10 Monitor Stand Risers with Adjustable Height for Ergonomic Workspaces
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10 Monitor Stand Risers with Adjustable Height for Ergonomic Workspaces

|Mar 22, 2022

When you buy a monitor stand riser, there are several factors that you need to take into your consideration. This may include size, space for storage, ports, and style. Apart from these, height adjustability is one of the most critical factors.

How you arrange your workstation will influence your total efficiency, contentment, and employee commitment. A poor work environment may result in dissatisfaction, a lack of attention, and a decrease in the quality of your job. If the general ergonomics of your workplace aren't adequately sufficient, it might impact your quality of life and your well-being. A badly designed workplace layout has been known to cause persistent back discomfort in many professionals.

Therefore, a monitor stand riser or holder is a great choice if you're looking for a way to boost job efficiency while also altering your workstation. It may assist you in establishing the ideal workplace layout that will enable you to maximize your performance while also letting you feel more at ease at your workstation!

We have mentioned below 10 monitor stand risers with adjustable height to make your workspace more ergonomic.

Benefits of Adjustable Monitor Stand Risers

Benefits of Adjustable Monitor Stand Risers

A monitor stands for desk is a solid yet adjustable, ergonomic platform for a desktop computer that aids in monitor stability and enhancement. While traditional monitor holders keep the display in a set location, newer monitor stands may be readily adjusted and changed to the desired angle, elevation, or viewpoint. You may not understand how beneficial these monitor boosters are! We've compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in one of our high-quality, low-cost monitor mounts for your office:

Benefits of Well-Being and Convenience

Among the most important reasons to utilize a computer monitor riser is for your general health, convenience, and well-being. You may change the monitor's elevation and certain orientations to find the comfiest and ergonomically sound posture for you. If your monitor is resting on your desktop, you may notice yourself hunching over it, which might throw your vertebrae out of position. Using a monitor holder or a stand allows you to modify and adjust the monitor's placement on the table so that you don't have to stoop or crane your neck.

Ergonomics in the Workplace are Improved

Ergonomics in the Workplace are Improved

As previously stated, adjusting the angle and elevation of a monitor stand provides several ergonomic advantages. An excellent monitor stand or converter, on the other hand, can enable us to achieve much more. For example, if you want to convert from a panorama to a vertical desktop version to view your tasks from a new perspective or swiftly rotate the screen, a monitor stand can help. It's quick and straightforward to change your display, and you can be certain that it's safe!

Saves Space

A desk-mounted widescreen display stand provides you additional space to work by raising your display from the desk. This aids in the creation of usable space, enabling you to get the most out of the given workspace. Extra room is usually beneficial, particularly in the workplace. This additional space can help you simplify your table and operate in a much more organized, clean, and healthy environment! You can reorganize your desktops while preventing clutter with a premium monitor stand Autonomous.

Top 10 Monitor Stand Risers with Adjustable Height

Monitor stands provide all of the ergonomic perks of an easily adjustable workstation at a quarter of the expense, even without requiring you to update your current desk. They may range from basic risers that increase the elevation of your screen and accessories to maintain them at the line of sight to standing workstations that allow you to switch from sitting up straight to standing while you continue working.

Switching positions is an important part of remaining healthy at the office. You can also make a DIY monitor riser but choosing a pre-made one will be better. In the following list, we have reviewed some of the best monitor risers for you to choose for your workstation:

1. 3 M Adjustable Stand Monitor

3 M Adjustable Stand Monitor

3 M refers to an American corporation that sells the best adjustable monitor stand riser. It is an effective and straightforward stand that is made up of hard plastic. Besides, it comes with three height levels, and in between its legs, there is space for some extra storage.

This adjustable stand monitor enhances your ergonomics with its legs that are stackable. The non-skid rubber feet are present. They guard the desk surface against scratches to maintain the stability of the stand.

2. HUANUO Riser Monitor Stand

If you need a monitor stand riser with adjustable height, then go for this budget stand. It will raise the screen and reduce the eye and relieve neck pain. In addition, it is strong enough despite its affordable price. It can withstand twenty-two pounds of weight quickly.

At just 3.8 inches and 14.5 inches, you can fit many things under it. For instance, underneath the monitor arm, you can keep a small keyboard with zero problems. Your ultimate goal must be to keep the monitor on the top. You can achieve the former with this riser monitor stand.

3. Hemudu Monitor Computer Riser 2 Pack

Hemudu Monitor Computer Riser 2 Pack

This LCD monitor stand for desk can elevate the screen and offer an ergonomic setup. It will further lower your back and neck strain. You can keep the laptop below to save some space when it is not in use.

For computer desk ideas, you can choose this monitor stand riser. This is because you will be able to adjust its height up to fifteen degrees to get the ideal position. Also, the stainless steel legs have an adjustable height ranging up to four point nine inches. There is a sleek tempered glass weighing eighty-eight lbs in this monitor stand riser.

4. Kantek Adjustable Height Stand

Kantek computer monitor riser is not only suitable for your monitor but also for laptops. It is made up of black plastic that is quite thick. This adjustable height stand has four different height-adjustable levels. It comes in the shape of stackable legs.

