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20 Best Office Chairs with Neck Support in 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 17, 2020

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Why Should I Use an Office Chair with a Head Rest?

Using an office chair with neck support is one of the best ways to remain comfortable all day. It also helps to reduce neck and back problems that may occur later in life. If you are not working in a chair that provides proper ergonomic positioning, you can eventually develop neck problems. Unfortunately, these issues often creep up slowly, so they can be hard to detect. To prevent neck and back pains, use an office chair with neck support.

How Does an Ergonomic Chair Work?

Ergonomic chairs for neck pain and back pain come with multiple adjustment points. This way, they can be adjusted to suit the user to work in your ideal position. It is essential to understand how a chair should be set up for your needs. Otherwise, even an ergonomic chair acts just like any other office seat. The points that should be moved into your ideal position include the headrest, lumbar support, the armrest, the seat depth, the seat height, and the backrest.

The best ergonomic chairs with neck support

What are the best ergonomic chairs with neck support?

There are many office chairs with neck support available, but how can a home office worker know which one is the best? Often, the best options are ergonomic chairs that come with designated neck support. From there, consider your budget, style preference, and other comfort needs to make the best selection. 

Here are the top 20 best office chairs with neck support, according to the experts.

1. ErgoChair Pro - Best Ergonomic Sitting Chair

ErgoChair Pro is rated as one of the best ergonomic chairs for neck pain. Any user can fully customize the settings to meet their exact support needs. The lumbar, neck rest, arm height, and seat height are easily adjusted using state-of-the-art functions.

ErgoChair Pro - best office chair for neck pain

Pros and Cons of ErgoChair Pro

  • icon checkThe chair can support 350 lbs
  • icon checkThe chair supports the entire body, no matter the sitting position
  • icon checkExtremely durable
  • icon timesTakes a while to learn all of the functions to customize a chair fully

2. ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Core is an office chair for neck support that features a headrest and a retractable footrest. This allows you to recline and relax when you need to take a break. It quickly moves from one position to another while providing consistent full-body support.

Ergonomic chair with neck support - ErgoChair Core

Pros and Cons of ErgoChair Core

  • icon checkIdeal tension is always maintained, so you have neck support in every position
  • icon checkChair is budget-friendly
  • icon timesCThe chair only supports 250 lbs

3. GM Seating White Leather

This Ergonomic Seat is an ideal office chair for neck problems. It showcases an adjustable height headrest that also allows users to adjust the angle of the headrest. The seat adjusts through a sliding mechanism with a tilt tension locker.

GM Seating White Leather

Pros and Cons of GM Seating White Leather

  • icon checkVery affordable
  • icon check3D armrest that is height adjustable and moves back and forth
  • icon timesLumbar support is not great for very tall users
  • icon timesThe back of the seat is not well vented

4. Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

Balt Butterfly is another of the best chairs for neck pain. This chair features a contoured lumbar that provides excellent back support. The headrest is curved for ideal neck cradling and can be adjusted in height and angle. Thus, the head is supported whether sitting upright or in a reclined position.

Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

  • icon checkThe chair is specifically designed to support neck problems
  • icon checkThe entire chair is fully adjustable
  • icon timesThe chair only comes in black, no other options to match office decor

5. Eurohuman by Ergotech

Eurohuman is an excellent option for an office chair with neck support. This chair is fully customizable with eight separate adjustment knobs. It is a breathable chair so you can feel comfortable, even in the summer months. 


  • Excellent ventilation in backrest and bottom cushion
  • Neck rest is fully adjustable


  • Very expensive chair

6. Viva High Back Office chair

This one is a perfect choice as an ergonomic chair with neck support. The chair's height is adjusted using pneumatic technology, making it simple to match your ideal position. The headrest is also completely adjustable so you can sit upright or lean back and still feel supported.


  • Provides excellent support for tall people
  • Tension and tilt features are easy to use


  • Only supports 250 lbs
  • Not made of any recycled materials

 Viva High Back Office chair

7. Walker Adjustable Office Chair

Made as an office chair for neck support, the neck rest is curved and adjustable, so you don't experience neck strain when seated in front of a computer all day. The other features, including armrests, lumbar support, and height, are also adjustable so you can find your perfect working position.


  • The chair features a 360-degree swivel motion


  • The contoured seat may not be comfortable for larger individuals
  • Feels slightly cheap because it is so lightweight

8. Moustache Ergonomic Adjustable Chair

This mesh office chair for neck support features a sleek and modern design. It fits all body types and showcases extra thick cushions for added seat comfort. This ergonomic chair for neck pain also reclines and has a retractable footrest, so you can relax and take a break without leaving your desk.

