A 2022 List of 14 Essential Gaming Room Accessories and Décor Ideas
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A 2022 List of 14 Essential Gaming Room Accessories and Décor Ideas

AutonomousAutonomous | Feb 28, 2022

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If you're a serious gamer, then you can agree that a basic setup in the corner of your room is not sufficient enough. As a result, many gamers have a whole room dedicated to the virtual world. For those who wish to achieve this level of commitment in gaming, take a page out of these gamers’ and streamers’ books by reading this article. Below is a list of all the essential gaming room accessories you need and ideas on how to use them to decorate your cyberspace.  

If you already consider yourself a serious gamer or streamer, you can also enhance your gaming setup with the following furniture and gaming room supplies. Furthermore, many of the products mentioned below will have a variety of colors to pick from to best fit your aesthetic. Your options vary from a black gaming setup to colorful ones.

14 Essential Gaming Room Accessories For Gaming Décor

1. Rookie Gaming PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Rookie Gaming PC gaming room accessories

The last thing on this gaming room accessories list to set off your gaming experience is the customized Rookie Gaming PC. It is a gaming PC specifically for those new to the gaming scene. Even though it is branded as a “Rookie” gaming PC, it has capabilities in most modern AAA titles. 

This product is a budget-friendly addition to your gaming setup and contains all things needed to enable the smooth running of your favorite games. It is the perfect pick for those that want to be a serious gamer but do not possess sufficient expertise or have adequate time on their hands to build a custom gaming PC themselves. 

2. Compact Gaming Desk by Benzara

Compact Gaming Desk by Benzara

A substitute for the Flexispot EN1B is The Compact Gaming Desk by Benzara. Autonomous has dedicated a section of its website specifically to products for gamers and streamers. Among a range of gaming room supplies and gaming room accessories, this is where you will find this ergonomic compact gaming desk. 

This games room stuff goes one step further than the desk above and provides gamers with convenience through built-in holders for their cups and headphones. It is the perfect fit for those looking for smaller setups and incorporates into its design the traditional gaming setup colors, black and red. 

When you picture modern gaming setups, this gaming desk is what you should be visioning. More so, if you are visioning a gaming desk with shelves rather than the typical motorized adjustable desk like the one above, then this is the perfect option for you. 

3. Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox

Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox gaming room accessories

An ergonomic gaming chair should be your next investment to double down on your commitment to comfort. With greater reason, it pairs perfectly with the ergonomic gaming desk mentioned above. To achieve the best comfort when gaming or streaming for long periods, the Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox is a must to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming seat experience. 

This all-black gaming chair possesses some of the best features one can find in an ergonomic gaming chair, in addition to all the likable qualities of regular gaming chairs. These attributes, as well as its reasonable price, make this a perfect chair for gamers and streamers looking to invest money into a next-level gaming setup. 

4. Slate Grey Gaming Chair by Karnox

Slate Grey Gaming Chair by Karnox

This list has already praised the Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox, and as such, it should also praise its equivalent, a fabric gaming chair offered by the same brand. If you are certain that leather is not your thing, an alternative may be the Slate Gray Gaming Chair by Karnox. It is a gaming chair that matches looks to peak performance, just like its counterpart mentioned above. 

If you plan on inviting fellow gamers over for gaming sessions in your new setup, you should invest in more than one gaming chair. 

5. Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker by GravaStar

Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker gaming room accessories

You cannot call your gaming room a gaming room if you do not have this gaming room accessory from Autonomous on your list. Having a speaker with a premium sound system is one of the many gaming accessories that will surely upgrade your gaming experience. The GravaStar Mars Pro Speakers are a dual speaker system and passive bass radiator that aims to achieve a “bass you can feel.” In addition, it is a speaker that offers the most strength and stability through its zinc alloy shell that is hardwearing and a triangular support structure that is shock-absorbing. Not only does this speaker excel in functionality, but also appearance.  

The speaker's gender-neutral, sci-fi, and futuristic design fits the technological theme perfectly and will embellish any gaming room with 15 hours of wireless playtime. A bonus, you ask? No tangled or messy cords. Cords are the very thing that can devalue any room within seconds if they are left to get jumbled up. 

6. Dual Monitor Arm by Pixio

Dual Monitor Arm gaming room accessories

Autonomous specializes in gaming furniture and gaming room accessories that are ergonomic. It is a company that identifies that gamers and streamers can spend hours upon hours sitting and staring at a screen. A solution to the negative repercussions from this is through the supply of a tech gadget that achieves a gaming room ambiance with ergonomic bliss. 

The Pixio Dual Monitor Arm is one of the many forward-thinking gaming room supplies this company offers. Its appearance on this list, and in your gaming room, is because of its double monitor arms, giving a gamer dual screens to achieve twice the efficiency. In addition, it features built-in cable organization to keep a clutter-free and clean look. Above all else, it is effortlessly easy to install and can get you back to your video games in no time. 

7. Pixio PX277 Prime 27 Inch

Pixio PX277 Prime 27 Inch

There are overwhelming amounts of gaming monitors on the market today; it can, therefore, be a burdensome task to choose one that best suits your needs as a gamer or streamer. 

Thus, this list aims to give you as a reader the complete breakdown of a popular monitor among the gaming community, called the Pixio PX277 Prime, to help ease your task of finding a decent monitor. 

