also add several features for this individual office pod like a suitable office chair at an additional cost. 

12. Emagikit Office Pod by EmagiSpace

With this noise-reducing booth or personal space pod that is well-priced, you can get the privacy you need within your own home. It's ideal for boosting productivity in remote workers and also takes up less space, so it isn't in the way.  

This privacy work pod has a simplistic, minimalist design with white and soft grey tones to promote a sense of calm and boost your mood as you take on the day in your own private space. 

13. Loop Solo

Loop Solo

If you are searching for something a little more funky or stylish to suit your personal style and taste, then the chances are that you may just like the Loop Solo privacy pod. 

It has all the standard features such as good lighting, electrical outlets, ventilation, and it also includes ergonomic seating, so you do not injure yourself while working long hours in your private work area

14. TalkBox Single Work Booth

Having a toddler running past your privacy pod constantly can still be distracting, even if you cannot hear them. This is where an office privacy booth like this one from TalkBox can come in handy. It is entirely private, so you are sure not to be disturbed during that critical conference call. 

The privacy work pod is available in four different finishes and colors but may not be suitable for those who tend to feel boxed in quickly. 

15. ZenBooth Solo

ZenBooth Solo privacy pod

ZenBooth’s Solo version comes with a fixed desk and has a maple and white finish, and the manufacturers also give you the option of adding a standing desk if you prefer. 

There are several size options to choose from, but a skylight canopy, fans for airflow, and space for electrical connections are standard features. Additionally, this privacy work pod was designed to eliminate auditory disturbance and provide optimal lighting. 

More extensive models in its range have seating for up to four individuals, so you can have team members join you in a private space for a meeting in your home without any distractions. 

Final Thoughts

work pod

Privacy pods or booths are quickly becoming a necessity for remote workers as the need for lower stress levels caused by noise disturbances increases. Having a private space in which to work also boosts productivity at work, creativity, and the freedom to explore new ways to do things and approach clients in a more comfortable setting. 

The ideal place to put your privacy pod is outdoors because it eliminates most visual distractions and lets you enjoy the benefits of nature while you go about your daily tasks, leaving you happier, more productive, and of being more able to take on larger and more challenging projects. 

We recommend the Autonomous Work Pod because it has the whole package and is a lot easier to install than other outdoor pods. It is also more affordable.

Autonomous Home Office Work Pod

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