20 LED Wall Lights for Gaming Room | The Best of the Best
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20 LED Wall Lights for Gaming Room | The Best of the Best

Autonomous|Sep 26, 2022

A core part of any gamer aesthetic is RGB lighting. Let’s face it, gamers love RGB wall lights, regardless of whether they are trying to customize their gaming PC or accent their entire gaming room. If RGB lighting appeals to you, then you may be wanting something bigger and more powerful like the LED wall lights. 

In this article, we will review 20 of the best LED wall lights for your gaming room. These lights are guaranteed to bring a bold statement and lend a gaming aesthetic to your entire gaming room. To find out which one is the best for you, you will need to look at the many different aspects of these 20 designs. 

First, we will introduce our options. We will then go on to talk about each light's illumination and physical build. Additionally, we will look at how these LED wall lights are mounted and how they get their power. We will also look into any extras, like controls and color-changing options. 

Once you have read through all of these details, you will be able to make a useful comparison between these LED wall lights to render your final verdict. With that being said, let’s dive into the 20 best decorative LED wall lights and see how each one stacks up. 

However, before you decide to buy any of these options as game room decor, there are a few things that you need to know in order to ensure that your purchase is a success. Here is what is recommended: 

What You Should Consider When Buying a LED Wall Light

Determine the Best Place for Your Lights

Determine the Best Place for Your Lights

The first tip to buying any type of RGB wall lights is to decide where you will want it to go. To put this into perspective, if you happen to be thinking about installing an LED wall-mounted light in your gaming room, then you will need to consider whether you want something that is going to shine directly onto your desk or if it would be better to have it as overhead lighting. 

You should also be thinking about what type of colors you want, as well as how bright or how dim they should be. This is exactly what will help you to narrow down your 20 options to the best, making finding an LED wall light that matches what you need and your taste a whole lot easier. 

Select an Appropriate Wattage for Your Space

LED wall lights come available in an array of wattages. Therefore, if you are planning on buying cool wall lighting for your gaming setup, then you will need to consider your room’s total area, what kind of brightness will be needed, and what LED light will allow you to get your game on! 

You also need to ensure that all your light fixtures come in the same wattage so that there is no imbalance. This is to ensure that the color of your light is kept consistent. 

Don’t Forget About a Light’s Dimming Capabilities

Don’t Forget About a Light’s Dimming Capabilities

Generally, an LED wall light fixture will come in multiple levels, meaning that you will be able to find one to match any gaming room with ease. However, many gamers actually tend to overlook this aspect when they are shopping for LED wall lights and end up disappointed because they realize that they cannot control how much light they are getting during game time. 

If you happen to get your hands on a light fixture that offers dimming capabilities, you will be able to easily match your LED wall light brightness to the tasks you need to undertake as a gamer. 

Get as Many Options for Color as You Possibly Can

Let’s say you have two LED lights to decide between, one has three color settings, and the other only has one. Which one are you more likely to choose? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. 

You need to make sure that you have options when it comes to the colors that your LED wall lights are able to produce, as this is what makes them more useful and more versatile since you can match your light fixture to any occasion. 

If there are multiple color settings for you to choose from, then you will need to decide which gaming lights for a wall will go best with your gaming furniture. This is what will make it easier for you to decide between these options, so you won’t spend more than you can afford or end up making an impulse purchase. 

Explore the Different Styles of LED Wall Lights

Explore the Different Styles of LED Wall Lights

Last but not least, there are plenty of styles of LED wall lights for you to decide between. LED fixtures tend to come in many different styles, so it is important that you pick one gaming light that fits in perfectly with your gaming room setup ideas. To give an example, if you have several styles to choose from, which you do, you will need to think about how you plan to use these lights and what will look the best in your space.

20 LED Wall Lights for Your Gaming Room

With the above in mind, here is a list of 20 of the best LED lights for your gaming room: 

1. Lamp Depot Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights, Honeycomb Lightings

To start this exhaustive list, we will first have a look at the Honeycomb lightings, Lamp Depot Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights. This Modular Shaped Wall Lighting is exactly what you need to reinvent your gaming space. With this LED wall mount light, you can connect six modular tiles together and then control each of them separately to create any kind of design your mind could possibly imagine. 

Each modular tile offers gamers three dynamic modes as well as 13 fixed colors, in addition to touch-sensor activation, timing functions, and remote control. Coming in at just $55.14, it is hard to not want this as your next cool wall lighting. 

2. Lamp Depot RGB Corner Lamp: Remote Control

At a quick glance, this RGB corner lamp will light up all corners of your gaming room, without a doubt. This minimalist RGB Lamp features integrated, soft-white LEDs that will provide a serious gamer with hours of customized illumination. This gaming light can easily help you to unleash your creativity and create a unique gaming atmosphere not seen before. 