Moustache Ergonomic Adjustable Chair


  • Curved headrest support spinal alignment
  • Armrests, headrest, and back support are fully adjustable


  • The extra cushioned seat is not as breathable as other chairs
  • Only supports 250 lbs

9. Ambarvale High Back Ergonomic Mesh Seat

As an ideal office chair with neck support, this chair is built to last with a metal base and top-quality mesh. You can adjust the tilt with a locking mechanism to ensure the chair remains in your perfect position. The ergonomic chair for neck pain is designed to be breathable and has adjustable lumbar support so you can be comfortably seated for hours on end.

Ambarvale High Back Ergonomic Mesh Seat


  • Casters are non-marking
  • The chair has pneumatic seat adjustments


  • The chair is more expensive than other similar options
  • Screws need to be tightened periodically.

10. The Aloura Ergonomic Task Chair

Aloura Chair is an ideal office chair for neck problems. It features a customizable headrest so you can set it to your comfort preference. The 3D armrests move to provide you with upper body support, so you work in optimal body position. Also, the lumbar support is adjustable so that any body type can find a comfortable working set-up. 


  • The headrest is multifunctional with endless positioning options
  • Lumbar support is excellent


  • The chair is squeaky when you move around
  • The tilt locking mechanism is selective and can slip out when reclining

The Aloura Ergonomic Task Chair

11. Inbox Zero Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair

 Another office chair with neck support is the executive chair from Inbox Zero. The headrest has a unique rotating feature so you can set it to the most comfortable position. It also showcases 3D armrests and excellent lumbar support to allow for the ideal ergonomic set-up.

Inbox Zero Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair

  • The chair is easy to assemble upon arrival
  • An ideal ergonomic chair for neck pain


  • The depth of the seat cushion does not adjust.
  • Some buyers say the color of the chair does not match that in the picture.

12. Sebastiao High Back Executive Mesh Office Chair

This chair features lower back support and a breathable mesh backing. It comes with non-marking casters that move freely over any flooring. This chair also uses pneumatic height adjusters, so there is no need for manually changing the seat. The headrest is designed to support the neck in any position. 


  • The chair is easy to assemble upon delivery
  • Comfortable to use for extended periods


  • Chair is expensive
  • The chair only supports 250 lbs

13. Victorino High Back Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

This one is an ideal option as an office chair with neck support. It is specifically designed to align the back and body in the proper ergonomic position. This chair is fully adjustable and made of high-quality materials. 

Victorino High Back Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair


  • Chair is budget-friendly
  • The chair is easy to assemble


  • The chair is so simple that there are fewer features than other chairs.

14. Nicer Interior Multi-Function Adjustable Task Chair

Another office chair with neck support with design to provide proper support while working in different positions. It is built to adjust so any body type, and posture preference can find a comfortable position. Additionally, it is made with a sturdy frame to be a long-lasting chair. 


  • The chair adjusts height using pneumatic technology
  • The back is vented to prevent the body from overheating


  • The padded seat is not breathable
  • Chair is heavy

15. Interion Multifunction Mesh Office Chair

Interion Multifunction Chair features a headrest that is designed to reduce neck pain. This chair is meant to last, so it is built with sturdy plastic materials. The seat is extra thick to provide all-day comfort. The chair also adjusts and locks in tilted positions so you can use it safely while in recline. 


  • The chair is easy to assemble
  • The chair is built to last


  • The headrest only moves up and down, not back and forth
  • The chair sometimes squeaks when moving around

Interion Multifunction Mesh Office Chair

16. Monarch Contemporary Mesh Office Chair

With a modern design option for an office chair with neck support, this chair meets BIFMA standards, so it is ideal for the home office. The backrest is curved for ergonomic support and can be easily adjusted for all positions. 


  • Contemporary aesthetic design
  • Chair is affordable


  • The chair doesn't recline
  • The chair doesn't swivel 

17. Tatman Mesh Executive Seat

Tatman Mesh Chair is a popular option for an office chair with neck support. It reclines with a tilt locking mechanism so you can be safe and comfortable in all positions. This chair also features a comfortable headrest, spinal pressure release cushion, and adjustable lumbar support. 


  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Good chair for tall and broad people


  • The footrest is uncomfortable for some
  • Some people find it awkward when fully reclined

Tatman Mesh Executive Seat

18. Paisleigh Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

 Another good choice for an office chair with neck support. This chair features a mesh backrest and nylon frame for a lightweight but sturdy design. The seat is molded foam, so it provides extra comfort. This chair also tilts and locks into reclined positions.

Paisleigh Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair


  • Casters are compatible on carpeted flooring
  • It has a built-in reclining function


  • Seat is stiff
  • The chair is difficult to assemble

19. Ticova Ergonomic Office chair

This office chair features a fully adjustable headrest to provide ideal neck and upper body support. The armrests also adjust along with the lumbar, so your back is supported in a proper ergonomic position. 


  • Affordable for the level of quality
  • The chair helps reduce neck pain


  • Lumbar support is stiff
  • The chair can be squeaky

20. The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

Provides you with the ultimate adjustability with the fewest number of levers, Humanscale Freedom Chair self-adjusts as you move, so you don't need to readjust supports as you change working positions. 


