Common Back to Back Desk Designs to Consider in 2024
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Common Back to Back Desk Designs to Consider in 2024

|May 20, 2024

Setting up a home office for two can be a challenge, but with the right back to back desk ideas, it's perfectly achievable. Discover our curated selection of shared home office ideas that maximize space without sacrificing style or ergonomics. From minimalist setups that keep things sleek and uncluttered to ergonomic computer desk setups designed for comfort during long work hours, we have something for everyone. Whether you're revamping your workspace or starting from scratch, our back to back office desk solutions offer practical, stylish ways to create a productive and comfortable environment for two.

5 Best Back to Back Desks for Home Office

1. TrendSpaces Compact 2-Desk Back-To-Back Workstation Set

Absolutely loving my new TrendSpaces Compact Back-to-Back Workstation Set! My coworker and I were constantly tripping over each other in our old setup, but this back-to-back design is a total game-changer. We have plenty of space to spread out with the two big manager's desks, and the L-shape makes it perfect for fitting into a corner.

The best part? Collaboration is a breeze! We can easily chat and share ideas without feeling cramped. But when we need to focus, the included acrylic divider comes to the rescue. It's wide enough to block out distractions while still maintaining that open-office feel.

Plus, the two mobile drawers underneath each desk keep everything organized. No more hunting for paperclips or staplers buried in a desk drawer abyss! The entire set arrived flat-packed, which took a little muscle to put together, but honestly, it was worth it. Now we have a sleek and efficient workspace that keeps our team on top of things. If you're looking for a way to boost collaboration in your office without sacrificing personal space, this TrendSpaces set is definitely worth checking out!

2. Back to Back Workstations with Return

This is a good option for those who are looking for a minimalist office desk setup. I recently invested in the "Back to Back Workstations with Return" for our small office, and I must say, it’s been a fantastic addition. This set of desks, arranged back-to-back, has really maximized our space while keeping things looking modern and sleek. The choice between dark teak or driftwood tops allowed us to match the desks perfectly with our office decor, and the silver legs add a clean, contemporary touch.

The privacy divider is a standout feature for us. It provides just enough separation between workstations to reduce distractions without making us feel isolated from each other. Each workstation also comes with two mobile file pedestals that include both filing and storage drawers, which have been incredibly useful. These drawers glide smoothly and are quite spacious, making organization a breeze.

Assembly was straightforward and didn't take much time, which was a huge plus for us. We've been using these desks for several months now, and they've held up wonderfully. They’re not only functional, but they also add a professional aesthetic to our workspace. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution that doesn’t skimp on style or functionality, I’d highly recommend these workstations.

3. Back to back Height Adjustable Desk with Privacy Panels and Drawers

Working from home is awesome, but hunching over a regular desk all day was killing my back. Lacasse's back-to-back height-adjustable desk is amazing! It's a total game-changer for my home office.

The best part? Customization galore! I opted for a sleek "Classic Chocolate" base with a crisp white top; it looks super modern in my space. Plus, I can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day with the electric motor. It's whisper-quiet and adjusts super fast - no more waiting ages for the desk to move!

Speaking of customization, I love that I could add fabric privacy panels on either side. They're perfect for blocking out distractions when I need to focus, but they're not so high that I can't easily chat with my partner, who works on the other side.

Lacasse does warn that this is a made-to-order situation, so there's a wait time, but trust me, it's worth it. The quality is top-notch, and the five-year warranty gives me peace of mind. Overall, this height-adjustable back-to-back desk is a dream come true for my home office. My back thanks me, and my productivity has soared!

4. 2-Person Back-To-Back Desk with Ample Operating Space and Storage

My home office doubles as a guest room, so maximizing space is key. The 2 Person Back-to-Back Desk from Office Source was the perfect solution! It's not fancy, but it gets the job done and then some.

The back-to-back design lets me and my partner work side-by-side without feeling like we're on top of each other. There's plenty of surface area for our laptops, monitors, and all the office essentials that tend to accumulate. The best part? Storage! The pedestals underneath each desk hold all our files and paperwork, keeping our workspace nice and tidy.

Let's talk about looks: It's not the most high-designed piece of furniture, but it comes in a bunch of different laminate finishes, so I was able to find one that coordinates with the rest of the room. It's built well and feels super sturdy - no wobbly desks here! The only drawback is that it requires assembly, but it isn't too difficult to put together.

It provides ample workspace, tons of storage, and a clean look that blends seamlessly with the room. If you're looking for a functional and affordable option for a shared home office, this desk is definitely worth considering!

5. Simple 2-Person Back-to-Back Desk

My partner and I arrived neatly packaged with everything we needed to get started – two spacious desks, two mobile file cabinets, and even a frosted acrylic privacy panel. The assembly was a breeze – seriously, it took us less time to put together than it did to argue about who got the better corner of the room (spoiler alert: the privacy panel blocks most of the desk view anyway!).

The desks themselves are the perfect size for our needs. The laminate surface is smooth and easy to clean, and the metal frame feels really sturdy. We love the mobile file cabinets – they keep all our paperwork organized and out of sight. The little cable grommets are a nice touch, too – no more tangled cords cluttering up the workspace!

The privacy panel is a lifesaver. It is tall enough to block out distractions but not so high that we can't easily chat and brainstorm ideas. This back-to-back desk is not just a piece of furniture, it's a functional solution for our shared home office. It's affordable, easy to assemble, and provides us with the workspace and storage we need to stay productive. If you're looking for a no-frills option for a shared home office, this desk is definitely worth checking out!

How to Choose the Best Model for Your Office?

Space constraints, ergonomic concerns, and storage demands should all be considered when making a desk purchase for your workplace. Choose elements that can be adjusted to enhance comfort and productivity. Pick long-lasting materials that can handle everyday usage, and make sure the style complements your office decor. Put the needs of the user first while choosing double sided desks for home office.


Choosing the right back to back desk design can significantly enhance your home office setup for two. Whether it’s a streamlined back to back L-shaped desk for maximizing corner spaces, or a double home office desk that allows for ample working room while maintaining close communication, the options are varied. Consider desks with thoughtful back to back desk spacing and storage solutions to maintain a tidy and efficient work environment. Our selection of desks, from minimalistic to feature-packed models, caters to diverse needs and preferences. Incorporate these setups into your shared home office to boost productivity and ensure a comfortable, well-organized space that inspires creativity and collaboration.

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