Best Ergonomic Chair Under $300 Any Freelancer Should Have
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Best Ergonomic Chair Under $300 Any Freelancer Should Have

|Sep 17, 2020

Freelancers tend to have it rougher than others. You’re always out there promoting yourself and trying to get new clients. It’s a never-ending cycle, which often means long hours sitting at your desk. Therefore, you want an ergonomic chair under $300 that helps you keep perfect posture while you’re making calls, typing on the laptop, or going through paperwork.

1. What a freelancer needs for home office

Since you are a freelancer, you have to buy your own office supplies and equipment. This often includes:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Mouse
  • Second monitor
  • Printer/fax machine/copier/scanner
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Desk
  • Ergonomic chair

Home officeWe’re going to talk about each of the above-mentioned points a little more so that you understand the importance of them to push productivity for freelancers.

2. Computer/Laptop, mouse and second monitor

Most freelancers do their work from a computer. You may need to go online to bid for jobs for which you’re qualified. Others may need to check in with the boss periodically or research things. You’re probably also going to type a lot, so you may want an ergonomic keyboard.

The mouse is also essential, though laptops do have them built-in. There are ergonomic mice and mouse pads available.

Freelancer keyboardsSome freelancers don’t, but a second monitor could be beneficial. You can type while you research items or do various things with two screens.

3. Printer

Depending on your job, you may need to print documentation and file it appropriately. Fax machines can get information from you to someone else quickly.

Printers for freelancersIf you prefer to write longhand, a scanner can get it scanned to the computer to send.

4. Desk and ergonomic chair

Generally, you want a desk that is comfortable and gives you plenty of space. Standing desks are all the rage right now and might be something to consider.

The best office chair under $300 is also something you want and need. Of course, these chairs aren’t cheap; however, you don’t necessarily want to spend too much.

4.1. Headrest adjustments

When it comes to an ergonomic chair under $300, the MyoChair iis an excellent choice. It comes in multiple colors, which is ideal for matching your office décor. Plus, it is stylish enough to fit in with modern homes.

Headrest adjustmentsIf you’re looking for the best desk chair under $300, this is the one for you. You can adjust the headrest height and tilt. This provides your neck with the comfort it needs throughout the day. Most of the time, you’re sure to leave it in the upright position. However, if you ever need to take a break in the chair, you can tilt it back and stretch your neck.

4.2. Back and seat tilt options

This ergonomic chair under $300 also features a back tilt, and you can adjust the tension. Sit up straight when you’re typing without fear of falling backward. When you do require a break, such as while being on the phone, you can use the back tilt feature. With a customizable tension lever, you can choose to let it go back slowly or quickly.

There is also a backrest lock, which ensures that the chair doesn’t go any farther back than what you desire.

The seat itself can also be adjusted. With the seat base slider, you can move it forward. For example, you may need to be closer to the desk or have a small profile. When that happens, you can move the base of the best office chair under $300.

4.3. Hand rests

When you have an ergonomic chair under $300, it should still have hand rests. These should be comfortable so that you can relax the arms as necessary.

Hand restsMany times, it can move forward and backward, which ensures that your arms and elbows can be in perfect alignment with your body at all times.

4.4. Height adjustment

Of course, the best desk chair under $300 should have an adjustable height option. Everyone is different, so you’ve got to ensure that it moves quite a bit.

That way, you can easily find the option that works best for you.

4.5. Breathable support

The best office chair under $300 is the MyoChair. One of the reasons it’s popular is that it features Korean mesh. This is highly breathable, so you’re not going to get back sweat if the home office is a little warm. There’s also some very subtle stretch, which can cradle the body as you lean back. Feel like you’re lying back on a cloud throughout the day!

5. Pros & cons of having an ergonomic chair

5.1. Benefits of an ergonomic chair under $300

The best desk chair under $300 should be ergonomic. That way, you reap all of the health benefits of using it.

For example, it is going to support the posture better. Traditional chairs often require you to slouch or make it easier to do so without realizing it. An ergonomic chair under $300 focuses primarily on these issues and includes a variety of features (backrest and headrest) to support the posture when you’re sitting. The height of your chair is also adjustable, which means you can keep the feet on the floor in the correct position (flat and relaxed). With that, the knees stay at a 90-degree angle and are parallel with the hips. Such corrections are ideal for the best posture.

Of course, comfort also plays a role. The best desk chair under $300 ensures that you’re comfortable throughout the day. This happens from the variety of features the chair includes.

Ergonomic chair benefitsNeck problems are often a concern for many people. Without neck support while sitting, you can get stiffness in the shoulders and neck. With time, that can lead to cervical spondylosis and other conditions. An ergonomic chair under $300 has a fully adjustable headrest to support your head while stretching the neck at times. If you’re frequently on the phone, this is a great feature to have.

Many people experience less back pain and hip pressure with an ergonomic chair under $300. The backrest supports the curvature of your spine because it’s high enough to support the full back. Reclining functionality also lets you rest the back while staying in good sitting posture.

Traditional chairs usually feature a hard surface, so the seat puts pressure on the hips. The best office chair under $300 with ergonomic qualities has a deeper seat depth to support the buttocks and hips.

