30 Backyard Landscape Ideas to Make an Awesome Backyard
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30 Backyard Landscape Ideas to Make an Awesome Backyard

|Feb 7, 2023

Having a beautiful garden is the dream of any homeowner. However, not everyone has the creativity to come up with great backyard landscape ideas, and hiring someone to do it for you can be pretty expensive. That's why we came up with this list of 30 fantastic backyard relaxing ideas for your backyard, which are sure to upgrade your home.

30 Great Backyard Landscape Ideas That Will Amaze You

1. Getting an ADU

One of the newest trends in backyard landscaping ideas is to get a prefab accessory dwelling unit, as this will give you a small place to keep all your gardening utensils. You can even use your prebuilt studio as an extra room for your house. The best part is that our home office pods are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, so they are sure to look good in all backyard landscape ideas.

Getting an ADU - backyard landscape ideas

2. Keep the Weeds Away

Keeping weeds from getting into your garden is one of the major issues in most backyard patio landscaping ideas and designs. In order to ensure that your garden looks exactly how you want it to, you may need to fix your weeds every day. However, that's not as much of a problem when you lay down a thick layer of mulch. 

3. Build Around Your Trees

You can use wood to build a large space rather than making a stone patio. This concept enables the patio to have several levels, providing the area with an intriguing appearance. Bamboo can be grown in a row to create a privacy wall with a pleasant and natural appearance. Moreover, you can create a focal point by planting a tree and building the deck around it.

Build Around Your Trees

4. Make It Flower-shaped

This backyard landscape idea consists of a circular area with just enough room for a tiny café table to be reached at the end of a winding brick path. It also has smaller half-circles bridging this circle adorned with flowers. The whole point is to make it resemble a flower-shaped patio when viewed from this perspective, offering a cozy little sanctuary. 

5. Flower Mountains

It's common to create circular spaces or curving walks in your garden to include flowers in the backyard landscaping. Moreover, position taller plants in the middle of your circles and put flowers around them to bring attention to the highest point.

Flower Mountains - backyard landscape ideas

6. Create Paths

Despite having a modest backyard deck, you can create the impression of it being much larger if you create a stone path that winds through it. This would be ideal for a morning meditation walk to calm your mind. The route is more natural when flat rocks are used in place of conventional pavers. 

7. Add a Pergola

You'll discover that most backyard landscape ideas and concepts center on the arrangements you can make with flowers and other plants in the yard. 

However, if you want to go a step further, you can add a table for two and a rose-covered pergola to give the impression that you are in a room filled with flowers. A chandelier will add an unexpected element that can be useful for lighting up the area at night.

Add a Pergola - backyard landscape ideas

8. Go Monochromatic

You can find flowers in virtually any color, and many backyard landscape ideas use this variety to create a rainbow-like design. However, your backyard design can be based on a single preferred flower or color. 

One example is to have a few white blooms and purple flowers predominating in this lush area. Two purple stools on the patio and a modern backyard studio area may complement the overall theme. 

9. Create Small Bridges

A large outdoor backyard idea and plan may make moving from one side to the other difficult. It's an adorable idea to create a walkway like this without feeling compelled to use bricks to delineate and divide the regions. If you do it right, it will appear to be a bridge over the paths between the sections of your garden. 

10. Get a Fireplace

Do you like fireplaces in your outdoor backyard ideas? This element shows up in many backyard design concepts because of how cozy it makes things look. However, adding a fireplace also means adding brick walls around it to ensure safety.

Get a Fireplace - backyard landscape ideas

11. Think Outside the Box

It is undoubtedly simpler to mow a grassy area with straight lines, but you could feel like you're missing out on all the vibrancy that flowers bring to the region. In order to prevent this, small pebbles can be used in place of bricks to keep the fire area safe. 

12. Create a Flowers Waterfall

This lovely backyard relaxing idea is ideal for any kind of landscape. It looks like a flower pot has overturned, and its flowers are spilling out. Most garden supply stores sell pots that will work wonderfully for this project.

13. Let the Flowers Flow

A typical garden layout can have flower rows. With the addition of the rows of flowers' meandering patterns, you can modify their original concept. You can use bushes and trees as the backdrop to add some extra height.

Let the Flowers Flow

14. Incorporate Sound

Every great landscaping concept should appeal to all of your senses. Although it's common to hear birds tweeting, nothing is nearly as calming as the sound of rushing water from a fountain like this one. The fountain can dominate your tiny backyard, but the sections along the yard's edge can be filled with vibrant flowers. 

15. Make the Most of Your Space

When your backyard is small, it may seem impossible to do most landscaping ideas, especially if you want to turn it into a luxurious hangout area. However, it's possible to have it all, especially if you have a backyard studio, so don't lose hope now. Although small, you can split your backyard into three distinct spaces for dining or socializing with guests. Just plan out which areas you want to create and use plants to make barriers between each other. 

