What Christmas Tech Gifts Does Everyone Want This Holiday?
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What Christmas Tech Gifts Does Everyone Want This Holiday?

|Dec 4, 2021

Some people find it hard to find the perfect tech gifts because they’re not familiar with the latest trends or don’t pay too much attention to this world. However, the truth is that the technological world is in constant evolution, and we’re surrounded by advanced devices more than ever.

If you're not sure what Christmas tech gifts to give during these holidays, here we have a few ideas based on the items in most demand in the market.

Tech Gifts: Options to Consider in 2021

1. Wireless Power Banks

Wireless Power Banks tech gifts

A wireless power bank can be an excellent tech Xmas gift idea. Most smartphones nowadays support wireless charging. If not, these devices still support USB charging without any problems. Therefore, they can be an excellent addition to any person's collection.

If you’re not sure of what option to choose, here we have three popular options:

  • The Lexon Bali Wireless Power Bank is an excellent device that has been trending for some time now. It is convenient for you to use on any occasion, be it at work or during one of your trips. It supports quick charging and has a 5000 mAh capacity.
  • The Lumicharge-UD Fast Wireless Charger is another excellent choice for this purpose. It has a small, space-saving design and supports wired and wireless charging. Furthermore, it is a universal dock charger.
  • Another good option is the Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner. Like most items from Lexon, it is designed in the European Art Deco style. Besides having a 10W wireless fast charge, it also includes an anti-bacterial UV light system that will clean your phone as it continues charging.

wireless power

2. Gaming furniture

Gaming furniture tech gifts

Gaming furniture is convenient for gamers and for people that would like to maintain their offices as stylish as possible. It can be pretty hard to choose one option, but here we have some of the best gaming furniture you can choose:

  • Gaming chairs are an excellent addition to any workstation, gaming room or a combination of both. They are equipped with thick, comfortable padding, ergonomic features and a stylish design that will keep your room looking as good as possible. A few good options include the Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair and the Vertagear SL5000 gaming chair.
  • Monitors are also excellent tech geek gifts that you can choose. In recent years, curved monitors have become quite popular as they grant you a natural FoV as you focus on what’s happening on the screen. A good curved monitor can be the PXC327 by Pixio. If you're looking for a flat-screen, then the PX277 will work perfectly.
  • RGB mouses and keyboards have become quite popular tech gifts within the gaming community. You can find many options out there that have good designs and multiple features that will improve that specific person’s gaming experience.
  • Other gaming accessories can include dual-monitor arms, desks, and so on. There are plenty of choices when it comes to gaming furniture.

3. Office Accessories

Office Accessories tech gifts

Office accessories are also an excellent option for you to choose as a tech gift idea. If you're not sure of what accessories could come in handy, here we have a few other options that you can take into account:

  • Desk organizers can be an excellent tech gift as they reduce the clutter you have on your desk, allowing you to keep everything as clean as possible throughout the day. This magnetic desk organizer is both good-looking, compact and highly convenient.
  • A desk pad is another good option as they allow you to work or play comfortably without feeling wrist pain, for instance. As they occupy a prominent part of your desk, they come in different colors and designs. This sustainable cork desk pad is an affordable option and an excellent addition to any office.
  • Cable trays are another good option as they allow you to maintain all the wire clutter away from your desk. 
  • An anti-fatigue mat is another excellent idea if someone you know uses a standing desk. This item will allow them to continue doing what they do throughout their day while standing without feeling tired or in pain.
  • Heated lumbar support such as the Autonomous heated lumbar support can be excellent for someone that suffers from back pain now and then. It will allow them to continue working comfortably throughout the day without feeling discomfort due to a bad seating position or any other problem related to the lower back area.

4. More items to consider

More items to consider

There are more categories that you can consider for your next tech gift. It can be not very easy to choose one given all the options that are available in the market, but here we have a few extra selections that you can take into account if you're not sure of what to give to that dear person in your life during the holiday season.

Video game consoles are a good option to give during the holiday season as tech gifts. It can be quite complicated to know which one to choose, but right now, the most popular options include:

Nintendo Switch, which comes in three presentations at the moment.

  • A VR headset can be a good option, too, for a gift, especially because certain games can only be played at their fullest when you use one of these items.
  • The PS5 is the latest addition to the PS family. It isn't as expensive as you think it is, so it can be a nice tech gift idea for you to choose from.
  • The Xbox Series X or Series S are the latest additions to the Xbox family. As per usual, they go hand in hand with the Sony devices.

tech gifts for you

Subscriptions to the online services of all the consoles mentioned above can also be good tech gifts for anyone. Alternatively, you can also give them subscriptions to streaming services, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

You can find tons of options out there that compose perfect tech gifts to anyone. It is all about exploring the different items available and choosing the right option based on that person's tastes and preferences.

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