Is an Aluminum Shed a Good Addition to Your Backyard?
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Is an Aluminum Shed a Good Addition to Your Backyard?

|Feb 26, 2023

If you're interested in getting a shed but don't know which one to pick, you should consider purchasing an aluminum shed. These sheds have several benefits and can help you achieve your desired aesthetics. Moreover, there are many metal sheds out there, so you can pick the one that better suits your needs. 

In the following article, we will go through everything you need to know before purchasing a metal shed and why it is one of the best investments you can make. 

Advantages of Choosing an Aluminum Shed

1. It Is Less Combustible

In most places, especially those with hot weather, we are trained to minimize all fire hazards, including those in our storage sheds. One of the major advantages of aluminum sheds is that metal is less flammable than wood or plastic. This not only helps keep everything safe, but it also could lower your insurance costs.

2. Strength and Security

You can rest easy at night knowing all you put in your aluminum shed will be 100% safe from all possible hazards. All you have to do is make sure your shed is made of high-quality materials. This will cause them to provide exceptional durability, sustainability, and top-notch security features. Furthermore, most storage sheds are made to last up to 30 years. 

Advantages of Choosing an Aluminum Shed

3. Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of a metal shed is that it requires less upkeep, unlike other materials, such as wood. This way, you can forget about re-staining or re-stumping your shed every year. Moreover, this fantastic trait will allow you to focus on keeping the items in your shed as good as new. Nevertheless, you must wash your shed every six months to eliminate all the dirt and rust that may have accumulated. 

How Long Do Aluminum Sheds Last?

A metal or aluminum storage shed typically lasts for more than 10 years without taking damage or needing significant maintenance. Some may even last for 25 years. Therefore, a metal shed is the best option if you want a durable storage space that requires little to no upkeep. 

The advantages of metal shelters are numerous. Metal sheds are dependable buildings that keep your items safe from the weather and provide roomy interiors to store everything you want. Moreover, they are incredibly durable, which you won't likely find in sheds made of other materials. 

What Needs to Be Considered When Buying Aluminum Sheds?

1. Durability

Although there might be some exceptions depending on the manufacturer, most aluminum or metal outbuildings are built of premium steel. Compared to other types of sheds, they are easy to install, need minimal maintenance, and have a long lifespan. 

It doesn't matter which shed you choose; you must always search for one that's weather resistant. Your shed should be able to survive the weather in your area, especially if you live in extremely windy or rainy zones. In other words, make sure the shed can withstand the force of the wind during hurricane season or the weight of the snowfall in the winter. 

Metal sheds and outbuildings are great for anyone searching for storage options that also provide fantastic aesthetics. They are reliable, resistant to the elements, and reasonably priced.

What Needs to Be Considered When Buying Aluminum Sheds?

2. Sizing

The outbuilding's total size will depend on what will be stored there. You may only need a small tool shed with a single entrance if you will only store gardening and planting supplies. However, a considerably larger building will be required if you want to store lawn equipment and other large recreational goods and vehicles. Luckily, metal sheds are far larger than most plastic or wooden sheds. 

Moreover, the shed will also need to be wired for electricity if it will be used as a workshop where you will use power tools or electronic equipment. 

3. Local Rules

Before starting the construction process, you must consider local zoning regulations about installing new buildings on your property. In order to find out what limitations or permitting procedures apply to building new structures on a property, speak with the neighborhood municipal office. 

Nowadays, almost every county, municipality, or township has regulations regarding such property expansions, and it is best to know them to avoid paying fines. These regulations frequently include square footage, height, and distance restrictions. You must also be aware of the fire safety standards it must adhere to. If you want to know whether your new building will affect your premiums, you should also speak with your homeowner's insurance agent before you start building it. 

4. Foundation

Metal sheds and outbuildings rarely have floors, unlike wooden and plastic structures. Therefore, you must assess which is the ideal flooring or foundation for how the shed will be used. 

Cement slabs and gravel beds seem to be the two most common foundation solutions for metal shelters. However, keep in mind that the price of the metal framework does not include the flooring cost, which often has to be placed by a different contractor. 

The way foundations must be built is regulated by local governments and homeowner's organizations, which may even demand an inspection after the foundations have been created to ensure everything is safe for installing the rest of the shed. 


5. Style

There are many different styles of sheds and outbuildings. While it's true that wooden outbuildings have the broadest range of structures, metal outbuildings today also provide a pretty wide assortment. The most popular designs for metal outbuildings include bent bows and pole barns. 

On the one hand, pole barns feature wide open centers, and the arrangement of the wall poles or posts entirely supports the roof. However, the curvature of the building's roof where it meets the walls is referred to as a "bent bow." 

6. Curb Appeal

Outbuildings don't need a concrete purpose, even though they usually do. The architecture and color palette of your home should ideally merge into or be complemented by the design of your building. Thankfully, even metal sheds are available in a wide range of hues to complement any home. 

Planting flower beds along a shed's sides will also help it blend in with the surroundings, especially if it is a garden shed. Another beautiful addition is to include window boxes. 

Consider your front yard's curb appeal when positioning the shed on the property following the previously discussed area limitations. If the shed is visible from the street, pick a design that blends in with the home and creates an eye-catching statement. 

