Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Vertical Bookcase
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Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Vertical Bookcase

|Apr 19, 2023

There are many types of shelves. There’s a floating shelf, desk shelf, corner shelf, and vertical shelf. People who wish to maximize their storage space while keeping their books within reach might see a vertical bookshelf as an ideal choice.

However, to ensure that it meets your needs and preference, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a vertical bookshelf. 

In this article, we'll guide you through some of the key factors to keep in mind before buying a standing bookshelf. We'll also provide 10 vertical bookcase recommendations you might want to consider, as well as its reviews, pros, and cons. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Vertical Bookcase

Here are the six things your need to consider before buying a vertical bookshelf: 

1. Size

It's essential that your standing bookshelf fits in the available space you have in your living area. If the bookcase is too large, it might make the room feel cramped. 

Since you're purchasing a vertical bookshelf, the height should be longer than its width.

Therefore, especially make sure that it has the appropriate size to fit the height of the ceiling in the room. A tall bookcase can make a room with low ceilings even smaller. 

2. Capacity

Large-sized vertical bookcases don't always come in large capacity. Sometimes, it just has a bulky design that makes it look big despite being unable to accommodate that much. Therefore, ensure that the bookcase can hold the books you have before buying. 

3. Material

Some of the most popular bookcase materials are wood, plywood, wood veneers, and metal. The materials of a bookcase can determine its stability and durability. They will also determine how it looks and how easy it is to move. 

Usually, solid hardwoods are ideal if you wish for a long-lasting bookcase. It can stand wear and tear better than most other materials. However, they tend to be heavier, making them more cumbersome to move. It's up to you to choose which quality you want to have.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vertical Bookcase

4. With or Without Door

Some book shelves come with doors, and some do not. Standing shelves with doors allow you to conveniently hide the clutter you might have. They can also keep your books dust-free, minimizing the effort to clean and maintain them. 

On the other hand, standing shelves without doors are more common to find. They allow you to display decorative items that can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your space. 

6. Price

Bookcases are available at a wide range of prices, from very cheap to high-end and luxurious. The price of a bookshelf is frequently determined by criteria such as its size, material, and brand. 

10 Best Vertical Bookshelves

These are our reviews of 10 recommended vertical bookshelves. You can also check out our standing desk recommendations. 

1. Maydear Corner Display Shelf with Doors: Bamboo Bookshelf

The Maydear Corner Display Shelf with Doors is meant to fit snugly into a room's corner. This bookshelf is made of high-quality bamboo and has cabinet-style doors that will keep your items dust-free. We love how it's space-saving. Despite looking compact, it can actually hold so many items. 

Bamboo itself is an environment-friendly and durable material. Therefore, those who are conscious about sustainability might find this bookshelf appealing. 

Unfortunately, other than its unique corner-fitting design and other features mentioned, there's nothing exceptional about this bookshelf. It does an excellent job at keeping your items, though.

Maydear Corner Display Shelf with Doors

Maydear Corner Display Shelf with Doors

Dimensions3 tiers: 20"L x 14"W x 44"H
4 tiers: 20"L x 14"W x 57"H
5 tiers: 20"L x 14"W x 70"H
MaterialAlpine bamboo
ColorsBrown Wood
Warranty6 months
Sustainable main materialAssembly required
CompactBasic design
Can protect your items from dust

2. Trio Supply House Standard 5-Tier Wooden Bookcase

This standing bookshelf has open shelves so that you can easily access the items placed on it. The structure is made of engineered wood panels. Engineered wood, commonly known as composite wood, is a form of wood product manufactured by gluing together wood fibers, strands, or veneers. 

If there's one thing that makes this bookcase stand out, it's the vertical structural bar in the middle of it that provides additional support and stability. The bar itself is made from steel. However, even without the steel bar, we feel like it can still steadily support itself. Besides, it has no other function, so this feature is pretty redundant.

Trio Supply House Standard Bookcase

Trio Supply House Standard Bookcase

Dimensions27"W x 12"D x 69"H
MaterialMDF/Engineered Wood Steel
ColorsWalnut, Pine
Shelf weight capacity11 lbs
Warranty1 month
Light and DurableRedundant steel bar
Has two color options
Plenty of space

3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Glass Door Solid Wood Curio Cabinet: Display Shelf

This Curio cabinet with a glass door is made of solid wood and has a glass door that allows you to see what's inside. It features a sleek and modern design with a black finish that would go well with most home decor. The shelves are adjustable, so you can customize the height to fit your needs. 

What we like the most about this cabinet is that it's equipped with LED strip bar lighting. We can see that it would be a top choice for anyone with a collection of action figures, artwork, and other collectibles, as it can showcase their items perfectly.



Dimensions15.75"D x 23.62"W x 47.24"H
MaterialTempered Glass, Manufactured Wood, Aluminum
ColorsGray, Walnut
Shelf Weight Capacity50 lbs per each
Warranty3 years
Very durable and exquisite designNot compact
Equipped with LEDHeavy
Adjustable shelves

4. Skyline Decor Lancashire Brown Wood & Metal: Bookcase

The rustic, industrial appearance of this standing bookshelf will complement a wide range of interior styles. It measures 72 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. 

Appearance-wise, it already looks like it would be very sturdy, and it's true. This piece of home furniture is capable of holding a huge collection of books or other objects. 

The bookcase is constructed with a durable metal frame that supports five wooden shelves. It provides a good amount of space for storage and organization.