You can also enhance its adjustability by purchasing one more set of legs. As part of home office tech essentials, it has a second drawer level that you can use. In addition, it provides a wide version.

5. Office Oasis Monitor Dual Stand

Office Oasis Monitor Dual Stand

This best monitor riser has a weight of one hundred pounds. It can support two monitors besides a printer and a single monitor. Moreover, it is capable of withstanding other types of accessories. Altogether, it will help you to keep it in a suitable position to adjust its height.

The dual monitor setup comes with stainless steel legs along with a solid surface of bamboo. Also, you can maintain the security of the monitors with their rubber non-slip feet. There is plenty of storage space under this monitor shelf for desk. Therefore, you can store your mouse, keyboard, and additional storage container within the storage space of thirty-eight inches.

6. Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

Electric Monitor Riser by Mount-It!

With the Mount-It! motorized standing desk converter, you can go from being seated to standing in moments. It also helps to improve postural alignment and promotes a healthy and pleasant working environment. You will not need to elevate your table, unlike some other mechanical standing workstations on the market. This strong engine quickly raises the surface. By opting for this standing desk convertible riser, you can save big bucks while still being able to utilize your current desk or worktop. This VESA-approved monitor stand riser will still allow you to raise the elevation of your display and free up space. It has a complete motion mount that tilts, pivots, and spins to meet your requirements.

7. Sit-Stand Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount by Mount-It!

Sit-Stand Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount by Mount-It!

With this standing desk converter with a dual monitor mount, you can change from sitting to standing in seconds. The gas spring system changes the seamless up or down height from 6.30 to 16.75, enabling you to choose the appropriate height. The producers also include a complimentary twin monitor mount to enhance the bargain. Most people who buy a sit-stand desktop converter also buy a screen mount so that you may get both for a fantastic price. Its changeable height options make it simple to sit upright or stand throughout the day. Simply changing your positions during the day will allow you to improve your body alignment, increase your productivity, and increase your overall energy level.

8. Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

Laptop and Monitor Stand by Mount-It!

The Mount-It! laptop desk stand and monitor mount is a free-standing display desk stand riser built of solid steel and features full-motion, adjustable arms with integrated cord management to keep your wires hidden. The VESA compliant plates on the pedestal are detachable, allowing for simpler installation. It also has a solid free-standing tabletop base. With this monitor stand riser, you will have the liberty to attach your desktop and your laptop to the mount and position them according to your needs.

9. Birchwood Monitor Stand

Birchwood monitor stand riser

The Enkel Studio Ergonomic Birch Wood Monitor Stand is a very functional home office accessory, and it does not cost a fortune. This stand enhances the look and feel of your workstation. You may achieve comfortable viewing height by raising the computer monitor with this monitor stand.

10. Desk Shelf

Desk Shelf monitor stand riser

The FinerCrafts Desk Shelf is an ergonomically designed monitor shelf for a desk which is supposed to be kept on top of your table. It's incredibly durable, and all pieces are constructed of high-quality materials. Therefore the packages may be rather hefty. You can place your desktop screens on this desk shelf and fill the rest of the shelves with your must-have accessories.

Adjustable Monitor Stand Riser vs. Monitor Arm

Pros and Cons of a monitor stand riser with adjustable height

Pros of a monitor stand riser with adjustable height

  • It does not require any additional installation.
  • It comes with height adjustable.
  • You can easily adjust the monitor to a certain angle.
  • They are mostly affordable.
  • You can repurpose it with ease.
  • It has some extra storage space for the CPU and laptop.

Cons of a monitor stand riser with adjustable height

  • Not suitable for several monitors.
  • No adjustability present for sitting and standing users.
  • Takes up much space.

In which situations do the monitor stand risers with adjustable height work well?

In which situations

Monitor stand risers with adjustable height function well when you need some flexibility. It prevents you from straining your eyes, neck, and back. This helps to enhance the ergonomic nature of your workspace. Moreover, without such frequent disturbances, your work will be more seamless. 

You can adjust it to a position that best suits all of your needs. This will help you to increase your productivity. So, choosing a computer monitor riser will be the best option for you.

Pros and Cons of a monitor arm

Pros of a monitor arm

  • You can adjust its height.
  • Angles are also adjustable.
  • You can easily adjust the monitor to a certain angle.
  • It can accommodate several monitors.
  • It can accommodate a laptop.
  • Can help to share a workspace.

Cons of a monitor arm

  • It requires additional installation.
  • It is more expensive than adjustable height monitor stand risers.

In which situation does the monitor arm work well?

In which situation does the monitor arm work well

Monitor arms work efficiently if you have a standing desk. In case the depth of your desk is less than thirty inches, then it is a suitable option. In addition, it will be more suitable if you work on more than one monitor. Monitor arms can help you in case you need to adjust with your co-workers while you are working. It is perfect if you need any adjustment in terms of the monitor angle, height, and depth. 



Monitor stands risers with adjustable height help you ease most of your problems. This is because they not only provide more flexibility but also increase your productivity. You can adjust their heights according to your convenience whenever you need them. Besides, it can reduce any strain on your eye, back, and neck.

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