What Office Chair Neck Support Attachment You Should Have
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What Office Chair Neck Support Attachment You Should Have

|Dec 10, 2023

Millions of office workers complain about neck cramps and back pain each time they get up from their work chairs. While most think that physical pain while working should be there to keep you active and on your toes, it is very harmful in the long run. Modern research presents the idea that an ideal workplace has the best and most comfortable office furniture.

This includes a comfortable chair, an ergonomic chair, and many office accessories that make working a breeze. Though a computer ergonomic chair is everything you need to eliminate those muscle pains, some amazing chairs lack good reliable neck support. This calls for an office chair neck support attachment for it will help you get rid of neck cramps and improve your productivity otherwise.

And in cases where your office chair does not have a built-in headrest, you can opt for an upper back and neck support for the office chair, which can be attached and removed as you pleased.

Top 4 Headrest Attachments for Office Chairs

Finding the perfect headrest attachment for your office chair can completely change your workstation into a cozy and ergonomic space.

These attachments offer a combination of practicality and comfort, with features like adjustable height and high-quality materials, and headrests cater to different demands and preferences. Today, we will explore the realm of ergonomic accessories and provide you with the four best neck supports for chairs. So read on and explore all you need to know about the best headrest attachment for office chair.

1. ECOSI Headrest

The ECOSI headrest is compatible with a wide variety of office chairs and features a modern design that will enhance your comfort while you work. You may find the perfect position to rest your head and neck on its ergonomically designed, height-adjustable headrest.

This office chair head support is crafted from high-quality nylon, premium elastic sponge, and breathable mesh, that ensures a comfortable and long-lasting experience. Majority of backrest materials, including wood and plastic, are compatible with this headrest, and it includes three different-sized fasteners plus complementary tools for no-punch installations.

This headrest attachment for office chair was straightforward to install but make sure you know how thick your backrest is before buying, we had to use screws as our backrest was too thick. Lastly, the company offers a full year of support for all products after the sale.

2. Lorell Headrest

The Lorell Headrest is everything you need for comfortable office hours. This neck support for chairs is modern and elegant in design and is made of high-quality mesh material, which allows for maximum breathability.

The adjustable height is the most notable aspect of this headrest as you can customize your chair according to your specific needs and preferences. You won't be disappointed by the Lorell Headrest's longevity; it is a reliable friend for people of all shapes and sizes, with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

We noticed that customers are extremely pleased with the headrests’ durability, performance, ease of assembly, and comfort. They say it's an amazing accessory for ergonomic chairs, offers great office chair head support, and is simple to set up.

3. Branch Headrest

If you're looking for an adjustable neck support pillow for chair that clips into most chairs, go no further than the Yooken Office Chair Mesh Headrest Attachment. It will provide you with more support and comfort while you sit.

Take your ergonomic chair to the next level with a matching headrest. The height-adjustable Branch Headrest is a must-have ergonomic attachment for any chair user; it is specifically designed to alleviate discomfort in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area.

Anyone looking for a chair that maximizes comfort and productivity will find it ideal, thanks to the meticulous design that takes into account every curve and contour of the body. The Branch headrest attachment for office chair is an excellent example of how comfort and durability can coexist due to its construction from impact-resistant plastic and breathable mesh. Additionally, its sturdy build makes it last a long time and withstand regular use without any wear and tear.

We were able to discover our ideal ergonomic position thanks to the Branch height-adjustable headrest, which provides an extra degree of personalization. The brand shows its commitment to sustainability while also guaranteeing fast delivery.

4. Interion Headrest

The Interion all-mesh neck support chair is a contemporary spin on the classic chair and has enough adjustments to meet the needs of every user. For utmost neck comfort, the headrest is both detachable and height-adjustable (forward and backward).

The soft fabric padding of the neck support pillow for chairs alleviate strain on your neck as you work and provide long-lasting comfort. Users find the Interion Headrest extremely convenient as you can easily attach this headrest to web mesh high-back chairs and other ergonomic chairs for an enhanced experience.

Benefits of Office Chair Neck Support Attachment

There are many benefits of buying an ergonomic office chair neck support: hard neck support or an office chair neck support pillow that cushions softly against your neck. This article will cover all you need to know about an office chair neck support attachment and its benefits.

Benefits of Office Chair Neck Support Attachment

Someone who sits and spends a lot of time in front of the screen might find themselves rotating the neck various times a day to get rid of that uneasy feeling. Office chairs are meant to be comfortable so the employee can focus on work rather than the sharp pinging back at the back or any body part. A reasonable and essential part of an office chair is the neck rest.

