A Review of the 20 Best Desks for Small Bedroom Space in 2024
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A Review of the 20 Best Desks for Small Bedroom Space in 2024

|May 10, 2022

These days, it is quite common to use a bedroom as more than just a room for sleeping in. You might find it convenient to include a home office within your bedroom, and for that, you will need a small bedroom desk that will not take up a lot of space. 

At Autonomous, you will find a lot of great options for small writing desks for your bedroom, along with some useful ideas on how to arrange your furniture to make the best use of small bedroom space. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Combining Office and Bedroom?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Combining Office and Bedroom?

In some cases, the lack of adequate home office space can force you to use your bedroom as a makeshift home office. While this might not seem ideal, there are also a few advantages of having your workstation situated in your bedroom. Here are some pros and cons of combining the two: 

Pros of Combining Office and Bedroom

  • Great way to save space in small living spaces
  • Keeps all-important items within reach
  • Allows you to do your work away from busier and noisier parts of the house
  • No time wasted getting ready and commuting to work
  • More time to spend with your family any time of the day 

Cons of Combining Office and Bedroom

  • Can cause bedroom to be cluttered
  • Working close to the sleeping area is less productive 

Great Ideas for Your Bedroom Office

Now that you have decided to create a work area in your bedroom by adding a small desk, you might be wondering how best to rearrange your furniture in the small space available. Luckily, we have a few bedroom layout ideas with a desk that can help you. 

Demarcate Specific Areas

You can use curtains, closets, or even a Murphy bed to close off a certain corner of the bedroom for office use. This will give you a great area to work free from distractions. 

Place Desk Facing Outside

Place small bedroom desk Facing Outside

Make the best use of natural light by having your desk face the window or balcony. If you happen to have a good view, for example, a garden area, this will also help you relax and be more productive while you work. 

Make Use of Empty Spaces

Since space is a big issue, make sure your work area is arranged ergonomically, making good use of all space available. You can, for instance, place your wastebasket under your desk. 

Multiuse Furniture

Using your desk as both a workstation during the day, and a bedside table after hours is a great way to save space. Extra space in the closet can also be used to store files or fold away furniture such as chairs. 

20 Best Desks for Small Bedroom Space

Once you are happy with the way you would like to set up your bedroom-office combo, it will be time to select the right small room desk that fits into the available space, while being suitable for your work needs. At Autonomous, you will find a wide range of small room desks to choose from that is guaranteed to fit into any home office. 

1. Compact Desk by Mount-It!

Compact Desk by Mount-It! small bedroom desk

It will be difficult to find a desk as versatile as the Compact Desk by Mount-It! With its electrically adjustable stand-sit functions and an impressive weight capacity of 176 lb, there is a lot that you can do with this desk. Its small dimensions ensure that it can fit into a very small area of your bedroom. 

That’s not all! When you purchase this desk from Autonomous, you will also receive a 10 year warranty. Now that is great value for money. 

2. Compact Desk by Wistopht

Compact Desk by Wistopht small bedroom desk

Does your work involve using a lot of gadgets that need to be changed regularly, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets? Then you will need a desk that can cater to those needs, and thanks to its power outlet and wireless charger, the Compact Desk by Wistopht is the ideal choice for you. 

There are other wonderful features to enjoy when using this desk, such as the tempered glass display, and embedded drawer design, which is top of the range when it comes to home office accessories. The Compact Desk by Wistopht is available with a five-year warranty from Autonomous. 

3. Smartdesk Core

Smartdesk Core small bedroom desk

If simplicity is what you are after, without compromising on functionality, then the Smartdesk Core from Autonomous is a good option. It comes with a solid steel frame, and an electric dual motor for easy height adjustment, making it great for those times when you feel like standing. 

Another great feature of the Smartdesk Core is the programmable keypad, with four programmable key settings to make this desk as unique to your needs as possible. The sturdy constructions mean it can hold up to 270 lbs quite easily. Autonomous is selling it with a great five-year warranty. 

4. Smartdesk Connect

Smartdesk Connect small bedroom desk

One of the most technologically advanced desks on this list is the Smartdesk Connect from Autonomous. If you are looking for something modern and stylish then look no further than this desk. 

On top of its regular features such as height adjustability and electric dual motor, the Smartdesk Connect has a great app that can be controlled using a mobile device. The small bedroom desk can also be programmed to remember all your preferred settings for easier height adjustment. 

5. Electric Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It!

Electric Mobile Standing Desk by Mount-It!

When using as little space as possible is a top priority, then take a look at this small Electric Mobile Standing Desk. The ergonomic design of this small computer desk for bedroom means that a lot of important functions, such as height adjustability and versatile keypad, have all been crammed into as small a frame as possible. 

Enjoy added flexibility, with this mobile small bedroom desk that allows you to work in different areas of your bedroom as your mood dictates. The Electric Mobile Standing Desk comes with a 10-year warranty.

6. Manual Standing Desk by Mount-It!

Manual Standing Desk by Mount-It!

