The Best Small Office Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray
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The Best Small Office Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray

|Apr 2, 2024

Looking to optimize your workspace? Explore the world of small home office desks, perfect for creating an efficient small home office desk setup. Allow me to share my in depth review of the best small office desk with keyboard tray options, as I’ve picked the best ones in town for you.

Whether you're seeking a small office desk for bedroom or one small office desk with lockable drawers for added security, in today’s review, I’ve got you covered. Discover the versatility and functionality of these compact solutions, tailor-made (whether in the shape of DIY small office desk) to enhance your productivity and comfort in any home office setting. 

Top Small Office Standing Desks with Keyboard Tray

1. SHW 48-Inch

The SHW 48-Inch Electric Adjustable small computer desk with pull out keyboard tray is a space-saving powerhouse designed to boost your productivity and well-being. This compact desk boasts a spacious 48" x 24" work surface crafted from high-grade steel, perfect for small offices and home workspaces.

The magic lies in its electric lift system that I liked the most. With a height range of 28 to 45 inches, it effortlessly transitions from sitting to standing, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue. A built-in keyboard tray slides out smoothly, ensuring ergonomic hand placement while typing.

Two built-in drawers make staying organized a breeze, and cable clutter is a thing of the past thanks to convenient grommets on the desktop. For added convenience, the SHW desk features a 4-memory preset function, allowing you to save your preferred sitting and standing heights for instant adjustments.

2. Mount-It!

Space-crunched but craving a standing desk solution? Look no further than Mount-It! Height Adjustable Rolling Standing Desk. This clever design packs a powerful punch in a compact 28" x 27.5" footprint, making it a perfect fit for small offices and home workspaces.

At first it seemed small, but I underestimated its size! This mobile workstation boasts four sturdy shelves, offering a total weight capacity of 132 lbs – ideal for storing computer towers, printers, and AV equipment. The star of the show is the top shelf, which effortlessly adjusts from a comfortable sitting height of 37 inches all the way up to 54 inches, creating a standing workspace in seconds.

Versatility is key with the Mount-It! desk. Use it as a computer workstation, a laptop stand, or even an audio/video equipment station. The smooth-rolling, multi-directional casters allow you to effortlessly rearrange your workspace or move the desk from room to room. Backed by a 10-year warranty, this mobile standing desk is a space-saving and adaptable solution for the modern worker.

3. Eureka L-Shaped

Lacking room but yearning for a more comfortable workstation? You have a champion in the form of the Eureka L-shaped Electric Standing Desk. I was highly impressed with its sleek carbon fiber finish and roomy 61-inch desktop, as this L-shaped design will make the most of your workspace without compromising on style.

This height adjustment system's secret ingredient is its whisper-quiet, dual-motor design. Whether you're sitting or standing, you can easily adjust the height from 29" to 48" to help you maintain good posture and stay alert all day long. The controller remembers your favorite sitting and standing heights for easy one-touch adjustments, and it has two built-in USB ports to keep your devices charged.

The desk has a 30-inch pull-out keyboard tray with an integrated wrist rest, a big mousepad for precise tracking, a place to hold your drink, a hook for headphones, and a cable management tray to prevent your desk from becoming a tangled mess.

Top-rated Small Office Desks with Keyboard Tray

1. OneSpace Stanton Desk

This contemporary desk features a 27.5-inch display area, ideal for your computer monitor. However, storage solutions are where the magic happens. The bottom shelf is large enough to accommodate books, printers, and other office necessities, and the keyboard tray pulls out to free up desktop space.

You can easily take the Stanton Desk from the house to the office. This multipurpose piece can serve as a chic storage desk for your bedroom, a small desk for your computer, or even a spot to do your homework. I personally chose it as a small desk for my computer, and it perfectly served its purpose. Its sleek design and sophisticated wood-grain finish make it a perfect match for any modern or contemporary room.

The Stanton Desk's PVC-lined MDF boards and strong steel frame give it surprising durability; it can support up to 100 pounds. OneSpace is true to its name; it offers a fashionable and practical way to make the most of a small office. This is easily the best small computer desk with keyboard tray on the market.

2. TOPSKY Computer Desk

The TOPSKY Computer Desk (model S-205B) is a space-saving champion designed to keep your home office clutter-free and organized. This multi-functional desk boasts a compact footprint (54"L x 19" W) but maximizes functionality with a variety of built-in storage solutions.

The spacious desktop comfortably fits your computer monitor, while the two open shelves provide easy access to books, binders, and other essentials. Are you worried about CPU placement? The center shelf is removable, allowing you to customize the space to fit your tower.

For ergonomic comfort, the desk features a pull-out keyboard tray with a spacious 24.5" surface. This keeps your keyboard and mouse positioned optimally, reducing wrist strain during long work sessions. I loved this feature since all the computer essentials became very convenient to use. The keyboard tray sits 2.8 inches below the desktop for a comfortable typing posture.

Durability is another strong suit. And don't worry about assembly – the TOPSKY desk comes with all the tools and fasteners you need for a stress-free setup.

3. ODK Computer Desk

This 48-inch desk comes with an elevated monitor stand shelf that is set at 4.5 inches. The 7.8" wide monitor shelf, which can hold two monitors or extra storage, keeps your desk neat and organized. This desk is perfect for home offices thanks to its 23.6-inch-wide pull-out keyboard tray, which protects your keyboard from dust and debris and makes it unnecessary to use an extra tray.

Notably, it comes with two drawers covered in fabric and provides extra storage that is convenient and easy to use. The desk has a sturdy metal frame and a top made of particle board that is resistant to water, collisions, and scratches. Ergonomic design and functional features come together in the ODK Computer Desk, which has a simple assembly process and desk foot pads to protect the floor from scratches.


For those seeking an optimal blend of functionality and space efficiency, a narrow desk with keyboard tray proves invaluable. The inclusion of a small office desk with drawers and DIY options caters to diverse organizational needs. Embracing the trend of an adjustable desk enhances versatility, ensuring a tailored and ergonomic work setup. These space-saving solutions will help you make the most of your home or office environment while also increasing your productivity.

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