  • The seat and backrest are contoured to fit your body
  • Excellent for posture


  • Extremely expensive

The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

How Do I Use an Office Chair to Reduce Neck Pain While Sitting?

Setting up your ergonomic office chair properly can reduce your neck pain. Setting it up right from the beginning is one of the best ways to always work with ideal posture. 

Here are some tips to best set up your office chair with neck support:

  • Stand in front of your desk chair and align the height of the seat to meet your knees. The absolute highest potion of the seat should be just below your kneecap.
  • Next, adjust the backrest. The bump in the backrest should meet and sill the hollow of your lower back. If the lumbar is adjustable, move it until it feels comfortable. 
  • Now, adjust the tilt of the seat itself. Ideally, your thighs should be tilted forward slightly. 
  • Ensure that your feet are flat on the ground, instead of dangling or tucked under your body. 
  • Next, adjust your headrest. It should sit at the back of your head, right at the base. Make should you do not feel as though your head is being pushed down or forward. 
  • Finally, adjust your monitor and keyboard height. Your nose should be in line with the center of your screen while the keyboard should allow your elbows to sit at 90 degrees.

Office chairs with neck support only work correctly when your entire set-up has been positioned correctly. Use the above tips to adjust your workspace into the ideal ergonomic set-up. It may take a few tries to get your position right, but the comfort you feel is worth the effort.

Office chairs with neck support

Most Important Things to Look for in an Office Chair for Neck Pain

You’re spending a lot of time at your desk working, so it’s essential to get the best chair for neck pain. Typically, this means that you want various office chair lumbar support adjustment options, so you can change things up and keep your back feeling comfortable. Remember: back and neck pain often goes hand in hand!

Most Important Things to Look for in an Office Chair for Neck Pain

Choosing an ergonomic chair with neck support ensures that your neck is protected while you’re working. However, what should you look for, and why are those points important? We’re going to help you find out how to choose the right office chair with neck support:

Head and Neck Support

Head and Neck Support

With appropriate head and neck support, you can:

  • Have better posture – With appropriate neck support, you have better posture. Overall, this is sure to reduce the pain in your neck. Instead of hunching forward or scrunching up your shoulders, you’re relieving the pressure in your back, which in turn protects your neck.
  • Adjust the headrest to meet your needs – Adjustability is crucial here because you might need to tilt it forward more when you’re typing and put it back when you’re relaxing. Regardless of what you’re doing, your neck can be supported correctly.
  • Reduce pain – an ergonomic chair with neck support can reduce neck pain when working long hours. They protect you from aches in the shoulders and back, too.
  • Rest your back and body – Many times throughout your day, you’re leaning back to answer a call or take a short break. If you’ve got a headrest, it’s easier to do that. Plus, you can read lengthy materials in comfort without overstraining your neck!

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

Lower back support from your office chair with neck support is essential. The spine has a particular curve, and if you sit for long without supporting that, you could start slouching. Ultimately, that strains the lower spine and puts more pressure on your neck. Make sure that you’ve got appropriate lumbar adjustment (depth and height) so that you get a proper fit to support the low back effectively.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable Armrests

While you may not think about it, having a computer chair with armrest functionality can be beneficial to your neck. When you’re relaxing back in the chair, you don’t want to hurt your wrists. Armrests allow you to rest the arms and wrists appropriately, but each person is different.

Therefore, you need to be able to adjust them to fit your specific requirements. This also puts less strain on the back, head, and neck while you’re working or resting.

Seat Height

The seat height of your office chair must easily adjust to meet your needs. Typically, you want something with a pneumatic adjustment lever to quickly get you where you need to be.

Most office chairs with neck support offer a height range from 16 to 21 inches from the floor, and that works for most people. Make sure that your feet are flat on the ground, and the thighs should be horizontal.

Many people incorrectly think that they should adjust their office chair with neck support based on their desk. That means some people sit with their feet dangling. Instead, you should modify the chair so that you’re sitting correctly.

Seat Height

Then, you can adjust the desk’s height to ensure that you can see the screen efficiently. Sometimes, this means using blocks to raise the laptop or computer monitor. That’s okay; just make sure that you’re sitting correctly first and adjust the desk from there!

Though most people focus solely on seat height, we also want to focus on seat depth and width. The seat needs to be wide enough so that your behind and thighs fit between the armrests. Try to sit directly in the middle instead of off to one side.

The depth is also important, which is the part going from the back to front of your set. It should be wide enough that you can sit with the back at the backrest, and the head should be comfortable in the headrest. Then, check your knees. There should be about 2 or 4 inches of space between the backs of your knees and the chair seat.

Final Thoughts

Office chairs with neck support are essential for providing you with a comfortable home office set-up. There are many chairs available on the market, each with its pros and cons. Find a chair that fits your budget and functionality preference to complete your office. Buying the right ergonomic chair and a working standing desk makes all the difference in your ability to work long hours without discomfort.

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