Top 10 Prefab Aluminum Sheds

1. Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

Our WorkPod Versatile can be installed in your backyard without causing inconveniences. With it, you can skip the frustrations of house renovations. 

This prebuilt studio shed is a space that makes it easy to live, work, and play, as it features a desk, bookcase, TV stand, fold-down coffee table, and convertible couch bed. 

You could even use it as an Airbnb, a home office, or an extra bedroom. This way, your backyard will become a personal space where you can do whatever you want. 

The WorkPod Versatile is equipped with all the necessary electrical settings and adaptable lighting with three colors to choose from. You can use it for anything you want. Just plug it in and let your imagination flow freely. 

Dimension106” W - 155”L x 106.3”H
MaterialExterior: Vinyl layer
Interior: Eco-friendly honeycomb paper
Frame: Steel
IncludeA closet, desk, bookshelf, TV stand, a foldable coffee table and convertible sofa bed
Minimum wattage150W
Lighting3 color modes
Warranty1 year

2. Hamlet Metal Shed

This modern backyard studio is made of strengthened metal, which allows it to withstand water, making it corrosion- and rust-resistant. The roof of this metal shed features an arrow design that slopes down to prevent rainwater accumulation. 

Moreover, its sliding doors make it easy to enter and exit the shed. Its door opening is about 60 inches high. In addition, it is known as an enormous metal shed, ideal for fulfilling all your storage needs. 

Because the materials come ready to be installed, the Hamlet Metal Shed is incredibly simple to put together and requires very little manual work.

Hamlet Metal Shed - aluminum shed

3. Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed

There is a ton of storage space in this backyard studio. It has large door apertures and enough space to fit a car. This shed can be used as a workshop or as anything else you choose. 

Its hot-piped, electro-galvanized steel makes it more enduring against severe weather than its resin storage shed counterparts. Moreover, it is coated with premium enamel paint to provide a sleek finish. 

4. Arrow Oakbrook Shed

Convenience is vital when assembling low-cost prefab ADU homes. Luckily, this Arrow Oakbrook shed is extremely easy to put together. The high gable roof on this metal storage shed gives you additional room to store your belongings. 

More items can be easily stored because it features considerable headroom. In addition, the pieces are ready to be installed as soon as you get them, so the shed's assembly should be as straightforward as possible. Its broad doorway makes it easy to fit any item you can think of, no matter how big it may be. 

These metal sheds are large enough to accommodate your home's excess clutter and anything you don't want to keep inside your house but don't want to throw away. 

Arrow Oakbrook Shed - aluminum shed

5. Brentwood Metal Shed

If you don't need to store too many goods, you can get a small and simple metal portable studio shed kit

This prefab aluminum shed is an excellent option if you want something you can take with you wherever you go. This metal shelter is only 5 feet long, making it both functional and fashionable.

Moreover, its taupe and coffee finish ensures a seamless match with the façade of your property.

Brentwood Metal Shed

6. Arrow Eggshell Shed

The Arrow Eggshell shed is made of low-roof reinforced steel, which provides excellent stability. In order to withstand rot, insects, and severe weather, this shed is made of reinforced metal. 

This accessory dwelling unit kit features a wall that is 60 inches in height for easy access, making it ideal for storing all your garden equipment and large items that don't have a place in your house.

Moreover, it features an appealing look with its sliding doors that provide simple access and exit. The door aperture on the shed can also be locked so that all your belongings are as safe as possible.

Arrow Eggshell Shed - aluminum shed

7. Click-Well Metal Shed

This studio cabin kit is perfect for storing gardening items and all that old furniture in your home you don't want to throw out yet. 

It is made of durable galvanized steel to ensure you won't have to replace it anytime soon. Moreover, it includes a security roof door for emergencies. 

This outdoor storage building is water-resistant, as it features drainage under the rooftop. Therefore, water cannot accumulate there when it rains.

Click-Well Metal Shed

8. Arrow Arlington Shed

The Arlington Sheds are excellent places to keep all your equipment and extra items you don't know where else to put. 

This backyard office pod is appropriate for keeping bigger objects because of its large entrance opening. Thanks to the gable roof layout, it has additional space for storing vehicles. 

It also features sliding doors that can be secured with a padlock. This ensures that your valuable goods are safe and that no one can get in the shed without your permission.

Arrow Arlington Shed

9. Arrow EZEE Steel Shed

The EZEE is an innovative aluminum storage shed that allows the convenient organization of your valuable items. 

Its appeal complements your home's exterior due to its eye-pleasing color scheme. The shed's walls are strong and long-lasting thanks to the reinforced steel they are made of.

Arrow EZEE Steel Shed

10. Arrow EZEE Steel Shed Charcoal

The design of EZEE Charcoal is much more durable than other shelters. Therefore, it is one of the strongest metal sheds on this list. In order to prevent rust, it is built of reinforced metal, making it one of the best rust-resistant sheds out there. 

These metal storage structures can also be used as mower sheds. Additionally, it is impact-resistant, resulting in reduced damage from things such as hail and fallen branches. The shed can be quickly assembled thanks to its pre-made pieces.

Arrow EZEE Steel Shed Charcoal

Bottom Line

Now that you've read all that a prefab accessory dwelling unit can do for you, all that's left to do is choose your favorite one. However, remember to check out our catalog to find more fantastic deals for your home.

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