Best Music for Concentration and Focus - For When You Want to Boost Productivity

Best Music for Concentration and Focus - For When You Want to Boost Productivity

|Nov 16, 2020

Some people believe that music is what unites us. For others, it is what keeps them focused. No matter its significance in your life, music can play a part in boosting your productivity, whether you are working in the office or trying to get chores done. It can be that critical link that motivates you to do your work. 

Though music can inspire you to get stuff done, some music can get too distracting. Be aware that some types of music are better for studying, writing, and thinking critically, while others do a better job of sparking you to do more physical activities. 

The Effect of Music on Focus and Productivity

According to a professor at Northcentral University, music has the power to activate both sides of the brain, thus improving focus and productivity. However, music with lyrics can be the most distracting. Experts recommend classical music for strengthening focus since some research points to it as the genre that makes the mind more receptive to information. 

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Is Volume Important When Trying to Focus?

Yes, the volume is critical when trying to play some tunes to keep you focused. You don't want the music to dominate your thoughts while working. It is best to remember that the music should be in the background—not the focus of your work. 

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Should Music Have a Certain Tempo?

The music's tempo is not extremely important, as some genres motivate some people better than others. On the other hand, Northcentral University says that music between 60 and 70 beats per minute works best to promote focus and productivity. 

Pros and Cons of Listening to Music While Working


  • Can help retain information
  • Can improve focus
  • Can improve overall mood


  • Must find the right type of music to be productive

Types of music

1. Classical Music

Classical music tends to be experts' favorite music genre to recommend when people are trying to boost their productivity. The so-called "Mozart Effect," which was discovered in 1993, concludes that listening to classical music can enhance your skills. This comes from a study where participants listened to Mozart for 10 minutes and saw improvement in their spatial reasoning skills. Of course, many people used this study to deem classical music as the genre of intelligence. While this is not necessarily true, classical music can do a number on productivity skills. 

Overall, the soothing nature of orchestral music can enhance focus and, therefore, productivity. Plus, there are no lyrics that can act as distractions. Even if classical is not your go-to, it is most likely the best music for concentration and focus. 

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2. Sounds of Nature

Studies have shown that simple sounds that come from nature can block out distracting noises. They are soothing in quality and prevent distractions, as they do not have lyrics. People who want to improve their focus can have fun picking their nature sounds since there is a variety. You can look for something as simple as the ocean waves or something as complex as a thunderstorm while frogs croak and birds chirp. 

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3. Music You Don't Really Care For

Some research suggests music that makes you feel indifferent could help you stay focused. It does not have the pumped-up quality that makes you feel excited like the music you enjoy. Additionally, it does not have the blood-boiling quality that makes you want to turn off the radio. Therefore, it meets in the middle and can help block out background noise to keep you focused. 

4. Music that You Favor

The music that you like can make you feel more motivated to complete tasks. However, this may not be the best music for concentration and focus in a critical thinking setting. When you are doing physical tasks, like cleaning or working out, the music that you favor can keep you energized. It is a great way to propel your body to keep working. 

5. Relaxing Music

Finally, relaxing music could be the gateway between procrastination and complete productivity. Almost no one likes stressful work. A soothing tune could turn the tables and maintain your energy when studying, researching, or completing work. Not to mention that you can be in a much better mood by the time you finish your work. 

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How to Make Your Office Space Geared for Productivity

Music plays a positive role in making you more productive. Your office space and what you put in it can also play a significant role in your work. A standing desk lets you switch seamlessly from sitting to standing. Meanwhile, a quality office chair supports good posture, keeps you comfortable, and enables you to leave work feeling great. There are plenty of accessories, too, that can improve your organization, productivity, and focus. Try a monitor arm to keep your neck comfortable or a cable tray to organize all your supplies. 

Overall, find what works for you! We all work differently, so it may take some trial and error before finding music that works for you.

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