If you are concerned about cost as well as space, then you should consider the great value for money Manual Standing Desk by Mount-It! By using a manual hand crank function instead of an electric motor to adjust the height of the desk, the desk is available at a much cheaper price than other options in its category. The hand crank of this small room desk is easy to operate, allowing you to achieve your perfect height in seconds. 

7. White Duffy L-Shape Desk

Thanks to its unique design, this small bedroom desk is a great space saver for use in those extra small bedrooms. When not in use, the desk can be slid into an L-shape, opening up more space for bedroom use. There is a lot of space available underneath it as well for extra storage. 

8. Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

When a stylish look is just as important as saving space, then this Mid-Century Fold Out Desk is a perfect choice. Its antique-like design adds some personality to the room while the inner compartment can be used to store all the extra desk accessories when not in use. It's a great small writing desk in the bedroom for doing some creative work at home.

9. Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table by Bjursta

This easy-assembled small bedroom desk can be mounted to any wall with very little effort. Use it as a desk for working or as a shelf when not in use. When it comes to added convenience, the small desk can be folded away neatly against the wall to open up more space. The obvious drawback is the lack of mobility.

10. Haeloen Wall Mount Desk

If you are looking for a modern desk design that makes maximum use of all available space then the Haeloen Wall Mount Desk is a great option. As a ladder desk, it allows you to utilize the space above your work area for storage. It is easily adjustable to any width of your choice.

11. Mainstays Side Storage Desk

Mainstays Side Storage Desk small bedroom desk

The great thing about the Mainstays Side Storage small writing desk for bedroom is its low price. It is the cheapest option on this list, but when you look at it, you will not be able to tell, because it is still a very good quality desk. It has a very useful side storage arrangement that is great for adding various small bedroom desk accessories such as books or flowers.

12. Touraco Writing Desk

This uniquely designed small bedroom desk has a combination of modern style and artistic features. It is a great addition to any bedroom setting and adds a bit of classic style to the room. The twin drawer setup is great for extra storage space. This bedroom desk for small spaces is just 42 inches wide so you can be sure it will fit in most bedroom spaces. 

13. Mid-Century Art Display Mini Desk

Mid-Century Art Display Mini Desk

One feature that immediately stands on this stylish Mid-Century Art Display Mini Desk is the elegant glass top. You can store some colorful accessories beneath the glass top to give you a nice-looking, yet functional, surface to work on. It also looks great when set in a well-lit part of the room where the natural light can be captured on the glass desktop. 

14. Latitude Run Wall-Mounted Folding Desk

What sets this bedroom desk for small spaces apart from other wall-mounted folding desks is the addition of extra storage space using cubbies. When not in use the sturdy work desk can be folded away, keeping all your accessories safely tucked away. As a bonus feature, the underside of the desk also doubles as a writing board for those sharing their work area with school-going children. 

15. Corner Study Desk From Easyfashion

Corner Study Desk From Easyfashion

As the name suggests, this Corner small bedroom desk can easily be tucked away in a quiet corner of your bedroom, where it will remain out of the way, but still readily available for use. It comes with a drawer for added storage, as well as lower shelves for displaying books and other work essentials. 

16. Mobile Stand up Desk

This very affordable, yet good quality work desk is a good option if you are working on a tight budget. It comes with great features such as height adjustability, which is impressive given the price. The wheels also mean you have more freedom regarding where you want to do your work each day. 

17. Textured Trellis Desk by Anthropologie

Textured Trellis Desk by Anthropologie

A true beauty in this category, this ash wooden work of art will add a special look to any bedroom. The Textured Trellis small bedroom desk by Anthropologie comes in black, gray, or natural finish. Furthermore, the very affordable price is also a good and rather surprising feature for a desk that is so useful and convenient. 

18. Micah Writing Desk

The exquisite black and gold finishing on this modern office desk is among the most visually impressive designs on this list. If you set it up nicely with a few high-quality desk accessories, you will appreciate why this small computer desk for bedrooms is worth so much. The Micah small bedroom desk also manages to achieve this stylish look while maintaining a small frame which is ideal for smaller bedrooms. 

19. Alexzander Reversible Desk by Gold Flamingo

One of the most unique designs on this list is definitely the Alexzander Reversible Desk. This beautiful small bedroom desk made of clear acrylic offers very little by way of storage, but more than makes up for it by giving the illusion that the desk itself is not even there. It’s great for giving a spacious feel to cramped bedrooms. 

20. Window Mount Standing Desk by Deskview

Window Mount Standing Desk by Deskview

Last on our list is something a bit different. The Window Mount Standing Desk is a great option for those looking for a small, easily portable desk for their bedroom. You can take advantage of natural light by mounting it on a window sill while you work, and then tucking it away in the closet when you are done. 


Finding the best small computer desk for a bedroom-office combo is easy thanks to this comprehensive list that is jam-packed with lots of great options. At Autonomous, you will be sure to find exactly what you need, at unbeatable prices and a great warranty. Head over to the website now and browse through their wide range of office products.

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