Are Standing Desks Good for You? According to Research, Yes!
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Are Standing Desks Good for You? According to Research, Yes!

|May 5, 2024

Are standing desks good for you? This is the question I get asked many times by office workers looking for ways to safeguard their health. As more people begin to realize the importance of ergonomic furniture, the benefit of a standing desk is becoming a hot topic.

In many cases, standing desks cost more than regular office furniture, meaning you have to be sure you are getting something worthwhile for your investment. That means asking yourself important questions, such as “Does standing burn calories?”, “Are standing desks better for you?”, and “Are standing desks healthy?”

Once you get the answers to these questions, you can begin your search for the best stand-up desk 2024 has to offer. In this article, I will outline some of the benefits and drawbacks of having a standing desk, as well as some useful tips that will help you use such a desk safely. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Standing at Work

Are standing desks healthy? When you consider the importance of desk ergonomics, the answer to this question becomes clear. Let us start by looking at the potential health problems office employees are at risk from, such as:

  • Colon cancer and other types of cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Premature death

Faced with such life-threatening conditions, it is clear that you have to do all you can to improve your health while at work. Studies have shown that standing desks can help you do that. However, it is important to know just how much standing will benefit you compared to sitting behind your desk all day.

Well, in terms of calories burnt, standing is only slightly better than sitting. Research suggests that you will only burn an extra eight calories per hour when you stand compared to when you remain seated.

To get the full benefit of working upright, you have to mix in a few standing desk exercises. Walking, for example, will burn an extra 130 calories per hour. As such, you may need to consider combining your standing desk with an office treadmill.

Besides burning calories, however, standing will also help you improve your posture and productivity. With the right height setting, you will be able to work for long hours without straining your lower back.

Benefits of Standing at Work

Benefits of Standing Desks

The above standing desk health benefits should be enough to persuade any responsible office worker to make the switch to a home standing desk in 2024. With the right desk, proper height settings, and some exercises thrown in the mix, you should be able to enjoy some of the following benefits of a sit/stand desk:

  • Reduction/prevention of lower back pain
  • Better productivity
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Ability to exercise while working

Benefits of Standing Desks

Potential Drawbacks and Considerations

Are standing desks better for you? As much as having a smart desk is all the rage these days, there are some potential drawbacks that you have to consider, such as:

  • Standing desks are often more expensive than regular options
  • Some designs can be noisy
  • Manual standing desks can be difficult to adjust
  • There is a risk of knocking into nearby furniture with some standing desk models
  • The extra motor or lift mechanism may make the desk heavier
  • Some desks will require an electricity outlet
  • Accessories and gadgets may be damaged if dropped from a desk set to its maximum height
  • Working while standing in an open-plan office may infringe on the privacy of others

Potential Drawbacks and Considerations

Tips for Using Standing Desks Safely

To enjoy even a single benefit of standing desk use, you have to remember the following tips:

  • Always work at the optimal standing desk height
  • Buy a desk made of high-quality material
  • Consider a desk with extra features, such as anti-collision mechanisms and programmable keypads
  • Consider whether your workplace will allow you to use such a desk
  • Be careful when doing standing desk exercises
  • Leave enough room between the desk and other furniture before adjusting the height
  • Make sure the desk is stable and strong before leaning against it while standing
  • Consider the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of desk use and maximum weight capacity.

Tips for Using Standing Desks Safely

Five of the Top Standing Desks at Autonomous

With so many standing desk health benefits to enjoy, it is no wonder that you are here looking for the best product on the market. However, this is not always easy due to the high number of options available.

That is why I took the time to review some of the desks that are making waves in 2024. If you are considering switching to a standing desk soon, visit Autonomous and buy any of the following great products:

1. SmartDesk Core

The SmartDesk Core is one of the flagship ergonomic desks to come from Autonomous. To date, over 2,100 Microsoft employees have purchased this great desk, which proves that it is certainly worth considering for your home office.


If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line white standing desk, look no further than the SmartDesk Core. It also comes in a variety of other colors, such as black and grey. The impressive lift mechanism works quietly while keeping your furniture safe through its awesome anti-collision feature.

Whether you want to stand upright or slightly lean on your desk, you can do so with ease thanks to the generous adjustable height range. All the desk's features are controlled using a user-friendly programmable keypad that makes height adjustment a breeze. If you buy it today from Autonomous, you will enjoy an awesome five-year warranty.

SmartDesk Core

Reason to Buy

The number one reason to buy the SmartDesk Core is its ability to adapt to any space and the needs of the user. Get this desk if you need support when conducting the many office tasks you have to do daily.