The office chair with headrest can easily shift your posture from dull to active and make work hours a breeze. It can leave you uplifted rather than drained at the end of the day because your energy is not wasted in combating the various musculoskeletal injuries your body is going through. Here are some benefits of using an office chair with a headrest attachment.

Relieves Pain

office chair neck support attachment Relieves Pain

You can change desk-side comfort with an excellent ergonomic chair. You may often avoid irritating neck, shoulder, and other body issues by choosing a chair with an adjustable backrest and headrest. With an adjustable headrest you can use it to adjust to your body type and shape.

Rest While Reclining

You will often realize that all high-quality reclining ergonomic chairs come with a built-in headrest because there is no point in resting when your head or neck isn't at ease. A headrest attachment for an office chair can greatly aid in relaxing amidst a tough day. You can tilt your chair to the back, rest your head peacefully, and even sneak in a few minutes of a nap.

Improves Posture

office chair neck support attachment Improves Posture

Ergonomic chairs increase posture, which is one of the main reasons they can help with pain alleviation. Ergonomic seating improves good posture, providing optimal comfort rather than forcing you to lean forward, scrunch your shoulders, and strain portions of your back.

Suitable for Diverse People

Some people in an office space are tall, while some are short. Shorter chairs don't support tall people, and their backs end up all strained and stressed. An office chair neck support attachment can aid in making a shorter chair taller and suitable for tall people. They can get support for their heads and necks, and when a shorter person wants to use the chair, they can easily remove the attachable head support.

Ideal for Sensitive Crowd

Ideal for Sensitive Crowd

A chair with a headrest is not only desirable; it is required. It is vital for workers with chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction or injury to be able to operate while reclining. These people benefit from an ergonomic chair with a headrest in the office.

How to Choose the Best Neck Support Attachment

Whether built-in or attachable, high-quality neck support can help you fight off back pain and relieve your neck from constant cramps, neck support plays a vital role in keeping the neck and head well supported, but it also prevents any emerging pains that might travel down to the spine and give rise to long-living back issues. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best neck support attachment for your office chair.

A Slight Tilt

A Slight Tilt

We all have distinct preferences, just as some individuals prefer their automobile seat to be inclined backward and others drive straight-backed like a soldier. According to research, a 15-degree tilt is a perfect amount for reducing the pressure on the spine caused by extended sitting.

Memory Foam

If you opt for a neck support pillow for an office chair, there is no better choice than a memory foam neck pillow. A memory foam adjustable headrest is very useful since it may provide therapeutic support and comfort. The elasticity of memory foam guarantees continual comfort and pain alleviation for your neck. Some pillows have elastic straps that make it easy to attach them to your chair.



Even if your entire chair is ergonomic, the absence of an adjustable armrest can equally despair you as much as an improper or non-ergonomic office chair. Look for a headrest attachment with adjustability in height, angle, and tilt. This also allows the same neck rest attachment for several people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sit in an Office Chair to Avoid Neck Pain?

Adjust your chair's height so that your feet are flat on the floor or a footrest, and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Armrests should be adjusted such that your arms are gently resting on them and your shoulders are relaxed.

How to Attach Headrest to an Office Chair?

Detachable headrests come with clamps that can be mounted and secured on the back of the desk chair for long hours. You can also adjust the headrest height with a lever, and the headrest attachment can also rotate. 

A headrest can be quickly and easily installed; however, the procedure differs from chair to chair. It is typically easier to install neck support for office chair that is from the same series.

Here are two easy steps to attach a headrest to your workplace posture chair:

Step 1: Get a Headrest

The first step is to obtain the suitable headrest for your office chair. Headrest attachments aren't perfect for every chair, just as built-in headrests aren't for everyone. It is hard to discover a high-quality attachment that is compatible with every type of office chair due to the wide variety of styles available. Still, you might be able to track down one that fits your chair by doing some research.

Step 2: Attach the Headrest to Your Chair

Finding the optimal method to attach the headrest to your chair is the next step after obtaining it. There is no one best approach because it depends on the specifics of your chair's backrest design. At this point, you'll essentially have to experiment with several approaches until you discover one that suits you best.

Clamps can secure the headrest to your chair, which is particularly useful for mesh backrests with plastic bezels. Another option is to fasten the headrest to the opposite side of the backrest so it is directly attached to it. If the chair's back is hard (preferably plastic), then this will work.

There will be an installation manual that comes with every neck support for office chair. Instructions for setting up the backrest are included in the pamphlet; it will also let you know if any further materials or tools are needed for installation.

In Conclusion

Your comfort at work can be greatly improved by investing in ergonomic upgrades. Whether you choose adaptable designs, high-quality materials, or flexible compatibility, each of the above headrest attachments for office chairs offers a different combination of support and flair. Get your office chair headrest and enjoy a comfortable sitting spot in your workplace.

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