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Inspiration and Tips for Your Ultimate Desk Gaming PC Setup!

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 30, 2020

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Are you looking to get inspired for your desk gaming PC setup? Look no further, we’ve put together some advice and some examples of our favorite gaming setups to help you do your best gaming, in full comfort. Ergonomics and aesthetics are both important to consider when creating your ultimate desk setup for gaming.

For hardcore gamers, spending a lot of time at your desk is just part of your daily routine. Having the optimal desk gaming PC setup isn’t just good for the aesthetics of your space—it can make all the difference in your performance and stamina. Anyone who spends a lot of time gaming at their desk knows how important their desk setup is. 

That’s why we’ve put together some key areas to look out for with some inspirations and ideas for your gaming setup that can help you supercharge your gaming and take it to the next level! From your desk and chairGaming desk setup to lighting, to your keyboard and mouse, everything in your environment should be considered when putting together the ultimate gaming desk setup.

Most importantly, it’s essential to look out for ergonomics and comfort. Since gaming often calls for long hours, it’s easy to get stuck in one non-ergonomic position for prolonged periods of time without even noticing until the aches and pains set in. Fortunately, you can combat that and take care of your physical health while still gaming to the very best of your ability.

Your gaming desk is your foundation

Choosing the right gaming desk is one of the most important things as this will support all of your gaming gear and make your entire desk setup possible. Most importantly, you should look for something comfortable, spacious, durable, and attractive. Something with a minimalist design, like the SmartDesk Core - Home Office from Autonomous, is a great option to give you the minimalist gaming desk setup of your dreams. For your gaming setup wooden desk, Autonomous has several wood finishes to choose from.

Gaming SmartDesk 2

Having an electric standing desk is a great way to break up the monotony of gaming in one position for long periods of time, giving you the flexibility of sitting and standing throughout the day. This can give you an energy boost and help keep your mind sharp and focused on the mission at hand, without having to leave your gaming setup. This is a great way to safeguard your health from the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Finally, as you more than likely use many wired peripherals and accessories, you’ll want to invest in a good cable management system to ensure all your cables are kept neatly organized and out of the way. Nothing makes a setup look more chaotic than a bird’s nest of tangled cables. For an ultra-cheap solution, you can use zip ties to bundle your cables together and keep them from getting out of hand.

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

There are lots of “race car” aesthetic gaming chairs on the market these days for cool gaming desk setups, and that may be the kind of throne you’re after. However, it’s also important to bear in mind the comfort and longevity of your gaming chair, which is why ergonomic office chairs are actually a fine choice for any gamer.

Ultimate gaming chair

You’ll want to be sure to invest in a gaming chair that has the highest-quality materials, and with the most points of adjustability. Adjustability is key as it lets you conform the chair to your unique needs for maximum comfort throughout the day. 

Displays for your desk gaming PC setup

There are lots of ways you could set up your gaming display or displays, and depending on your budget, the sky is truly the limit to how insane your gaming display setup can be. For most people, either dual screens or an ultra-wide monitor will be the best options.

Dual Screen: The traditional route

The classic landscape mode of two screens side-to-side is a solid go-to choice for anyone who wants to maximize their screen real estate in a budget-conscious way. You can easily pick up two used displays or pick two displays within your price range and pair them up together. For the neatest and most aesthetically uniform look, try acquiring two of the same display.

Dual Screen

This setup from /u/Steffis/ is one of our favorite examples, combining a clean, minimal aesthetic with plenty of natural light and two identical screens uniformly arranged side-by-side. 

Dual Screen: Vertical + Horizontal

An increasingly popular take on the dual-screen setup, having a screen that has the ability to rotate vertically can give your gaming setup a whole new vibe and functionality. While your game will be limited to one screen, your second display can be arranged vertically to display chats or other important information that can aid you throughout your gaming session.

Vertical and horizontal

This setup by /u/willostyllos/ is a super-cool implementation of this display arrangement, with synchronized lighting to boot!

Ultra-wide display

For minimalists and aesthetic perfectionists, ultrawide gaming monitors are a great way to seamlessly expand your view and workspace without having a break in the middle caused by the separation of two screens. Ultrawide displays are typically curved and give you an uninterrupted wide view of your gaming world.

Ultra wide display

This setup by /u/Itsmehruby/ is a gorgeous example of how an ultra-wide display really lends itself to a clean and minimal aesthetic, reducing the amount of space taken up on your desk and the added clutter of cables a second monitor would create.

Lighting and accessories

Lighting is something every gamer should take into consideration. You can go with an insane color scheme that takes you down an ever-changing RGB light tunnel, or you can go with a simple color scheme that minimizes flashing lights and instead accentuates one or two elements of your setup. There’s no wrong way to do it; just depends on your taste!

Lighting and accessories

For some inspiration, this is one of the more daring color schemes by /u/relodebell/, featuring a super-cool blue and purple neon inspired lighting color scheme. It looks like a gaming setup from TRON! 

Of course, lighting doesn’t have to be artificial. If you want to take a more minimalist approach, choosing bright white accessories and positioning your gaming set up by a window or other natural light source can give your gaming set up a vibrant, airy feel. This example from /u/imsorrybae/ is a great example of how to incorporate minimalist aesthetics and lighting into your gaming setup.


Whether you opt for the most extra of the extra or go for a more scaled back and clean look. The aesthetics that make up your gaming setup are a reflection of you and your taste. Make it match and fit you uniquely. Choose smart tools that ergonomically conform to your needs. And most importantly when you’re gaming, remember to have fun!!


What are some of your must-have gaming accessories for desk setups? Let us know in the comments below!

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