20 Best Long Desks: Extra Long & Large Desk of 2022
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20 Best Long Desks: Extra Long & Large Desk of 2022

Autonomous | Apr 11, 2022

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Several manufacturers have optimized their office equipment to give customers the best desk. Whether you need one for your home office or an ergonomic one for playing computer games, there are various quality options to choose from.  

Before choosing any extra long office desk for your office, it’s imperative to outline where you’re going to place the office equipment - As it will influence the kind of desk you go for in the market. If you’re working with tons of office supplies and equipment, it's evidently wise to go for long desks. 

First-time large home office desk buyers have an uphill task navigating the many types of long and extra-long desks suitable for their needs. Read on to discover the 20 best long desks. Before that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why long desks are essential. 

Why Long Desks Are Essential

There are various types of desks, generally small, standard, and then large. Most people go for the standard size, missing out on the advantages that a long or extra-long desk offers. Here are some things that can sway you to go for a long desk the next time you're shopping for a desk. 

They are efficient in making work more accessible. It gives you a larger room to execute your job. This can be beneficial if you wish to operate multiple computer setups. If you have a lot of office accessories, the extra room long desks offer can come in handy. Tall people need a corner standing desk that they can adjust to fit their height, which can’t be said for small office desks as they have limited adjustability. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Long Desk

Advantages of Long Work Desk

  • Maximize on space to organize your accessories 
  • Say goodbye to clutter
  • A variety of options to choose  

Disadvantage of Long Work Desk

  • A bit on the high end in terms of cost 

20 Best Long and Extra-Long Desks

Now that you know how beneficial a large office desk is to your office, you may be wondering what options you have on the market. Here’s a list of the 20 best long desks you can forgo. 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL

Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL long desk

The Autonomous SmartDesk Pro XL  is the best desk for people looking for something that’s not too big or small. It has enough space to put two monitors on the desk. The office equipment is everything you need and more as it features a smart lifting column that allows you to support all extra work. 

You can easily adjust the height with a touch of a button so that you can sit or stand when you deem fit. The long desk stands on dual motor steel that ensures that it’s stable and continues to serve users in years to come.  

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Autonomous SmartDesk Corner long desk

If you’re looking for more space for your workstation, the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner is the best option to go for in the market. The desk can hold multiple setups, tons of office accessories, plus two or three monitors. You can switch the shorter side from left to right to perfectly fit the corner. 

The peculiar thing about it is that it is powered by three motors more than the general one that most long desks have. You can see the difference when the battle station is built as the desk can easily lift 400Ibs on its long-standing steel legs. 

3. Quarter^TM Computer Desk Dual Monitor

Another excellent desk to go for is the Quarter^TM Computer Desk Dual Monitors. It’s a versatile desk that can be used in a variety of settings. The long desk can act as a dinette, standard desk, and workstation. This desk can also convert into a dual monitor with just a button. 

The extended office desk has monitors and a keyboard that can rise, making your workstation hidden in plain sight. It supports two monitors that can easily rise to 19 inches. This means that the desk can accommodate 2-27 monitors or just a single monitor that is 50 inches wide. 

4. Bestier Adjustable Long Desk/ L-Shaped Desk

Bestier Adjustable Long Desk/ L-Shaped Desk

The desk is 95.2 inches long and suitable for two people who wish to work from home. Overall, the unique thing about this long work desk is that you can switch to a 59.4-inch L-shaped desk that can easily fit in the corner of a room to save on space.  

Moreover, this long desk has four shelves of storage capacity under the long writing desk. Its moveable shelves allow room for storage; plus, you can remove the middle shelves to create space for a computer tower. They come in neutral colors, so the extra-long desk can fit in any home or office environment.   

5. HOMCOM Industrial Double Desk with a Hutch

The long computer desks are suitable for two people working from home or office. Its friendly price and modern style make it an ideal writing desk. You can set it as a 95.5-inch desk with a 7.9 feet tabletop for additional space. 

This long writing desk can also work as two separate 47.25-inch-long office desks. You have storage above and below your desk, which can make the most out of a small space. 

6. Martin Furniture Burham Double Pedestal Executive Desk

Martin Furniture Burham Double Pedestal Executive Desk

This is a solid and impressive piece, with a surface area of 66 inches. Colored in weathered white plus an attractive cherry on top, the Martin Furniture executive desk is definitely a high-end option - Especially if you wish to have an elegant large home office long desk. The desk has pedestals, plus drawers where you can store your documents and other office supplies. Moreover, the furniture is delivered all at once, removing the chances of needing buyer assembly. 

7. Vari Electric Standing Desks Dual

The long work desk provides a large work area with a solid laminated piece top finish. You get a sturdy, spacious work area at any height. Powerful and quiet motors ensure you can adjust these ergonomic standing desks up to larger height adjustability of 25-50.5 feet. 

It accommodates taller users and those who prefer working while standing. The dual motors offer a smooth and quiet lift. It is programmable, which means that you’ll be able to make adjustments at the touch of a button, making it ideal for multiple users or varying tasks. 