The dominant defining factor gamers look at when choosing a monitor for their game room decor is image quality. A vertical alignment display panel for the Pixio monitor delivers superior performance; the static contrast ratio is 3,000:1 as opposed to the lower 1,000:1 contrast ratio of other panel types offered by different monitors. Apart from this, it is a very affordable monitor, and you will not have to break your bank to add this to your collection of gaming room stuff. 

While some might complain about sacrificing certain features, such as the 10-bit color and HDR, this should not be a “be-all and end-all” decision;  unless you are willing to pay a far more substantial amount for a monitor that has these features. 

8. Carpio Ergonomic Wrist Rest by DeltaHub

Carpio Ergonomic Wrist Rest by DeltaHub

A sixth Autonomous product to earn a place on this list is the DeltaHub Caprio Ergonomic Wrist Rest. This wrist rest can be considered a collectible that is not only beneficial but will serve as a small statement piece among your gaming room stuff. More so, it alleviates wrist pain. 

Gamers are an affected demographic for wrist pain from the continuous pressing of buttons on a game controller or PC. A condition that can result from continually using your hands is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Autonomous helps gamers prevent this condition at all costs by supplying this ergonomic wrist rest. It attacks the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the source with comfortable padding and correct positioning of the wrist and overall achieves maximum comfortability for its users. 

The wrist rest combines easily with other gaming desk accessories, and its compact size makes it both portable and unnoticeable. Overall, this product is essential for any gamer currently experiencing wrist soreness or fatigue.

9. Smart Lightstrip by Philips Hue

Smart Lightstrip by Philips Hue

This is one of the necessary gaming room supplies for game room decor. While nothing beats natural light, it is still important to invest in interior lighting as part of your game room décor. Light fixtures are one of the most vital fixtures needed when decorating your gaming room. 

There are many lighting solutions available. The best option available, however, is the Philips Hue Smart Lightstrip. It is a more expensive option when compared with other LED strip lights. These lights differ in terms of the fact that they can be controlled over Bluetooth via voice control or the Philips Hue App. 

This light strip by Philips Hue amplifies any gaming room with its multiple color options, including color temperature and dimming options. It is a product that serves as a high-tech decoration to fit the futuristic gamer theme. 

10. LG Ultragear

At core, this list has gone through a staggering amount of gaming monitors to ensure you are spending your money on the best one for you. If you as a gamer possess a top-tier graphics card, then your 4K gaming dream can, at last,  be turned into reality.  

Since a gamer would need an immense amount of rendering power to hit decent frame rates at a high resolution, 4K gaming is considered a premium endeavor. The fastest, most responsive 4K gaming monitor on the market today is the LG Ultragear. It really can be deemed as the whole package, bagging you a terrific panel with top-of-the-range IPS image quality. In addition, it nets beautiful contrast and colors for your game too. 

11. Brio Webcam by Logitech

Brio Webcam by Logitech

The Brio Webcam by Logitech is your best option for those gamers looking to stream their gameplay to Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube Live. This games room stuff enables ease when streaming 4K videos. 

The webcam's design enables streamers to achieve the perfect angle, featuring a range of up and down movement when placed on top of your monitor or laptop lid. Thus, it is an essential gaming accessory used among streamers streaming from almost all major streaming apps and is both PC and Mac compatible. 

12. Shure MV7

Every gamer or streamer should look at investing in a good microphone, regardless of whether you’re using it to communicate with others in multiplayer games or streaming solo to a live audience. A USB microphone called the Shure MV7 is essential. 

With a single touch on the microphone itself, you can control how loud you sound. More so, you can tweak the audio coming from the headphone jack of the microphone. The Shure’s Motive App, available for both PC and Mac, also allows access to these settings and offers a solution to near or far mic placement that will optimize how you sound. 

13. Elgato HD60 S+

Elgato HD60 S+ gaming room accessories

If you’re looking into a streaming setup, you should ideally be looking into the Elgato HD60 S+. A principal function of this plug-and-play solution involves transferring gaming footage from your console onto streaming platforms. Elgato’s HD60 S+ is a piece of gaming equipment that enables this process to work seamlessly with all streaming software. It is as simple as using an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable to connect your console to the HD60+ and then plugging it into your computer using an already included USB cable.   

As the name suggests, this gaming room accessory is useful for capturing and streaming full HD footage at up to 60 frames per second. Overall, it is considered a must-have among the streaming community.

14. Flexispot EN1B

Flexispot EN1B gaming room accessories

The financial games room stuff is a no-brainer, especially considering your dependence on a laptop or PC when playing video games. You have to consider a range of factors when deciding on the best gaming desk. One of the many things to consider is the amount of space needed on your desk to fit everything. 

The Flexispot EN1B should not just be considered a stand for all your gaming PC and its attached peripherals but also as an ergonomic investment. Deciding on the perfect gaming desk is a choice between years of pain and comfort. It is the best valued adjustable desk available. 

While it may not have the catchiest name, it still serves as a sturdy, electric height adjustable desk for any gamer or streamer looking to upgrade their setup at a reasonable price. 


Having a gaming room or planning to set up one means you have to decide which gaming room accessories are the best investments. This list has given you the perfect balance of gaming consoles in your game room decor and items that make a game room functional.

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