Creative Double Home Office Desk Design Ideas to DIY
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Creative Double Home Office Desk Design Ideas to DIY

|Mar 29, 2024

With more people choosing to work remotely and prioritize work-life balance, home offices are becoming increasingly popular. Creating a dedicated workspace at home is essential for focus, productivity, and well-being.

A well-designed home office can enhance organization, reduce distractions, and improve workflow. This article explores DIY double home office desk designs tailored for shared workspaces or extra room requirements. From adjustable L-shaped desks to U-shaped configurations, these creative home office double desk ideas help maximize space and productivity while adding a personalized touch. Get inspired to create a custom double desk setup that suits your needs and style today.

Home Office Double Desk Ideas

Here are some ingenious ideas for DIY double desk for home office to elevate your workspace and productivity.

Adjustable L-Shaped Office Desk w/Shelves & Drawers

A flexible L-shaped desk serves as a practical and efficient choice for a home office for two. Consider the extra long office desk from Costway as an example, the 87 inches adjustable desk. This design integrates two joint desk surfaces to form an 'L', providing plenty of workspace that can neatly fit in corners or flush against walls.

Including shelves and drawers in the plan converts this basic structure into an organized, functional place. Shelves offer spots to stash books, stationery or decorative items whereas drawers become handy spaces for documents or essentials, reducing messes on desks.

To build your own adjustable L-shaped desk with shelves and drawers, you need simple woodworking skills along with materials like plywood, screws, shelf brackets and drawer rails. The specific measurements and office desk height can be customized based on your available space and personal preferences.

Considering customization, incorporate cable management provisions to tidy up wires out of sight.

Customize dimensions of shelves/drawers suiting particular storage requirements. Add more features namely built-in lights, monitor risers or keyboard racks for better functionality plus comfort.

Adjustable L-Shaped Office Desk w/Shelves & Drawers

2-Person Office Desk

Create a practical and cooperative workspace using a DIY double office desk designed for 2 persons, ideal for home offices. Take inspiration from the SEDETA 98 inches 2-Person Office Desk, providing ample room for 2 users to collaborate efficiently with modern additions such as USB ports, file drawers, and shelves.

The inclusion of USB ports in the desk design offers easy charging solutions for electronic devices, enabling productivity without the need to hunt for outlets. Additionally, file drawers provide crucial storage room for arranging documents and office supplies, promoting a neat and effective workspace.

Maximize space and organization in your DIY double office desk arrangement. Utilizing shelves for storing books, binders, or decor to boost workspace and keep essentials close at hand. Introduce a labeling system for file drawers to ensure effortless access and organization of documents for both users. Include cable management systems to maintain neatness with cords and cables, avoiding mess.

Tailor the design to suit your individual requirements and existing space, guaranteeing optimal functionality and convenience.

2-Person Office Desk

T-Shaped Desk

The T-desk for two presents a novel and inventive layout solution offering generous workspace for several users, making the most of existing floor space. In contrast to regular desks, the T-shaped format includes a primary surface with two right-angled extensions providing it with a "T" like appearance.

The expansive design of the T-shaped desk presents several benefits for home office arrangements. Firstly, it provides ample space for two individuals to co-work comfortably, more than the standard office desk size, fostering cooperative work and productivity. Moreover, the extended surface caters to orderly placement of computers or multiple screens, papers and stationery without a sense of crowding. The central part of this desk acts as a hub allowing easy reach to common resources which boosts workflow effectiveness.

To elevate the utility and structure of a T-shaped desk layout, think about including extra elements to increase storage capacity and efficiency for every workstation.

Set up a hutch over each workstation to offer plenty of storage above the desk. The hutch can consist of racks or cupboards to accommodate papers, stationery, and personal belongings. This enhanced storage approach assists in maintaining a neat, organized tabletop while utilizing vertical room efficiently.

T-Shaped Desk - double home office desk

U-Shaped Desk

The U-shaped desk idea conveys a broad and adaptable workspace that encircles the user from three sides, creating a "U" figure. This plan provides plenty of space for activities needing multi-task surfaces or team projects. Given its spacious design, this layout allows a range of work gadgets, apparatuses and personal objects while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The main advantage of a U-shaped desk is the enlarged workspace and storage possibilities it offers. The stretched-out design allows users to have ample space to work comfortably, with separate zones for various tasks or projects.

Keep the standard desk leg height in your DIY U-shaped desk setup to ensure ergonomic design and comfort, promoting proper posture.

Include a mobile set of drawers for each workstation to offer extra storage that is readily accessible and movable as desired. These moving drawers can host multiple compartments of diverse sizes catering to various kinds of objects like papers, stationery, and office gadgets. Opt for a design featuring lockable wheels, ensuring stability and adaptability in placement within the workspace.

U-Shaped Desk

Double Home Office Desk with Privacy Panel

In a shared workspace, privacy and focus form the core of productivity. Whether working alongside a partner, roommate, or family member, dedicated areas offering privacy can noticeably improve work quality and limit distractions. Consider a double desk equipped with privacy panels for your DIY double desk, it offers an efficient solution to form personalized workspaces within a shared setting.

A desk equipped with integrated privacy panels showcases separators or screens that divide each workstation, offering visual and sound isolation for users. These panels can be adjustable or permanent, permitting customization according to individual tastes and work needs. Besides, some desks may feature frosted glass or noise-muffling substances to further improve seclusion and decrease sound intensity.

Removable decals or stickers can be applied to the privacy panels to add visual charm and character to your work zone. Fix fabric inserts onto your privacy screens to bring in texture plus color to the workstation. Pick fabrics boasting designs or prints that coordinate with decor scheme, or introduce a dash of vibrant hue into your surroundings.

Double Home Office Desk with Privacy Panel


In conclusion, creating a double home office desk through DIY projects offers endless possibilities to customize and optimize workspace functionality. From adjustable L-shaped desks to U-shaped configurations, incorporating features like privacy panels enhances productivity and comfort. With these design ideas, you can craft a personalized and efficient workspace tailored to your needs.

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