Build your Own Backyard Office: Austin Options for the Ultimate Outdoor Office
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Build your Own Backyard Office: Austin Options for the Ultimate Outdoor Office

Autonomous|Dec 30, 2021

Remote working has taken off in a big way, and it looks like it is here to stay. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small have completely re-evaluated the way they work and have shifted some, if not all, of their business to a whole new setup. 

The home office has rapidly evolved from a makeshift desk in the quietest corner of the house or a laptop on the sofa. Now, remote businesses are taking things to a new level of professionalism and style. First came the modern home executive corner, then the flexible sit/stand workstation. Now, the home office work pod.

Texas residents are lucky to have the prime conditions for building their own backyard office. Austin is a vibrant young city full of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and freelance remote workers, so what better place to lead the way in this exciting new development? 

What Is a Backyard Office?

There are no prizes for guessing what a backyard office in Austin is. In short, it is a small building or structure set up in somebody’s garden for the sole purpose of acting as an office space. The size, shape, and style can vary greatly, but the principle is the same: it is a dedicated area that allows people to do their job productively without leaving their property but still keeps work and life separate. 

Types of Backyard Offices in Austin

When building a backyard office, Austin residents should consider what style works best for their space, routine, and budget. With that in mind, here are a few different backyard office styles from which to choose. 

Backyard Office Shed

Backyard Office Shed

In Austin, plenty of homes have a decent-sized garden. The hot, sunny climate makes it more than possible to transform the old backyard shed into a modern, stylish home office. Any keen DIY fans are sure to love a project like this! 

If you already have a garden shed that is still in good condition, you are halfway there! Depending on the design of the shed, you may need to add insulation and windows for natural light, as well as electricity and power sockets. A backyard office Austin style is all about rustic chic meets modern style, with all the DIY points a person could want. 

Who is it best for: A backyard office shed in Austin is best for a creative person on a budget. You don’t need a lot of space and you don’t want to spend too much money, but you do need your own workspace to boost productivity at home. Perhaps you work freelance or split your time between home and at the office. 

Backyard Studio Build

Backyard Studio Build

Having a backyard studio in Austin is the ultimate remote office setup for independent businesses. Some small companies have moved their entire operation to the at-home way of work to save on rental and overheads. Depending on the type of business you run, and where your team is located, you may want a central meeting point where you can come together as a business without heading to a commercial space. 

Here enters the backyard studio office. A studio is a fully self-contained unit, including a toilet and kitchenette. They are often built in Austin gardens to act as guest houses or additional living space for growing families but are equally as effective as remote offices. 

Building an entire office studio on your property is certainly not a budget-friendly option, nor is it possible in the average backyard. That said, many Austin homes have ample space on their land and can easily support this type of structure. It is worth installing it with solar panels to take advantage of the Texan sunshine and save on energy. 

Who is it best for: A backyard studio in Austin is best for a family-run business or locally operated business that needs a simple headquarters to control daily operations. You have the space and money to invest in a studio office and feel your remote company can benefit from having a communal base. 

An Office Pod

An Office Pod

The backyard office pod is our favorite new remote working trend. Sleek, simple, and eco-friendly, these quirky pods are the ideal addition to any Austin home to maximize working potential. 

At first glance, they are similar to an office shed but look a little closer and they are so much more advanced. Complete with floor-to-ceiling glass for natural light, pre-insulated walls, floors, and roof, and all the electrical outlets you need for a day of work, a prefab backyard pod is truly an incredible design. 

Who is it for: Anyone can benefit from an outdoor office pod in Austin, especially someone who works remotely full-time. Solo workers who spend many working hours in their home office, whether for themselves, an independent company, or a large corporation, are sure to love the many benefits one of these structures can offer.   

Pros and Cons of a Garden Office Pod in Austin

Having a work pod for garden office use in Austin is highly beneficial in several ways, but it is always worth weighing up the pros and cons. Overall, we are huge fans of this style of home office setup and think it is the future of remote working in cities such as Austin. 

To give you a better understanding of what having a backyard office shed in Austin entails, here is a brief look at some of the pros and cons.  

Pros of a Garden Office Pod in Austin

Pros of a Garden Office Pod in Austin

Working from home without a dedicated office space is extremely difficult, even for the most focused of people. With a backyard office in Austin, you can leave the house and enter a new frame of mind as you step inside your new office - without ever leaving your property.

Most of the best garden office pod designs are soundproofed to keep the distractions of the outside world exactly there: outside.

Austin is famous for its sunny weather, so why not take advantage of it? Work hard and stay focused without shutting yourself away from the beautiful natural light the state has to offer. Because the designs feature a lot of glass paneling, you can close the gap between the outside and inside and enjoy both at the same time.