16. How to Decorate If You're Renting

You may not always be able to change the entire landscape of your garden while renting a house. In these cases, you must adhere to the provided house plan. However, you can stick to a plan that can be cheap and won't irritate the landlord, such as adding a prefab ADU home.

Pick up a table umbrella and place it inside a flower-filled barrel. It will give you instant shade with a unique appearance. This way, you won't need to be concerned about harming the lawn by setting up the chairs and tables in the mulched area. You can also use a studio shed kit to make everything easier.

How to Decorate If You're Renting

17. How to Deal with Slopes

Developing backyard design ideas for a yard with slopes can be difficult. Hilly terrain makes mowing the lawn a challenging or even dangerous job, so think of alternatives. 

A good option is to add a moving stream that does not involve mowing. You can even illuminate a handful of the miniature waterfalls to create a very intriguing appearance. 

18. Use Vines

Setting aside a little area for sitting under a pergola is a terrific backyard landscape idea. However, many people enjoy growing flowering vines up the poles and on top to get a cottage-core look. Unfortunately, getting that aesthetic can take a while. With a pergola with fake vines enclosing the area, you can have it right away. This simple idea turns a small area into a wonderful small hideaway from the stone patio area. 

19. Get a Zen Aesthetic

This is another good backyard landscape idea and design for those who don't want to waste water on keeping their yard green. Smaller rocks fill the spaces between the large, flat patio stones to create a pathway. It has a peaceful atmosphere thanks to the Buddha sculptures or sculptures of your choice, and the tall potted plants give it a slightly more natural air. This layout offers a fantastic, stylistic contrast to the more traditional appearance of a backyard garden, and it is achievable with an accessory dwelling unit kit.

Get a Zen Aesthetic

20. Use Different Levels of Flowers

We've seen how lovely it can look when you choose flowers and other landscape plants with varying heights. Try this backyard landscaping concept if you don't want to select extremely tall plants. Instead, you can create tiny dirt mounds and decorate them with your favorite flowers to attract the eye upward. Nonetheless, it might be challenging to work with seasonal flowers, so you must plan what you will do once they are gone. 

21. Get Low-maintenance Plants

You need patio landscaping ideas that don't use a lot of water if you reside in a place such as Texas or Nevada. If you don't understand this, you may have to settle for succulent plants rather than the stunning flower gardens that are more common in the northeast.

Opt for planting two tiny rose plants. You won't need to water the rest of the yard because it is made up of little pebbles, but you can undoubtedly spare some water for a few plants like this. 

22. Create More Shadow

You might need some garden ideas that integrate some shade if your backyard doesn't have many trees. After all, you are unlikely to enjoy spending the entire day outside in the heat. A great approach to provide some shade without obstructing the view too much is with pergolas. 

You can set up one on the patio and another in the backyard. You can also add a lovely trio of fountains that will gurgle soothingly or a studio cabin kit.

Create More Shadow

23. Play with Symmetry

Use symmetry to make your garden look as fancy as possible. However, this may be complicated when using plants. Symmetry is simpler to achieve by sticking to big, bushy plants. 

24. Create Levels with Rocks

Using two different types of rocks at various levels is what makes this backyard landscaping concept fascinating. You can fill the first layer of the garden with small rocks, while the retaining wall for the plants with much larger boulders. 

25. Shape It Horizontally

A fence that arranges the wood planks horizontally rather than vertically results in a backyard that seems to be an addition to the house. Your patio can be made of long, rectangular concrete slabs that complement the house's architecture well. 

26. Use a Pond

You can create a pond and add chairs to make it the perfect place to unwind. Instead of using vibrant and brilliant flowers, you can opt for a landscape design that extensively uses green vegetation. This results in a peaceful area that only needs a little upkeep. 

27. Create an Outdoor Living Room

You'll adore this look if you've ever wanted to turn your patio into an extension of your home. You can add a long fireplace built into the wall and a sofa seating space with the feel of a living room. In contrast to other styles that must be placed onto tables or spread out over the entire patio area, add large hanging umbrellas that you can position anywhere.


28. Add Texture

The stones and pebbles used in your patio landscaping ideas can have a variety of hues and textures that make the area more interesting. You can add uneven bricks in the walls, rounded gray rocks in the landscaping sections, and smooth yellow-red and red colors on the patio. 

29. Use Vertical Space

You can always use vertical space if there's not much horizontal space. If you have basic carpentry skills, the chances are that you can make your own tiered garden beds which will provide you with considerably more gardening space without cluttering your sidewalk. 

30. Get Built-in Seating

If you want to avoid frequently running into your chairs while navigating your little yard, you can add built-in seating. This way, you can increase your gathering options without using the center of your yard. 

Bottom Line

Now you know that having a beautiful garden doesn't have to be too complicated. Nevertheless, to make things easier for you, check out our store to find fantastic garden furniture to add to your backyard while you're redecorating it, such as our backyard office pods.

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