7 Must-Have Return to Work Survey Questions for Employees
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7 Must-Have Return to Work Survey Questions for Employees

|Mar 22, 2021

The coronavirus crisis has led to a lot of uncertainty for most businesses and the employees that serve them. As the world starts to reopen, people might seem a little stressed about coming back to work. Even with all the protective measures and the vaccinations that are protecting people from the virus, some employees might be nervous about coming back to work. You might need to use a return-to-work survey to gauge your employees’ feelings and see how they feel about returning to work.

A return-to-work survey is an anonymous way to gather effective employee feedback and make sure that your employees feel like they have a voice in coming back to work. Plus, surveys are much easier than taking pointed questions from a boss! In order to make sure that you have the best survey available, take a look at these must have return to work survey questions!

An open-ended questionnaire, or return-to-work questionnaire, with short answers is often the best way to go about getting the answers to these questions. Just be prepared for responses of varying lengths.


Pros and Cons of A Survey

Pros and Cons of A Survey

  • icon checkEasy to organize
  • icon checkSurveys are anonymous
  • icon checkEasy to organize the information
  • icon timesSome survey participants go into more detail than others

7 Questions Must be Included in Return to Work Survey

1. Are You Concerned About Covid?

One of the biggest return-to-work survey questions that you need to ask your employees straight off the bat in the return to office survey is if they are concerned about Covid when coming back to the workplace. Coming back to the workplace, even if it is as clean as a whistle and has protective measures in place, still carries a risk of getting Covid-19. You should focus on asking if they are concerned about getting the virus, and also how they can feel safe at work with a safe office space.

Are You Concerned About Covid?

2. What Would Make You Feel Safe At Work?

If your employees are worried about getting Covid-19, ask them about what could alleviate their fears. It is essential in the return-to-work survey. Would they like partitions between desks, free testing, or vaccine access? Do they want communal aspects of the office closed? Do they want a face mask for covid-19? While you might not be able to meet every single request, you should at least focus on any requests that are repeated by several employees.

If half of your team wants partitions between desks and wants to have everyone wear masks, then you should seriously consider making that concession to keep everyone happy.

What Would Make You Feel Safe At Work?

3. Is There Anything That Would Upset You About Returning To the Office?

While most of your employees might do any protective measure you ask them to, some might be upset by the inconvenience or annoyed by the changes that they have to make. Asking this question in covid return-to-work survey might help you see the majority of objections if they happen. For example, some people might not like having a clean desk policy or could be objected to getting a vaccine.

If the majority of your team is against getting a vaccine or having a staggered lunchtime schedule, you need to decide if an unhappy team is worth the potential risk. It’s a decision that only you can make, and this question can help you make it.

4. Would You Like To Keep Working From Home?

This is one of the important questions in your return-to-work questionnaire. Some employees work better when working from home, and would like to continue working from home even with the COVID-19 crisis out of the way. If you can offer work from home positions, do so and watch your team’s morale start to climb. Plus, some employees might be more productive in a comfortable home working environment, and those employees might jump at the chance to remain at home.

Would You Like To Keep Working From Home?

5. Do You Have Concerns About Commuting to Work?

For your employees who need to take public transportation to work, they might be concerned about wearing their graphene antiviral mask, keeping themselves socially distant, and keeping themselves safe as they go out in public. You should address these concerns as best as you can and try to see if you can alleviate them. Some people do not want to go out of their home because they are afraid of the virus, so it is necessary to include this question in your return to work survey questions. You might be able to set up a company carpool for those employees and make sure that they are kept safe.

Do You Have Concerns About Commuting to Work?

6. What Can You Be Flexible On?

One of the most important things you can do as an employee and a boss is to be flexible, especially during times of crisis. You should discuss with your employees about what they can be flexible on and use that to create a staggered schedule in the return-to-work survey. Some of the answers they can give you can include the ability to come in earlier or later, have different lunchtimes, or if they are comfortable working from home.

If your company can’t be opened to full capacity then you should make sure that at least some of your employees are working from home. Some of them might be more flexible to the idea than others, so make sure to tap those employees for a work from home position.

7. Are You Healthy Enough To Come Back?

This return to office survey question is a pretty normal one on surveys, but with the pandemic, you should be focusing on getting a clear and succinct answer to that question. If people don’t feel healthy enough to come back, then you shouldn’t force them to come back and risk exposing themselves and others to Covid-19 or various other illnesses.


Make Sure To Read and Note Every Single Survey

If you have several employees, then you should make an effort to read and understand each and every return-to-work survey. Try to make a note of any commonalities and things that every single employee is asking for or is bringing up. If the majority of your team is answering one question the same way, then implement it into your reopening protocols.

The safety of your team comes first, both to keep your team safe and also to prevent the pandemic from closing down your business a second time. By implementing some of the things you see in the survey, you can help to keep everything on track.

The purpose of these surveys is to gain information and make sure your team is comfortable returning to work as the pandemic starts to end. Then, you can put the focus on completely working on your business and make sure that your reopening helps to get your business back on track.

Make Sure To Read and Note Every Single Survey

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