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Choosing an ADU Construction Company: Things to Consider
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Choosing an ADU Construction Company: Things to Consider

|Feb 14, 2023

Choosing the right ADU construction company will ease up the adu building process. Since professional ADU home builders are well aware of the laws, implications, and all the smart ways to design the best backyard ADU or studio shed. Moreover, when you hire a reliable ADU construction company, you can ensure quality and not worry about your structure being blocked away for not meeting the regional or zonal laws.

Even if you are on the DIY Spree with your portable shed or searching for ways to build a shed with the right ADU interior, it is wise to consult reliable and experienced contractors only. In this article, we will enlist some tips to choose the best ADU construction company, whether you have a prefabricated ADU or build an ADU from scratch.

Expertise in Area

It would help if you remembered when hiring an ADU construction company that the contractor you plan on hiring must have your area's expertise. No matter how modern shed designs or how well they have a name as ADU Construction San Jose, experience regarding service in your area is a must. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, an experienced contractor in your area will be well aware of the laws and regulations followed. Speaking with a contractor about their areas of expertise will help you make a better decision. Some contractors such as the Autonomous ADU builder offer free consultation services before you finally land on a decision. Secondly, you will pay less for the conveyance cost, and they will be available throughout the project. Remote contractors seem fancy, but wait until they aren't responding when your ADU roof leaks?

Strong Portfolio

Their portfolio is another factor to look at when hiring or not hiring a contractor for your project. Although it is also true that there is always a first time, do you want to risk hundreds of dollars by being someone's first? Even if the contractor has just started their company, you can ask for their portfolio or the previous company experience they worked with.

Strong Portfolio of adu construction company

Interior and Exterior Expertise

It is easy to stand up a structure with a boundary wall, insulation, doors, and windows, but is your contractor also an expert in design? While this is an extra step to ask, compared to some contractors who offer interior and exterior build-up, why would you want to hire someone who offers half the service? Make sure you discuss the details of your project with them completely. If you are planning to achieve a complex design, look for ADU construction San Diego or ADU construction San Francisco with the best ratings. Other customers and their experiences are the best way to explain the validity of a company.


Good things take time but don't let yourself grow old while your accessory dwelling unit is still in the building stage. Generally, a basic to mid-complexity ADU unit requires a timeline of 9 to 14 months. Hence it would help if you kept that much time in mind. If a contractor is missing appointments, getting lazy, or not shipping raw materials on time, you will face a huge loss of time. Even if you are in no hurry, wouldn't you want the return on investment on your ADU to begin as soon as possible?

Project Management

Project management isn't just designing a stimulation, running a survey, and picking out the best wall pain for you. But building an ADU is extensive work. You will require permits, sign an agreement, go through the laws and regulations, and speak with permit agencies before you even start construction. The right ADU company will be there with you throughout the process.

Project Management

Best for Your Needs

One man's trash is another man's gold. This saying is true in the majority of the aspects of our lives. Please pay close attention to your needs for an ADU construction company. A company might be the best in town, or your cousins could have the best building experience with them, but it's not right for you if it doesn't serve your needs. Contractors come in various forms and have a wide range of specialties.

While some companies specialize more in conversions or extensions, others may be particularly skilled at new construction. A company may occasionally be large enough to take on various projects, but this has its benefits and drawbacks. Speaking with the contractor will let you know whether the company suits your needs.

Best for Your Needs


You don't want an alarming bill when the project is done. After all, what would you be able to do at that time? It’s not like you can tear up the entire prefabricated ADU. But if you have asked and signed on payment and the entire process pricing, then you can ask your contractor to stick to their word. If a contractor doesn't provide clear pricing instructions on their website or during the initial stages of the process, chances are you will be alarmed by all the additional costs that will be seen in the final bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an ADU in Construction?

An ADU or accessory dwelling unit is a secondary attached or detached structure to your home designed for personal use or rental purposes. An ADU has all amenities, including a kitchen, bathroom, and other living facilities.

How Long Does It Take to Build an ADU?

The timeline of building an ADU depends on several factors, mainly the type of ADU construction you have. ADU conversions are quicker and cheaper, whereas building from scratch will require more time. A rough estimation of the time spent to build an ADU is 12-14 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build an ADU?

The cost of building an ADU depends on several factors. You can expect to spend as much as $180K if you are redoing an existing structure or having a garage ADU conversion. For build-up from scratch, the cost can go as high as $250K.

Can You Build an ADU Before the Main House?

Yes, you can build a structure similar to ADU before the main house, but at this point, it will be considered the primary home for personal use, not an ADU. Later, you can build a bigger house so the smaller one will be classified as ADU and used for rental or other purposes.

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