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What Are the Best Black L-shaped Desk Options for 2024?
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What Are the Best Black L-shaped Desk Options for 2024?

|Aug 9, 2021

An L-shaped desk or a corner desk is one of the most well-known choices in a workspace. Given its 'L' shape and it runs corresponding with two dividers, this workstation is the ideal table, assuming you need to utilize the restricted space you may have or require a bigger working space. Albeit a few laborers may dissent, a work area's shape matters, and we accept that these L-shaped forms are probably an ideal choice available.

A corner desk is one of the most popular options in a home office. Given its ‘L’ shape and that it runs parallel with two walls, this desk is the perfect workstation if you want to take advantage of the limited space you might have or require a larger working area. Although some workers might disagree, a desk’s shape matters, and we believe that these L-shaped versions are one of the best options on the market.

Numerous office employees accept that incorporating a black L-shaped desk for their workplace gives corner balance, which means there's an equilibrium and concordance in their office. Besides, the dark tone remembered for the plan offers a more expert and sleeker appearance. Some of the best black L-shaped computer desk options are discussed below.

Be that as it may, you can intensify these advantages by including a flexible corner desk for your work area. If you are having difficulty figuring out how to decorate your office space creatively, you should read on.

Why Should You Use an L-shaped Office Desk?

Why Should You Use an L-shaped Office Desk?

An L-shaped gaming desk is an excellent addition for many reasons. Having an L-shaped black standing desk in your workspace means that you have more working space. Additionally, you can leverage your office to work more effectively. 

Many office workers believe that including a black-L-shaped computer desk in their workspace provides corner symmetry, meaning there's a balance and harmony in this office. Moreover, the black color included in the design offers a more professional and sleeker appearance. 

However, you can amplify these benefits by including an adjustable corner desk in this workspace. Being able to move from a sitting to a standing position allows you to reduce the strain placed on your back, neck, and shoulders from remaining seated for extended periods. 

These ergonomics help offer a more comfortable sitting experience while making it easier to conduct work while standing. Hence, making an adjustable all-black desk setup an exceptional addition to your home office. 

What Are the Best Black L-shaped Computer Desks of 2022?

When searching for the best black corner desk, you’re likely met with endless options on the market. This can make it challenging to find the right one for your office space. That’s why we have constructed this list of some of the best options available to make your decision a little less daunting. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know before making a purchase. 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous is widely known for constructing exceptional electric standing desk models. That’s why we believe the SmartDesk Corner is the best black L-shaped desk for your home office. Not only do you gain an L-shaped desk optimizing the space in your office and increasing your working area, but it's practical design helps inspire you at work. If you’re still not convinced, its motorized system means you can enhance the ergonomics in your workspace, making for a more comfortable seated experience.

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner Frame

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner Frame

Are you on a budget but still want a quality black L-shaped computer desk? If so, the Autonomous SmartDesk Frame is the right option for you. With this frame, you get all the benefits of the SmartDesk Corner while customizing your desktop (as you need to supply this yourself). All of this comes at a cheaper price, which is perfect if you’re on a tight budget. This frame can hold up to 330 lbs while transitions from a sitting to a standing position are rapid and quiet.

3. VertDesk v3 L Black Corner Desk

This is one of the most unique designs on our list for the best black L-shaped office desk. If you want a black standing desk, this is a great option. It’s equipped with a motorized frame, making changing from a sitting to a standing position for added convenience. If you don’t want to push the button to make these transitions, you can easily use the design’s voice control powered by Siri.

4. Bestar 110887 Black L-shaped Computer Desk

Bestar 110887 Black L-shaped Computer Des

A modern favorite, the Bestar black corner desk features a refined look with high-end style and an affordable price tag. The color combinations help construct a desk that’s going to best fit your office space. Durability is offered with the inclusion of scratch-resistant materials while the adjustable shelving enhances the desk’s flexibility. 

5. Tribesigns Black Wood L-shaped Desk

Looking to take your office space to the next level? Tribesigns Black Wood L-shaped Desk is an excellent option if you're wanting some refreshing aesthetics in your workspace. Not only is this black L-shaped desk great to look at, but it's also well-built. You're also bound to enjoy the two built-in areas that are perfect for additional storage. This feature is placed right under the desktop surfaces, so you can store books, printers, and any other supplies you might need.

6. OFM ESS-1020 L-shaped Gaming Desk

OFM ESS-1020 L-shaped Gaming Desk

You might want a gaming desk included in your workspace but can't find one that fits your price range. Gaming desks have the reputation of being more expensive than other models. That's why this OFM desk is an excellent option. Its price point is rather impressive while you don't sacrifice quality. Its consistent and smooth frame and laminate surfaces offer great durability and functionality.

7. Z-Line Belaire Glass Black L-shaped Office Desk

The best black L-shaped desk is one that doesn’t overpower your office’s existing décor while also having a versatile and sleek design. That’s why Z-Line is a great choice with the brand’s Belaire Glass desk. The design includes black metal and glass styling for a more refreshing and clean appearance while its construction is robust and low-maintenance. Its glass appearance offers a nice touch for open spaces. You’re also bound to enjoy the desk’s multi-pitched surfaces, so you can place your monitor higher for easy usability.

