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How to Buy a Chair for Office Use at the Best Price?
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How to Buy a Chair for Office Use at the Best Price?

|Jan 16, 2024

An office chair is one of the most important purchases you will make for your workspace. It is something you will use every day for potentially many hours- so it must be up to standards.

Unfortunately, ticking all the boxes can come at a cost, and the perfect chair may not have the perfect price tag. Finding the best-buy chair for office use that meets the quality standards you deserve is easier when you know how. 

This guide covers the things you need to prioritize when searching for an office chair and how to get better deals on the best designs.

First Things to Consider Before You Purchase: Office Chair Buying Guide

Think About Who Will Use It

Who is this chair for? Is it for yourself in a private office? Are you looking for chairs for a conference room that won’t be used for very long? Do you need a comfortable office chair for guests? Are you trying to buy an office chair for home use? Are you searching for a chair you can bulk-buy to kit out a whole office? 

What, where, and who the chair is for are important factors to consider when shopping for a new model.

Think About Who Will Use It

Focus on Ergonomic Support and Comfort

An ergonomic chair is widely considered the best choice for a desk chair. It is the best chair for sitting all day and has proven benefits for your posture and physical well-being. 

Any chair should be comfortable, but long-lasting support is vital for office chairs- especially for those who spend a long time sitting at the desk. The more adjustable features a chair has, the better. You should also pay attention to the backrest and how well it adapts to support the spine. 

Compare Material Options

Some people prefer a mesh office chair - others like leather. Whatever materials you choose, make sure they are breathable, easy to keep clean, durable, and comfortable against skin.

The best choice really depends on your preferences, but it is worth looking at the pros and cons of different types. 

Find the Balance Between Practicality and Style

How the chair looks in your office matters, but it also needs to be practical. Think about the available space, how long you need this chair to stay comfortable and supportive, and how maneuverable you need it to be. 

There is no point in choosing a large, heavy office chair if you have a small home office. Small task chairs may not look suitable for executive offices. Bulky armrests are inconvenient around a conference room table- think about functionality first!

Find the Balance Between Practicality and Style

Choose Your Priorities Based on Budget

Depending on your budget, you may have to decide on certain features that come first. Forgoing the brand name or leather material, for example, may be necessary to get the ergonomic features you need.

Decide on the must-haves and focus on those when shopping for a new office chair.

How to Buy an Office Chair at the Best Price?

Here are a few top tips on how to buy an office chair at the best price. 

Buy in Bulk

Bulk-buy discounts are available through many retailers for corporate or business clients. Sometimes you need to register to receive discounts, sometimes all you need to do is buy multiple units of the same item, and savings are applied automatically.

Buy in Bulk

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Christmas, Start of Summer, Black Friday, and Spring Cleaning sales are all hotbeds for great deals on office furniture. These seasonal sales come around every year and often include flash discounts on popular products- even new lines and best-sellers.

It is always worth taking a look at what is on offer during these times, as you could find a great deal on the perfect office chair.

Look Out for Clearance Sales 

Companies need to clear out old stock every now and then, and the discounts on old products can be staggering. Clearance sales are excellent for finding high-quality chairs at low prices- as long as you don’t mind them being out of season or from an old range.

Browsing clearance sales is a great way to find some of the best office chairs under $200- or even less. Stock surplus has to go, and many great products have their prices slashed to make space for newer lines.

Try Negotiating Large Volume Deals

Retailers may not advertise wholesale office chair discounts, but that doesn’t mean they are not available. If you have a large order to fill, it is always worth negotiating a special price with retailers in exchange for your business. 

If you don’t ask, you don’t get- and it may surprise you how many companies are willing to offer deals on large orders.

Try Negotiating Large Volume Deals

Participate in Trade-In Programs

Looking to upgrade your current chair or chairs? Unsure what to do with the old one? One of the best ways to save money on a new chair is to trade in your old one for credit. You won’t get as much as you paid for it when it was new, and the chances are you will still need to pay something extra for the new one- but it could significantly reduce how much you need to spend.

How much you can expect your trade-in to be worth depends on the brand of the chair, how long you have had it, and what condition it is in when you arrange the trade. Most websites offer a free quote before you make any decision.

Make the Most of Loyalty Advantages

Some companies offer discounts and advantages to loyal customers. Whenever you buy from a certain brand, find out if it has a loyalty program, and be sure to sign up.

These programs are usually free and require little more than a few minutes of your time to sign up. In return, you can benefit from early bird discounts, advance notice of upcoming sales, and special members-only savings.

Make the Most of Loyalty Advantages

Buy Second Hand

You can often find a big-brand office chair for sale on secondhand furniture websites at much lower costs. If your immediate reaction to a secondhand chair is less than enthusiastic, you could consider websites that sell unused chairs from previous seasons.

Many reputable websites are upfront about the quality of the secondhand chairs they sell and usually only accept items of an acceptable standard. It is a great way to save money and still get a good ergonomic chair that ticks all the boxes.