2. SmartDesk Pro

Fitness enthusiasts looking for a standing desk that can cater to their active lifestyle should consider buying the SmartDesk Pro. It is a high-quality desk that will handle any desk exercises you throw at it.


Modern offices come in a wide range of décor designs, and the SmartDesk Pro can adapt to that by having many exciting color options to choose from, such as classic finishes and natural wood tops.

The desk is supported but a solid steel frame that allows it to carry up to 310 pounds with ease. You can adjust the desk from 26.2 to 52 inches, which is more than enough range for the average office employee.

To adjust its height, the SmartDesk Pro uses an ultra-quiet electric dual motor that is controlled by a state-of-the-art programmable keypad. You can store up to four different height settings, which is great if you are sharing your desk with other workers. The cherry on top is the desk's unbelievable 20-year warranty, which is proof of the manufacturer's confidence in its build quality.

SmartDesk Pro

Reason to Buy

You should consider buying the SmartDesk Pro if you are looking for a high-quality desk that will last you a long time. I found the 20-year warranty to be very appealing considering how expensive standing desks can be.

3. SmartDesk Corner

Sometimes, additional space may be required while working in the office, which is where the SmartDesk Corner’s extra tabletop work area shines through. This is a great option for sharing desks with fellow workers.


The SmartDesk Corner is designed to provide twice the space of a regular desk while fitting snugly in the corner to avoid taking up too much space. It also provides more power for everything you need and can handle an impressive 400 pounds with ease.

To adjust the height of this massive desk, the SmartDesk Corner uses a whisper-quiet triple electric motor that will adjust it to anywhere between 29,4 and 48 inches in just a few seconds.

This desk is divided into modular segments that provide the perfect fit for your needs. It means even though it is larger than regular desks, it is still well-suited for small offices with limited space.

SmartDesk Corner

Reason to Buy

There are many great things to talk about the SmartDesk Corner, but what I loved the most was the free cable tray that comes with each purchase. If you want some help keeping your desk organized and clutter-free, this is the right product for you.

4. SmartDesk Levitate

The SmartDesk Levitate is widely regarded as one of the most advanced standing desk designs on the market. If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology, this is one desk you need to consider buying.


There is no other desk in this review that offers such effortless height adjustment as the SmartDesk Levitate. With just one touch, you can adjust your desk to any height that you want using the integrated sensor and quick-control keypad. The height adjustment occurs quietly, ensuring you do not disturb any of the other employees.

Made from 100% solid ash wood, this desk comes in two tabletop sizes designed to cater to the needs of different workers. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing products on the market. Its steel motor frame is strong enough to effortlessly lift 310 pounds, which is more than enough strength for regular office use.

With a height range of between 26.3 and 44.1 inches, and an awesome 15-year warranty, what more would you need to improve your health, posture, and productivity at work?

SmartDesk Levitate

Reason to Buy

Convenience is something everyone wants in their day-to-day lives. With the SmartDesk Levitate, you can have that and more. I love how I was able to adjust the height of my desk as if by magic. The one-touch integrated sensor puts this desk head and shoulders above the rest.

5. SmartDesk One

Finally, the last desk on my comprehensive standing desk review is one of the latest additions to the Autonomous lineup. The SmartDesk One is the ultimate solution for workers with limited space in their offices.


With a tempered glass tabletop that measures just 28.5 X 19.7 X 0.24 inches, the SmartDesk One will fit snugly in very small spaces. It is supported by a single frame on wheels, meaning it can be easily moved around the office.

Despite its small size, this desk can still carry up to 140 pounds, which allows you to conduct all regular office activities safely. The height is controlled by a seamless touch keypad that activates the quiet single electric motor.

In terms of range of height, the SmartDesk One can be adjusted anywhere from 29 to 48 inches. It also comes with AC and USB outlets as well as a wireless charger to help keep your devices fully charged all day.

SmartDesk One

Reason to Buy

Often, when working in large cities, office space comes at a premium. If you are one of the many employees forced to work in tiny offices, the SmartDesk One is your ultimate solution. You can enjoy all the benefits of having a standing desk without taking up a lot of space in your office.

The Top Pick for 2024

After reading this article, you should not waste any more time asking yourself the question “Are standing desks good for you?” The answer is clearly yes, so you need to start hunting for the best desk for your needs.

When looking at the features of each of the desks I reviewed here, the stand-out option has to be the SmartDesk Levitate. It comes with all the standing desk health benefits that you need as a full-time office worker. As a bonus, you can have the benefit of standing desk use while enjoying the awesome levitate feature each time you adjust the desk height.

If this does not seem like the best desk for your needs, any of the other four desks I reviewed here should fit the bill. You can visit the Autonomous website and enjoy browsing through the many standing desks and ergonomic furniture items that are available on sale.

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