8. Teraves Reversible Black Corner Desk

Teraves Reversible Black Corner Desk

Are you wanting something a little more classic while also introducing some modern elements into your workstation? The Teraves Reversible Black L-shaped Office Desk is the right choice for you. Its old wood additions and modern design make this a hot pick for those who are looking to enhance the appearance of their workspace. This design also offers enough room for your standing desk accessories, monitor, keyboard, and anything else you might need.

9. VASAGLE Black Wood L-shaped Desk

One of the most popular choices is the VASAGLE File Cabinet. There's so much to like about this desk. Its file cabinet placed at the bottom is a well-liked feature. You certainly don't need to worry about storage when including this black L-shaped desk in your home office, as it can house everything you need throughout your working day.  Moreover, its versatile appearance complements any existing décor.

10. OneSpace Ultramodern Black L-shaped Desk

OneSpace Ultramodern Black L-shaped Desk

A common misconception surrounding corner desks is that you need to sacrifice the quality and durability of the design to gain a larger working area. However, this isn’t always the case and the OneSpace Ultramodern Black Corner desk is proof of this. Its sleek design offers a professional and clean appearance to any office while its compact construction means that you can utilize it to the fullest even if you have little space to work with. The addition of glass in this construction makes for a more futuristic appearance while the desk’s storage facilities help make it more practical.

11. VASAGLE Industrial Black L-shaped Desk

If you’re looking for a black L-shaped computer desk, this model, available from VASAGLE may be the ideal choice. When seated in the middle of this desk, you can easily reach everything you might need with speed – it doesn’t matter if it’s on the right or left side. The design is constructed with convenience in mind and we especially like the two shelves found underneath, giving you enough space to store papers, books, and many other office supplies you might need.

12. Rosecliff Heights Jace Black L-shaped Computer Desk

Rosecliff Heights Jace Black L-shaped Computer Desk

Although this brand is lesser-known, this black L-shaped desk offers the same quality as the other products mentioned on this list. It boasts a vintage style that compliments any working space. Moreover, the laminate included over the wood is used to protect your desk against damage and decay, enhancing its durability. 

13. Inbox Zero Reversible Black L-shaped Office Desk

You gain a reversible L-shaped executive desk when picking this item for your home office. Its design is different from the rest because it boasts a simple and sturdy design. Additionally, you have the option of either setting the desk up for left or right-handed use. The design is also equipped to hold as much as 300 pounds.

14. Union Rustic Black Corner Desk

Union Rustic Black Corner Desk

With the Union Rustic Black Corner Desk, you can easily bring modern styling with an unconventional design. However, the real benefit behind this design is that it's constructed with ergonomics in mind. Hence, you can work comfortably without any back and neck pain commonly associated with remaining seated for extended periods. We especially enjoyed the laminated particleboard, making it durable and cost-effective. Moreover, its structure can hold up to 135 pounds. 

15. Monarch Specialties Black L-shaped Desk

Storage is something you're guaranteed when purchasing this black L-shaped computer desk. Its design includes side shelves, a filing cabinet, and additional shelving underneath its working surface. However, you might need some time to get used to its layout, as the one side isn't level. Still, if you're searching for something with a minimalist design, this is the right one for you.

16. Bush Furniture Anthropology Black Corner Desk

Bush Furniture Anthropology Black Corner Desk

Looking for a durable and functional design with a glass finish? If so, this is the right black corner desk for you. This is any minimalist's ideal desk, as it boosts elegance. However, that doesn't mean this minimalistic design is lacking. You have additional space underneath your working space to house any paperwork or office supplies you might need.

17. Smart Furniture Glass and Black L-shaped Computer Desk

Here's another glass design on this black L-shaped desk list. When including glass and black metal in a corner desk design, you're bound to gain an aesthetically pleasing construction. This is especially the case when looking at the Smart Furniture glass black corner desk. It's equipped with a built-in tray for your keyboard, which you can assemble on your desk's panel. One of the most well-liked features of this design is its easy assembly process that takes less than 30 minutes to construct.

18. Currency Black L-shaped Office Desk

This black corner desk is specifically designed for right-handed people and includes two storage drawers under its working surface. Moreover, the bottom drawer included in the desk's design comes with a lock, so you can protect any valuables you might need in your office. The design includes MDF and is available in many different color choices. When purchasing this black corner desk, you can include a laptop, printer, stand, several monitors, and anything else you might need with its generous spacing.

19. MR. IRONSTONE Black Corner Desk

MR. IRONSTONE Black Corner Desk

This black L-shaped desk is widely known for being one of the most comfortable options on the market. It offers an exceptional combination of slick designs and quality construction while coming at a cost-effective price. Moreover, the assembly process is fairly straightforward. The inclusion of wood and steel also enhances its stability.