3. Cololight Hexagon LED Wall Light

Cololight Hexagon LED Wall Light

Similar to the Lamp Depot Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights, the Cololight Hexagon LED Wall Light is a set of 12 hexagonal lights. A gamer can either choose to use each light individually or together to form a larger, unique shape. 

What’s more is that instead of each hexagon being one solid color, you can create a gradient across several of these hexagonal lights. No matter what your light configuration, the cycling, color changing, and other effects all look smooth and natural. There is also a mode for music syncing. Gamers can now sync their lights with their favorite tunes. 

The Cololight Hexagon LED Wall Light really is a gaming light that has it all. 

4. Yescom Smart LED Light Kit

The Yescom Smart LED Light Kit comes equipped with blocks of 11, where each hexagon displays 19 LED lights. Connecting these lights is quick and easy, as they are able to lock in place like building blocks. To create an ideal hexagonal tower, you can start with the base and then build your way up. 

These LED lights are also wall-mountable; however, the option to lay them flat or stand them up still remains for gamers who want to keep things fresh. 

5. The Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit

The Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit

In terms of geometric lights, Nanoleaf Shapes tops the charts. These LED wall lights are reactive to touch and will let you tap individual shapes to control different things like the programmed gradient effects or the volume. The built-in music visualizer also syncs up with your favorite tunes. 

Panels from different kits – triangles, mini-triangles, and hexagons – are combined to create designs that are endlessly intricate, in addition to providing strong lighting that is not only bright but also lit evenly throughout. This is exactly what makes the Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit ideal for both daytime gaming and nighttime gaming. 

6. Koicaxy LED Decorative Neon Wall Light

If a hexagon and triangle are not exactly what you were going for, then you should consider the irregular LED shape that the Koicaxy LED Decorative Neon Wall Light provides. Hand-made from neon rather than acrylic plastics, the Koicaxy LED Decorative Neon Wall Light only consumes five watts of electricity. This minimizes the risk of breaking glass or overheating and does not give off the annoying buzz that is normally given off by other neon signs. 

A cool wall lighting like this is a really awesome addition to any room, especially a gamer's room thanks to the ton of designs and shapes to choose from. 

7. Lifx Tile

Lifx Tile LED wall lights

Autonomous and Nanoleaf are not the only gaming light providers in town anymore, as Lifx has recently begun branching out past bulbs and into dedicated LED light fixtures, such as the Lifx Tile. In a $250 starter kit, a gamer will receive five of them, and unlike Nanoleaf, each tile is able to display 64 independent zones of light at once. That really is a key advantage for any gamer looking for their next LED wall mount light purchase. 

8. Lifx Z LED Light Strip

Another option from Lifx is the Lifx Z Multi-Color Light Strip, and unlike many other light strips that are sold by competitors, this one is able to put out several colors at once. Since this light fixture uses Wi-Fi, gamers will not need any extra hub hardware in order to connect it. 

With a retail price of $90, this starter set is not cheap, but it is extremely hard for gamers to deny how good this light strip looks behind their desk or mounted to their wall. 

Other options for good LED wall lights for your gaming room include: 

9.  Cololight Multi-Color Music Sync Ambient Lights

10.  Govee Smart LED Light Bar

11.  Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels

12.  Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels

13.  Govee Glide Hexa lights

14.  BTF-Lighting ECO Light Panels

15.  Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

16.  Razer Chroma Light Strip Set

17.  Govee RGB Smart Wall Sconces

18.  BlissLights Ark Lite Aurora Projector

19.  Encalife Galaxy Projector

20.  VagaryLight Lightning Bolt

The Verdict – Who Needs Bulbs?

With the trend moving towards all-in-one LED lights that splash color across your wall or seek to serve as standalone pieces of high-tech art, this is the best time for you to purchase one for your gaming room. With 20 of the best options for you to pick from, nothing can really go wrong, so happy LED wall mount light shopping! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED Lights Damage Walls?

Wall-mounted LED lights are unlikely to damage your walls; however, depending on certain factors, there are things that may impact how well an LED light will bond to the surface of your wall. These factors are adhesive strength, the durability of your wallpaper or paint, how long your LED wall lights have been applied, and the climate. 

Do LED Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

When installed as a light source, LED lights tend to guzzle less electricity to produce the same light output you have now. Thus, the potential savings when it comes to LED lights are very significant. 

Do LED Lights Make Your Room Hot?

The light that comes from LED lights will not create additional heat in the room it is placed in; however, some parts of the light fixture may get hot. Proceed with caution when touching the base around the LED bulb if it has been on for a while. 

Do LED Wall Lights Need to be Plugged In?

All electricity needs to have an outlet in order to work correctly. Therefore, LED wall lights will need to be plugged in.

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