5 Steps to Clean Your Office Desk & Keep It That Way

5 Steps to Clean Your Office Desk & Keep It That Way

|Feb 13, 2021

We all have been guilty of eating meals at the office desks and spilling some bits here and there. Not to forget that day-to-day clutter can also contribute to unorganized workstations. Cleaning the office desk can enhance your productivity and health. 

The more organized the workspace is, the more constructive you’ll be. You’re probably not aware, but a cluttered workspace is closely related to negative emotions. To help you with keeping your clean office desk, here is a comprehensive step-by-step cleaning guide - clean office desk! 

Why Should You Clean Your Office Desk? 

An organized office desk has more benefits than just the aesthetics. Below, you can go through the list of benefits of cleaning and maintaining your office desk. 

  • The main benefit of cleaning the office desk is better productivity levels. 

  • It helps to maintain high standards of hygiene and encourages everyone around to follow. 

  • When you clean and maintain your desks, it's going to look more organized. 

  • Additionally, it also reduces the risks of allergies and illness. 

  • It also offers higher satisfaction from working in a clean space. 

  • A clean workspace lifts motivation levels. 

Why Should You Clean Your Office Desk?

Step-By-Step Guide for Cleaning Office Desk 

To combat the day-to-day mess at your desk, take a look at our comprehensive cleaning guide. By the end of this section, you'll not only understand how to keep the desk clean but also how to arrange it most appropriately. 

First Step: Emptying the Office Desk

Before we move ahead to the actual cleaning process, you must empty your table. You have to take off all the devices, stationery, paperwork, and everything on your desk. Not only that, but you also have to empty the drawers. 

Don't forget to store the paperwork and other essential items safely. After the cleaning process is over, you can put all these items back in their place. 

To achieve a clean computer desk, you also need to detangle all the wires and cables. You’ll notice several wires are running from here to there in your electric office desk. It may take time, but try to arrange the wires and clip them up. 

Step-By-Step Guide for Cleaning Office Desk

Second Step: Discarding All Unnecessary Items

The next step is to refine all the items and discarding all the unnecessary ones. Throw away papers and stationery that are no longer in use. Many workspaces resort to recycling their papers instead of throwing them directly. 

Without discarding these non-essential or damaged items, your cleaning process is incomplete. These damaged items take up more space and restrict you from buying new and essential office items. 

You can create a separate bag for trash and another bag for donations. Initially, you might find it difficult to pop a few items in the trash, but it's for the best. 

Discarding All Unnecessary Items

Third Step: Wiping Down All Surfaces 

Now that you are left with only your white standing desk, it’s time to fold your sleeve and get to real cleaning! It’s necessary to clean the office desk inch by inch. Through these years, an abundant amount of dirt and dust would’ve collected on the furniture. 

For this step, you'll require a handful of cleaning supplies. We suggest using a microfiber cloth and anti-bacterial spray. An anti-bacterial spray will handle problems like dust and germs like a pro. Besides, these sprays leave a pleasant odor on the table. 

What about the screens of the electronic items? When it comes to cleaning electronic device screens, you should pick your cleaning agents carefully. There are tons of cleaning wipes that will eliminate all the grime and filth without harming your PC or laptop screen. 

One of the biggest challenges is cleaning the keyboard. Cleaning a keyboard ain’t easy, but it's one of the most important sections you can avoid cleaning. You can run a dampened microfiber or lint-free cloth to clean the keys thoroughly. 

Wiping Down All Surfaces

Fourth Step: Cleaning and Keeping the Essentials

Once the top of your desk and drawers are spick and span again, you can keep the essential back. It is also the best time to rearrange all your items. There are moments where you wished that you kept all the paperwork in separate files. 

Some people also like keeping their stationary right in the first drawers. In any case, you should keep more commonly used items near to you. Moreover, try to remove any distractions from your desk. 

You can also use stackable files, stationery organizers, and other tools to organize your workspace further. Invest in elements that will not only tidy up your space but also look pleasant. 

If you intend to keep the desk the same way after cleaning, these items can significantly help. Consider storing the essential things in an accessible spot. You don't want to keep unlocking and opening drawers all the time. 

Tricks for Keeping a Neat Desk

Fifth Step: Consider Rearranging

An organized and neat black office desk is a magical time-saver. Do you know what can help you break workspace monotony? A  bit of fun at your office desk. After cleaning all the items,  always keep some space for storing items in the future. 

The main reason that leads to clutter and mess is lack of space. Apart from cleaning, also aim to make more space. You must try to maximize the use of space. On the other hand, don't forget to add a personal touch to your place. 

Wiping dirt is not the only cleaning step; the office desk should be to your liking. A neat desk help people to be productive, but a bright one will motivate you. 

Consider Rearranging

The Bottom Line

And with these five easy steps, you can successfully clean and declutter your office desk! Hopefully, these useful tricks for keeping a neat desk will help you get ahead of an untidy workstation. A pristine work area will contribute positively towards a tidy and organized mind. 

Many staunch perfectionists believe that an unorganized space is a roadblock to productivity. Now that you know how to keep your desk clean, you can effectively avoid confusion and dirt allergies

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