8. VANSPACE Ergonomic Gaming Desk

VANSPACE Ergonomic Gaming Desk

It is the best desk for gaming options. The 47-inch multifunctional long computer desk has four-tier shelves for ultimate storing needs. You can easily adjust these shelves by moving them from the right to the left side of the long work desk for ample storage. 

Additionally, its surface area can accommodate three monitors, plus other gaming gears. The long desk comes with a USB gaming handle rack, cable management, cup holder, and headphone holder, and its surface has PVC carbon fiber for effective cleaning. 

9. Aukfa 81 Inch Double Computer Desks with Printer Shelf

This home office desk is what you need to spice up your workspace. It's a combination of a long writing desk with a printer shelf, which provides a comfortable study table anywhere in the house. The modern and stylish writing desk can upgrade and inspire you while working. 

10. TribeSigns Double Computer Desk with Bookshelf

TribeSigns Double Computer Desk with Bookshelf

A two-person workstation can make a difference in any workstation. You don’t have to sacrifice style with such desks on board. It allows two people to work side by side, making it space-saving and convenient - a reason why it’s adored by many. 

11. Flash Furniture Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This is another excellent long desk with adjustable height like the SmartDesk Pro or Quartersign^TM computer desk dual monitor. Its height ranges from 27.5-to 44.25 inches, allowing you to easily get away from sedentary work habits. The table looks pretty good with no seams. There’s no effort here. It all works with a push of a button. 

12. Hirsh Ready to Assemble 48 Inch Desk

Hirsh Ready to Assemble 48 Inch Desk

This long desk gives a contemporary feel to your office. If you desire an office desk that offers minimal style but excellent functionality, this is the best option you can go for. It's durable and has construction steel to provide strength and support. You can easily put them in your office or home office setup

13. Monarch 60-Inch Hollow Core Office Desk

Sleek and contemporary are two combinations that better describe this long computer desk. It’s functional, durable, and modern, giving you the ultimate working experience. The table has clean lines, sleek track metals, plus a floating countertop that adds pizzazz to your home office. You’ll have enough storage space as it features two drawers and an additional file drawer to keep your office space organized. 

14. Mid Century Green Curved Long Work Desk

Mid Century Green Curved Long Desk

If you’re looking for an exquisite eye-catching masterpiece in your office, then going for such an extended writing deck is the best option. It's spacious and provides a storage room for books and decorations. The open shelf and cabinet offer a suitable area to organize your essentials. It is constructed from wood and stainless steel with a gold finish. This gives the room a sense of punctuality. 

15. Techni Mobili L-Shaped Glass

This is yet another modern with a miniature design that can be configured to your taste. This desk features both short and long sides that are interchangeable. It's made of 6mm tempered glass on the desktop that’s scratch resistant with a powder-coated steel frame. The desk also has a heavy-duty wood panel with a laminated veneer for moisture resistance. 

16. Cabot L Desk with Storage in Heather

Cabot L long desk with Storage in Heather

If you’re looking for a traditional office with smart features, you can’t go wrong with Cabot L Desk with storage in Heather. It provides a large surface area for work while still offering storage drawers. The desk will usually leave your workspace neat and organized. 

You’ll get a storage detail that includes enclosed cabinets with stylish glass plus box drawers for your office supplies. Did you know that there’s a gliding slide for files that operate on full-extension ball bearings? How cool is that! You’ll also have a four-port USB hub to connect all your devices.  

17. Techni Mobili L-Shaped Computer Desk

Are you looking for a modern long office desk? Techni Mobili L-shaped Computer desk is the ideal choice. It's a spacious deck that can be configured as desired due to its interchangeable short and long sides. 

The elegant design saves space but still gives you a 60-inch workspace, which sounds pretty good. Chrome-hardwood finish provides an elegant yet simple finish for an attractive look. The Cabot can either be sold together with the table or separately. 

18. Echo L-Shaped Desk in Pure White

Echo L Shaped Desk in Pure White

Another elegant office to watch out for is the Echo L-Shaped Desk by Kathy Ireland. It offers a functional, sleek design that can give you that modern contemporary outlay you’ve been dying to get for your office. The long desk has wide lines and a thick surface that gives it a strong presence. 

Additionally, the long computer desk has a laminated finish that acts as a protective film that secures the white color from daily use. You can put a lot of office equipment on the table, from your computer, your daily paperwork, and files, and still have room for other office supplies.

19. Cost-way L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

The long computer desk can be an excellent addition to your home or office workplace. L-shaped computer desks fit perfectly in any corner of the room. Its countertop is made of premium P2 particle board to provide enough workspace. The iron offers overall stability and durability. 

20. Bush Furniture Somerset 71 Inch Computer Desk with Hutch

Bush Furniture Somerset 71 Inch Computer Desk with Hutch

This long office desk provides plenty of space for computers, printers, and phones. High-quality engineered woodwork has storage space like document drawers, cabinets with adjustable shelves, and box drawers. It also has a smaller perpendicular desk with keyboard or laptop trays to keep the desktop uncluttered. 

Final Note!

Whether you’re seeking a desk that can accommodate two to three people or for specific activities like gaming, installing a large or extra-long desk is an excellent way. Fortunately, there are arrays of long desks that meet different needs. Consider a type that’ll be ideal for your requirements and will still be offering the needed comfort.

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