7 Most Minimal and Modern Tiny Home Loft Bed Ideas
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7 Most Minimal and Modern Tiny Home Loft Bed Ideas

|Jun 24, 2023

A lofted bed is one of our favorite space-saving solutions for a studio or efficiency apartment. Doing so minimizes the overall size of your bed, opens up the area under it for use as a workspace or extra seating, and brings in a wide range of new storage options.

You can get that stylish office you've always wanted or the extra sleeping sofa for your guest house plans. As a result, we've come up with some easy and stylish tiny house loft bed ideas for your compact space. So read on to explore further.

What Is a Tiny House Loft Bed?

Loft bedrooms are great for saving floor area in micro apartments. They are the second level of your micro home, similar to an attic, and are reached by climbing a set of stairs. 

With a tiny house loft bedroom, you can make the most of your ceiling height without worrying about your bed dominating the area.

They're great for tiny houses that need numerous bedrooms since you can install an extra bed underneath and use the area under the loft for things like a kitchen or living area. 

1. King and Queen Size Mattresses

The typical small house is large enough to fit a queen- or king-sized bed in its loft and a staircase leading up to it.

However, there typically needs to be more room for two full-height floors, so you won't be able to stand up in your loft.

If you're short on square footage but still want a king-sized bed, you could always construct a tiny house loft bedroom just big enough for the bed. This layout provides a sense of security and seclusion without compromising the openness of the rest of your house.

King and Queen Size Mattresses - tiny house loft bed

2. Bunk Beds

It shouldn't be surprising that many tiny house families adore bunk beds, as they are already a popular option for accommodating children in conventional homes. By their very nature, bunk beds make efficient use of vertical space.

You can discover bunk beds that slide horizontally under the lower loft as part of various ingenious designs.

This tiny house loft bed idea is brilliant for small house kits with many members, as everyone can find some peace in their separate sleeping quarters.

Bunk Beds - tiny house loft bed

3. Loft Beds

A tiny house loft bed is one of the most common bedroom layouts for micro homes.

These sleeping quarters are often located on the second story of a micro-home and are only reachable through a ladder or stairs.

A loft bed is a great way to make the most of the vertical space in a tiny dwelling. An attic previously used for storage can quickly transform into a comfortable bedroom.

4. Elevated Bed

An elevator bed is a type of bed that can be raised off the ground and lowered to the bedroom floor when needed.

If you don't want to use the loft every night because of the hike, this is an excellent tiny house loft bedroom alternative.

The elevator mechanism calls for a few simple parts, all found at any local hardware shop. However, if you like something less industrial, you can always get a bed that drops down from the ceiling when you click a button.

5. Hammock Loft Bed

How to maximize your small home's square footage without adding space to the main living area?

Even though you can't fit a whole loft in your tiny house in the backyard, there's no reason you can't hang a hammock from one room to another.

 You can create a fully functional, moveable second story with just a few metal wires bolted to the ceiling and the sides holding the hammock.

This extra room can be used for resting, reflecting, spreading out, or anything else you like. You can consider this place to be your secluded tiny house loft bedroom.

Hammock Loft Bed - tiny house loft bed

6. Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed has developed significant popularity over time, and these mattresses built into the wall are a great space-saving and multipurpose tiny house loft bedroom idea. The modern Murphy bed can be found in vertical and horizontal configurations, making it more flexible for small apartments.

You may have a couch that tucks under the bed and storage cabinets, side tables, and bookshelves as supplemental features.

Murphy beds have received a technology update in addition to aesthetic revisions. Many companies have developed the motorized Murphy bed for customers who like the concept of a hidden bed but want to avoid physically pulling it out every night.

Murphy Bed - tiny house loft bed

7. Convertible Bed

These tiny home loft beds are similar to sofas during the day, but at night they transform into beds by revealing a mattress hidden below the cushions.

When you need a quick and easy solution for guest sleeping arrangements, these beds are perfect for a downstairs living area that also functions as a bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are loft beds comfortable?

It's not uncommon for a full-size mattress to fit in a tiny home loft bed. A loft bed may be the best choice if you sleep alone and value having plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable.

Which material is best for loft beds?

The major choices you'll have while shopping for a tiny home loft bed are the materials and construction techniques you'll choose.

Loft beds typically include wooden construction, but metal frames are also available. However, the final choice depends on your desired aesthetic and style.

Wood and metal are equally reliable materials for lofts, backyard houses, or shed house ideas, but wood offers more design options in terms of color, shape, and scale.

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How much time is needed to construct a DIY lofted bed?

You can construct a loft bed in a weekend or two. However, it depends on your desired extras, such as a desk or shelf.

Making your own furniture might save money if you can access the correct tools and supplies. You can pick lumber that is straight and free of knots to save additional time.

Final Remarks

It's not always simple to find more sleeping space in a tiny home for sale under $15000. Still, with little ingenuity and loft beds designed specifically for compact homes, it's certainly possible!

All our tiny house loft bedroom ideas above are simple and easy to make, so try those and live a successful minimal life.

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