20. GreenForest Black L-shaped Office Desk

Want a black L-shaped desk with a trendy contemporary look? If so, this GreenForest model is the right choice for you. Additionally, the design is very spacious and comes with a flexible movable shelf. You also gain a designated PC space underneath the desk. This makes the design more convenient to use.

Creative and Interesting Professional Office Decoration Concepts

Creative and Interesting Professional Office Decoration Concepts

Nobody recognized that workplace décor, furnishing, and atmosphere affected efficiency in the past. Therefore, a few typical office décor with black L-shaped desk suggestions for the workplace will offer your workplace a completely fresh design that emphasizes minimalism and productivity.

  • Office Layout: Planning the right layout for an office is a highly important step in office décor. If you're designing an open-plan structure, the furniture you choose should be diverse. It would help if you considered how much surface space you need. Try planning a space that incorporates black corner desks for a more sophisticated look. 
  • Choose the Right Desk: The correct office desk can make your day go much more smoothly, although the unsuitable one might drive you mad. Select a motorized computer desk that is made especially for this purpose. If you have a lot of paperwork, consider a desk with a bit more space.
  • Choose Your Material and Style: Office space furniture is constructed from a range of objects. Every piece of equipment is made to satisfy particular requirements, and thus the substance used to fulfill that requirement. Metal, wood, high-pressure laminate, polymers, and mesh are among the materials available.
  • Decide How Much Storage You Want: You should at least be able to include some of the latest technology pieces in your office. Your space should be big enough to include a printer, a scanner, computer, black wood L-shaped desk, and chairs.

Reasons Why You Should Use Black for Your Office Furniture

Reasons Why You Should Use Black for Your Office Furniture

Black is a color that you may use in a variety of ways. It's a dramatic and effective color in contemporary design, but it can also give any area a sense of richness and refinement. This striking hue can give a significant impression in a workplace and thus should be regarded for almost only accents. Following are a few reasons supporting our claim:

  • Black Goes With Any Color: One major reason black is such a terrific color to use in decorating is how it goes on every color in the spectrum. That means it will work well with whatever other colors you choose to use in your room.
  • Black Makes a Bold Statement: The black hue is a very strong yet audacious hue. If such an idea appeals to you, the wonderful idea is to use the color mostly in the rooms and on the roof.
  • Black is a Sleek and Modern Color: Black color, which tends to look slimmer in rooms, is a wonderful method to blend the colors into your design and give the space a sleek vibe. A black L-shaped office desk is a modern office furniture piece to include in any office space.
  • Black is a Great Segue Color: If you're having trouble making two places work with or flow from one to the other, black is an excellent hue to use. It is because it is a color that goes with everything, making it simple to include it into a style or color palette while also acting as a bold separation.

Best Wall Colors that Go with Black Furniture

Best Wall Colors that Go with Black Furniture

Black is currently fashionable, so we might expect to see a lot of black décor in the long term. The character of black furniture is bold, modern, and easy to coordinate. Almost every hue of color idea will look great with black equipment. However, several colors, including ground, muddy, subdued shades, or dark hues, may not look great with black. 

You might be having a hard time choosing the right color scheme for the office interior, especially with black furniture. We are here to help. Here is a list of wall colors that go with black furniture in office space:

  • Beige Walls: For black furniture, muted wall colors like beige, milky, gray, or tan work well. These sober tones provide a wonderful balance and softness with black furniture like black L-shaped desk, making the area extremely appealing.
  • Red Walls: Because red is a lively, cheerful color that plays well even in practically every room of the house, it goes well to contrast the darkness of black furnishing. Red would give brightness to such an area as an accessory wall color.
  • White Walls: Unless you want to give all black-colored décor the prominent focus of the space, we recommend coloring the partitions white or subtly off-white to generate a provocative impression. Along with black furniture, you can also get a white desk with black legs for your spaces.
  • Blue Walls: Darkened tones of blue, like indigo, sapphire, and cobalt, are preferred by most designers for accent walls since these color pairings are sophisticated and extremely seafaring, especially if matched with dark furnishings. Adding a small black desk in a blue room will make the space look more modern and sophisticated. 
  • Black Walls: When done correctly, black on black can assist in making a very big room feel more compact and thus create a distinctive and spectacular aesthetic appeal, specifically for individuals who enjoy the industrialized internal design aesthetic. With black walls, a black desk lamp will look surreal.
  • Gray Walls: The proper gray goes well with black or dark furniture and is frequently used as a material color for drapes with strands of silver or imprinted gray carpeting to bring the atmosphere to reality.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up

If you’ve come this far, you know that everyone can benefit from including a black L-shaped office desk in their workspace. However, the real question is what model is the best one to purchase. 

Autonomous is widely known for constructing high-quality ergonomic office desks that enhance the overall appearance and functionality of an office. That’s what sets Autonomous models apart from others on the market. 

You can’t go wrong when picking a L-shaped standing desk for your home office workstation. Take your office comfort and productivity to the next level with this black L-shaped desk while optimizing any limited space you might be working with today!

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