A lot of Austin properties have more space available in the backyard than they have indoors, so it makes sense to plan accordingly. If you don't have a room available to turn into an office, drop a pod in the garden, and it does the job!

Many pods are already prefabricated, so they only need to be assembled in place. It makes it much quicker than building a structure from scratch or renovating a garden shed.

Pods are pre-powered and completely kitted out with everything you need, including air conditioning, electric sockets, and lighting. All you need to do is connect them to power, and off you go.

Building an extension onto your house takes a lot of time. Why wait that long to have your dream home office when you could have a pod up and running in no time?

You do not need planning permission for a garden office pod in Austin. 

Cons of a Garden Office Pod in Austin

Cons of a Garden Office Pod in Austin

Because of the glass paneling design, most pods offer very little privacy. If you have a backyard office in Austin and have neighbors close by, you may not want them seeing what you do all day.

Over time, the additional electricity bills can add up if you don't manage them effectively. There are ways around it, but you need to be mindful and keep an eye on things.

Some people find being outside distracting. Although the pods are fully enclosed, the openness of the design can lead to people feeling distracted by what is going on around them.

The upfront cost can feel like a lot of money, but it should be considered an investment in yourself and your remote working life.

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, it cuts into the area you have. 

What do you Need for an Outdoor Office Pod in Austin?

What do you Need for an Outdoor Office Pod in Austin?

Part of the beauty of having a pod as a backyard office in Austin is how easy it is to assemble and set up. You do not need special contractors, permissions, materials, and planning: just buy your pod, arrange delivery, and let the team do their thing. 

All you need as an Austin homeowner is: 

  • The backyard space to assemble the pod
  • Ground quality that is strong enough to support the structure
  • An electricity source that can handle the additional outlets
  • A budget that can accommodate a prefab pod. 

Other than the basics, there is very little that you need to set up a pod in Austin. In our minds, that only adds to the appeal. 

Styling your Backyard Office Austin Style


There are a few key elements that every office needs, regardless of where it is or what style it follows. First of all, no office can function without a high-quality desk to match the needs of the user. 

Consider an automatic standing desk to maximize the use of space in your garden office and to keep your mind and body engaged and alert throughout the day. From there, you can decide on an ergonomic chair or stool to relax on when needs are. Depending on how many hours you usually work, you may also want to consider an ergonomic footpad to correct posture and avoid muscle strain. 

When it comes to interior design aesthetics, minimalism is the top choice for an office pod. The main reason for this is size. Overpowering colors and accessories make a room feel smaller and more distracting, which is not conducive to a productive remote working life. Stick to light colors, soft tones, and organization. A few personal touches are always welcome, but remember: this is your office, not your bedroom! 

If you want to add a touch of Texas, hints of natural wood and timber are always welcome, with a few rustic soft furnishings along the way. Keep your desk as clear as possible and consider adding a few spots of color through art or accessories. 

Autonomous Work Pod: The Best Backyard office Texas has to Offer

Autonomous Work Pod: The Best Backyard office Texas has to Offer

The Autonomous outdoor office pod combines all the very best qualities that a backyard workspace needs. Sophisticated, modern, simple, and stylish: this soundproof office pod has it all. 

Floor to ceiling glass paneling allows for maximum natural light, and when it gets dark, warm lighting sets in to let you work as long as you need to. It is fully equipped to support all your devices and has plenty of space for a desk and ergonomic chair. Move around freely without feeling restricted or boxed-in and never need to worry about weather-ware thanks to the ultra-durable design. 

Assembly could not be any easier- it is essentially a Lego kit for grown-ups! The pieces slide together with ease to create a surprisingly sturdy pod. At 11'8 by 8'4, it can fit into many Austin backyards, although we do recommend a little bit of extra space around it. To make things even easier, you can take it apart and set it up somewhere else if you ever move, expand, or re-think your property. 

What Other Pods does Autonomous Provide?

Our Autonomous Pod collection doesn’t stop at offices. We also offer gym pods, wellness pods, game pods, and multi-purpose pods for whatever use you see fit. The sizes and prices vary to suit a range of budgets and backyards so that everyone can experience the enjoyment of these futuristic and fantastically functional designs. 


When looking for a backyard office, Austin residents should seriously consider a garden office pod. In Texas, the hot climate lends itself perfectly to utilizing a garden as a remote working area, especially with a smart structure such as the Autonomous Office Pod. 

Studios and sheds are other great options for people looking to relocate their business to home without blurring the work/life balance that is, so notoriously difficult to maintain. You do not need to take your job home to work remotely. Productivity is higher when people have a dedicated space separate from where they enjoy their downtime. 

If you have the space, budget, and inclination, this could be exactly what you need to take your remote working life to the next level!

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