Of course, you’ve got to consider that these chairs are often smaller, so they fit more easily in your home office.

5.2. Disadvantages of an ergonomic chair

The best office chair under $300 is going to have a few disadvantages. For one, though it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to others, this is still a big chunk of change to drop at one time. Many companies provide customers with payment plans to help them cover the cost now so that they can enjoy the chair’s benefits.

Disadvantages of ergonomic chairAnother disadvantage you should be aware of is that the best desk chair under $300 is going to require some assembly. Though you get instructions and can watch videos online, it’s going to take a few moments to get it all put together. However, the company from which you buy gives you all the tools you need to get the job done, including the screwdriver!

6. FAQs for ergonomic office chair

6.1. Why do freelancers need an ergonomic chair under $300?

Being a freelancer means you have to stay around your indoor working space most of the time. Hereby, it would be best if you had a comfortable chair that can keep you comfortable & productive every day so that your creative juice could flow through every work of yours. Comfortability and affordability that’s all you need to think of when choosing the best office chair under $300 because you’re sure to be sitting most of the day.

Ergonomic chair for freelancer Of course, there are other tools you’re going to need, but the chair and desk are the topmost concerns. That way, you can sit comfortably and keep your spine aligned correctly.

6.2. How Can I Boost Productivity in My Home Office?

There are countless ways to help boost your productivity. Of course, adding plants might be a good idea. They keep your health in check and boost performance.

However, the thing to focus on here is comfort. If you’re uncomfortable in your office, you’re not going to want to stay there. This means getting up and going into the kitchen or living room to get away from the space.

Make sure that you consider the color scheme. Choose neutral colors or ones that you like. That way, you want to spend time in the room.

Still, you can’t negate the importance of the furniture in the room. Whether you have a lot of space or not, there are a few things you’ve got to have. For example, the desk and chair are essential. Usually, you can find the best office chair under $300. Ergonomic writing desks are comparable in price, and you can choose standing desks that move up and down to meet your specific needs.

Ergonomic Chair productivityGenerally, this is the best option. The chair is adjustable so that the knees, hips, and back are in alignment with the feet flat on the ground. However, that often means the desk sits too high. When it’s fully adjustable (with the touch of a button), you can ensure that it’s at the right height for sitting. Program the desk for when you’re upright and when you’re leaned back. Then, program it for standing height so that you can remove the chair at times and stand while working.

In this way, you’ve always got the right functionality for anything that you do throughout your day.

Going back to aesthetics for a moment, you should ensure that your desk and workspace are organized and uncluttered. It’s much easier to work that way. Plus, you aren’t going to feel rushed or anxious throughout the day.

6.3. How Does an Ergonomic Chair Look Like?

The best desk chair under $300 is often ergonomic. They look a little funny, but they are designed for maximum comfort and spinal alignment. Usually, these chairs have a special rod at the back to make sure that you don’t overextend it. You’re going to find that they adjust in almost every way possible, such as the hand rests, headrests, and even seat position.

Typically, they are adaptable in every way to your specific needs. With that, you have more productivity throughout the day because you’re more comfortable and can sit easily for long periods.

6.4. Why Is Lumbar Support Necessary?

Lumbar support refers to desk chairs that offer extra support in that region. This helps to protect the spine and allow it to follow the natural curvature. In short, the extra cushion there ensures that the low back muscles don’t overexert themselves to keep you in an upright position.

Your natural tendency is often to slouch forward or lean forward while sitting in an office chair. When you’re using an ergonomic chair with lumbar support, it cradles your body and makes it feel effortless to sit up straight for long periods.

6.5. Do I Really Need Armrests?

Armrests are provided to make sure that you can sit in the right position without overtaxing any of your muscles. If your arms hang down, you are more likely to round the shoulders, which means there is more pressure on the neck, spine, and back.

When you do use an armrest, but it isn’t positioned correctly, your arms could be thrust in front of you or behind you. This adds stress to the neck and shoulder region, which invariably causes you to slouch. Likewise, you may put pressure on the forearms to try to keep you in the right position. This causes arm pain.

6.6. How High Should the Armrests Be?

As you sit up straight, put your elbows at a 90-degree angle with the arms back slightly. This ensures that you’re in good posture. Now, adjust the armrests until they allow you to rest the forearm on it while in that position and without too much pressure (if the armrest is too high).


Many times, people aren’t sure of what they need. Whether you’ve been a freelancer for many years or you’re just starting, the right office equipment and mindset are key. It’s hard to force yourself to go to work every day, especially when you stay at home.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a comfortable space that is only designed for working. Make sure it’s roomy, has the right equipment, and is uncluttered and ready for creativity or productivity.

When searching for the right furniture products to put into your home office, you want the best desk chair under $300. Of course, the MyoChair is an excellent choice because everything on it can be adjusted to meet your particular needs.

Of course, it’s stylish enough to work with any décor, but it’s also comfortable. Though it requires a little assembly, the time it takes to put together is comparable to other brands. This means you can be sitting in your new chair and adjusting it to your needs in no time.

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