Buying Office Chairs with Autonomous

If you are wondering where to buy good office chairs that tick all the boxes for support, comfort, style, and durability- then Autonomous should be on your radar. As well as selling a range of exceptional quality chair designs at competitive prices, Autonomous offers even better deals through sales and bulk-buy discounts. 

The brand is well known for producing excellent modern office equipment, and if you want to buy a chair for office use at home or in a corporate space, this is the place to look.

Why Choose Autonomous? 

  • High-quality designs that are built to last
  • A varied selection of styles and colors
  • Focused on ergonomics in all chair designs
  • Two-year warranty on best-selling chairs
  • Free shipping on most products
  • Very competitive prices and excellent value for money
  • Regular sales and offers
  • Bulk-buy program available to everyone

Buying Office Chairs with Autonomous

About the Autonomous Bulk Buy Program 

Since the focus here is on how to buy an office chair of the highest quality for the lowest price, let’s take a closer look at the Autonomous bulk-buy program and what it offers.

Available on all office products, the Autonomous bulk-buy program helps you save money on high-quality chairs when you need to purchase multiple items. It is available on orders of three or more of the same chair.

When you run a commercial office and have to kit out the space for all employees, it can be difficult to fit top-quality chairs into the budget. With Autonomous, the more chairs you buy, the more you save.

You could save up to 25% overall - a significant amount if you have a lot of chairs to buy. Knocking hundreds of dollars off your order allows you to provide the best quality for your employees without blowing the budget. 

Reviews of the Best-Selling Office Chairs at Autonomous

 Here are three of the best-selling Autonomous office chairs to consider. All are available as part of the bulk-buy program, and you can often save even more with special offers and discounts - check out the website to see what deals are available today! 

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo 

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is the top-selling Autonomous office chair- for good reason. Available in six colors, this ergonomic chair is designed to adapt and support every part of the body while you work.

It comes with fully adjustable features, including armrests and a headrest- not to mention an adaptable backrest with five lockable tilt positions, smooth recline, and an intelligent lumbar support system that moves with you. 

This chair remains comfortable- even after using it for several hours without a break. The woven mesh back plays a big part in that, as it allows optimal airflow that really does make a difference. 

From head to toe, this chair offers long-lasting posture support. It is built to encourage proper posture, improve blood flow, and aid those who suffer from chronic back, shoulder, or neck pain at work.

Here are a few important features and specs. 

  • Supportive up to 300 Lbs
  • 29 by 29-inch seat
  • 22-degree tilt range
  • Seat height ranges from 18 to 20 inches
  • Chair weighs 48.5 Lbs.

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is the largest Autonomous chair and works especially well in executive offices or for those who spend a long time at the desk. With a price tag of less than $500 (even at full price!), the value for money on this chair is exceptional.

2. Autonomous Chair Curve

One of the newest- and best- designs by Autonomous is the Autonomous Chair Curve - a sleek, modern, and ultra-ergonomic desk chair. It is similar to the Autonomous Chair Ergo in design and function, with a few differences worth noting.

The sturdy structure is made from durable, breathable, and flexible materials that move with the body. A distinctive curved back provides enhanced lumbar support that automatically adjusts as needed. You can also control it easily by hand to set it where it feels best. 

It has a wider back range than the Pro but a slightly reduced tilt range. Another difference is the maneuverability- this option is lighter, easier to move around, and a little more flexible in the back.

Here are the specs for comparison.

  • Supportive up to 300 Lbs.
  • 29 by 28-inch seat
  • 18-degree tilt range
  • Seat height ranges from 18.5 to 22 inches
  • Chair weighs 39.4 Lbs.

At full price, this chair costs $399, but you may be able to save if you buy it during a promotion. By the time you include the bulk-buy discount, this is a fantastic budget-friendly choice for an office that values the comfort of its staff and wants a design that looks modern and chic.

3. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Another example of a modern and magnificent approach to versatile ergonomic chair design is the Autonomous Chair Ultra. It is the most dynamic, flexible chair design at Autonomous and is a firm favorite in modern offices where movement and lasting comfort are key.

Appearance-wise, it is very different from the previous two models on the list. It does not have a headrest, and the backrest design is utterly unique. The back is what makes this chair so impressive, and after sitting in it for even a short while, you will understand why.

The webbed back is made from woven thermoplastic strands that are ten times more breathable than even the finest mesh. They move freely and dynamically to provide continuous support no matter how you sit or move.

  • Supportive up to 300 Lbs. 
  • 28 by 28-inch seat
  • 25-degree tilt range
  • Seat height ranges from 17 to 21 inches
  • Chair weighs 35.3 Lbs.

Lightweight, flexible, breathable, and stylish- there is a lot to love about this chair. It is also available with a bulk-buy discount and is an incredible value for money.


When you buy a chair for office use, you need to think about much more than the price, but there is no denying that cost and budget play central roles. Picking the best quality chair you can with the money you have to spend is easier when you use these tips.

You can buy cheap office chairs from big brands during seasonal sales or special promotions- not to mention the impressive secondhand selection available online. Taking advantage of wholesale deals and bulk buys is the best way to save on the highest quality chairs from the latest product ranges.

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