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9 Desk Setup Ideas for Marvel Comic Fans
Workplace Inspiration

9 Desk Setup Ideas for Marvel Comic Fans

|Mar 10, 2021

An inspired employee Is a productive employee, and sometimes the best way to inspire yourself is to personalize your workspace. Everyone does this to some extent, but some people take it a bit further than others and implement ideas that make space uniquely theirs. If you are into Marvel comics, for example, nothing is stopping you from pulling some inspiration and comfort from a few familiar faces of The Avengers.

A desk setup for a Marvel fan can be incredibly unique and fun to design. While people tend to put in their custom workspace touches, not many are going to stand out like yours does as a connoisseur of these incredible comics. Here are nine cool things that can create an awe-inspiring office setup for a marvel fan.

1. Captain America Mousepad

Captain America Mousepad

Custom mouse pads seem to be nothing less than a craze these days, as people use the designs to achieve all sorts of things. It is an interesting part of the desk setup for Marvel fans. For example, some offices think the mousepad is a great place to throw in their mission statement so staff members can see it and feel inspired by it pretty much every time they work. However, you can also get yourself a mouse pad inspired by a Marvel design, it will be one of the incredible desk accessories for your office.

One of the best such designs is a circular mouse pad based on Captain America's vibranium shield. It's a nice touch that goes well with a silver, red, or blue mouse. 

2. Ironman Mouse

Ironman mouse

Now you go from the mouse pad to the mouse. This is another great idea for desk setup for Marvel fans, and it's hard to deny the creativeness of the whole thing. In this design, Ironman's headpiece is used as the base for an ergonomic mouse, with the left and right mouse buttons being sections of the forehead area of the helmet. With an accessory like this, no one could deny your place in the Marvel fandom. 

3. Hero Color Scheme

Hero Color Scheme

If you want a more subtle approach when contemplating the ideal room setup for a Marvel fan, you could opt to reflect your passion in the color scheme you choose. For example, you may wish to reflect Thor's color scheme throughout your office equipment. 

As a true Marvel comic fan, you know you're going to need some red, gold, and blue. It may be a bit easier to substitute gold for yellow here. So, you could start with a wooden standing desk that allows for a blue and red color customization. Your office chair could then be the opposite color. The gold could then come from another standout piece of equipment. From there, little touches of red, blue, and gold can show up in the form of smaller office accessories

If you want to get the point across, consider having a Thor action figure on the desk. 

4. Action Figures

Marvel Action Figures

Depending on your personality, you may not be a fan of modifying your entire desk to fit the Marvel image. Instead, you can bring several of your favorite Marvel characters to your office standing desk in the form of action figures. Wolverine, Spiderman, The Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Black Panther, and others can join you for work by hanging around your desk.

Be careful in your placement and how many of them you choose to incorporate, as you don't want to create a situation where they start detracting from your productivity by getting in the way. You can also consider putting some on shelves or in a glass cabinet in your designed office space. It will create an incredible office setup for Marvel fans. 

5. Customized Back Cushion

If you have a standing desk in your office, you should be practicing sit-stand sessions for health and functionality reasons. Additionally, back cushions on office chairs are very common, as they help to promote the spine health of many workers globally. 

Many designs are available to bring your back cushion into the fictional world. Choose your favorite Marvel-inspired design and lean back in style as you work. 

6. Desk Stickers

Desk Sticker

Here is a less imposing DIY standing desk idea That can serve as a great alternative to the potential disturbance that implementing action figures may create. Stickers have no vertical or horizontal three-dimensional real estate to have an impact on office equipment and accessory placement. 

You can let everyone know that you have created a desk setup for a Marvel fan by placing some of your favorite sticker designs all over your workspace. Start with your office desk and you can even liven up your equipment, such as your monitors by placing stickers on them too!

7. Posters

Marvel posters

This is probably the first thought that came to your mind when you started reading a list about potential office desk decor for a Marvel fan. People who are invested in fictional universes tend to personalize their spaces with posters. So, what should stop you from doing so too?

If your desk setup is near a wall and the presence of posters is not going to be too disturbing, feel free to put up several of your favorite heroes and villains in the Marvel comic universe. If there's not enough space to do multiple and you can only do one or so, consider a group poster that features a wide selection of the characters you love.

8. Your Favorite Comics

For many people, a small bookcase forms a part of their ultimate desk setup. If you are one such person, what kind of books are you interested in populating that bookcase with? How about some Marvel comics? Not many things can rival such a decision in clearly indicating where your interests lie. 

Sometimes, you want to get up, stretch, and move around as you work for health reasons. In such cases, you could easily grab one of your comics from the bookcase and do some glancing through during these short breaks. 

If you want to keep things even more interesting, keep it populated with newer comics that you are yet to read. When your lunchtime comes around, you can efficiently or each one and go for an even longer reading session. 

9. Desk Lamp

Lighting is an often forgotten yet important part of ergonomics, and a LED desk lamp can help you to keep things properly lit, regardless of what the conditions are where natural light is concerned. It is a necessary part of office desk decor for Marvel fans. Marvel-inspired desk lamps are available, and these can yield a unique and inspiring look to your office desk.

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