Skyline Decor Lancashire Bookcase

Skyline Decor Lancashire Bookcase

Dimensions16.75"L x 27.88"W x 74.25"H x 50 lbs
MaterialDistressed wood top and shelf with ash veneer
Framed in durable rustic iron metal in bronze
ColorsBrown Wood and Black
Warranty1 month
Very sturdyNot compact
The design goes well with many styles.Heavy

5. Skyline Decor Arend Bookcase: Modern and Contemporary

The bookshelf is made of MDF (medium-fiber density) wood that's famous for its durability and is widely used in cabinetry. From the outside, it looks like it only has two layers of shelves. However, as you open the doors of its bottom part, it reveals the other two shelves. Therefore, in total, this bookcase has four shelves.

This is a genius design. It's so convenient because we can use the upper part for things you want to display, and the bottom part can be used to store cluttered objects that you want to hide away. 

Another thing we love about this bookcase is that it's supported with relatively high legs. It makes it easy for us to clean the floor under it.

Skyline Decor Arend Bookcase

Skyline Decor Arend Bookcase

Overall Dimensions12.4"D x 23.6"W x 73"H
Shelf Dimensions10.94"D x 22.25"W x 15.47"H
Legs Dimensions7.5"H
MaterialEngineered wood
ColorsOak and ebony
Warranty1 month
Versatile and MovableNot compact
Gives two options for storage
The bottom is easy to clean

6. FM FURNITURE Nebraska Bookcase

This standing bookshelf has three large open shelves that are ideal for keeping books and items of various shapes and sizes. The standing shelves  are made of solid materials. They can support heavy objects without sagging or bending. 

In addition to the open shelves, the Nebraska Bookcase features a bottom two-door cabinet with ample space for storing your items. The doors themselves have sleek stainless steel handles, which provide an exquisite touch to the overall appearance of the bookshelf. 

This bookshelf can be one of the home office ideas to complement your room. Whether you place this in your office, bedroom, living room, or any other area, this bookcase will still fit because of its timeless and sleek design. It's a versatile and functional piece of home office furniture that will fit any space. 

Sadly, it only has one color option, which is black. If it comes with brighter color options, it can even be more versatile.

FM FURNITURE Nebraska Bookcase

FM FURNITURE Nebraska Bookcase

Overall Dimensions10.2"L x 21"W x 71.8"H x 47 lbs
Two-door Bottom Cabinet16.9"H x 20.4"W
Legs Dimensions7.5"H
ColorsBlack Wengue
Warranty1 year
Affordable for its featuresOnly has one color option
Can blend in with many interior styles
Sleek appearance

7. Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Finish: 2 - Drawer Bookcase

This bookcase is an answer for those who can't decide between having a bookcase with doors or without doors. Other than three open shelves, it also features two drawers at the bottom for additional storage. Those drawers are ideal for storing stationery, documents, or other small objects. 

You can never go wrong with the design of this bookshelf. It's truly timeless. With its versatility, it can be one of the best office bookshelf ideas. The only downside of this is just like any other bookcase made from solid wood. It's heavy and not easy to move around.

Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Bookcase

Skyline Decor Walnut Brown Bookcase

Overall Dimensions15.83"D x 23.62"W x 71.73"H
Shelves Dimensions14.49"D x 20.67"W x 14.92"H
Drawer Dimensions12.11"D x 18.66"W x 5.83"H
Base Dimensions4.76"H
MaterialMDF boards and engineered wood
Warranty1 month
The design goes well with many stylesNot easy to move around
Has a good amount of space

8. FM FURNITURE Manhattan Bookcase

Design-wise, this bookcase is by far our favorite. The bookcase is made of a metal frame and high-quality wood parts and measures 63 inches tall, 19.7 inches wide, and 13.3 inches deep. It features four shelves, two with walls, and two without walls. Right in the middle, there's a drawer for small item storage. 

The way it's designed to accommodate a variety of different items is what we love the most about this bookcase. In addition, the cognac-manufactured wood finish gives it a luxurious look and feel that makes it an eye-catching addition to any room. It can even be one of your gaming shelf ideas.

FM FURNITURE Manhattan Bookcase

FM FURNITURE Manhattan Bookcase

Overall Dimensions13.4"L x 19.8"W x 63"H x 64 lbs
Drawer Dimensions4.25"H x 17.71"W
Warranty1 year
Very versatile and minimalistObjects can easily fall, so it might not be suitable for a household with children
Can blend in with many interior styles

9. Trio Supply House Luder 5-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase

This bookcase is ideal for a compact space as it only measures 52 inches high, 15.8 inches wide, and 9.4 inches deep. It is made of high-quality composite wood, which is both ecologically friendly and extremely durable. This material guarantees that the bookshelf can support the weight of large books and other objects. 

The clean-lined shelves are one of the bookcase's standout characteristics. They're simple and elegant, allowing them to blend in with any interior style. Additionally, it comes with a one-month warranty. With the features we get and the affordable price, we think this bookcase is undoubtedly worth buying.

Trio Supply House Luder Bookcase

Trio Supply House Luder Bookcase

Overall Dimensions9.4"D x 15.8"W x 52"H x 22lbs
MaterialEngineered particle board
Warranty1 month
Compact and suitable for any roomOnly comes in one color option
Easy to assemble

10. Maydear Ladder Bookshelf (4 tier): Premium Bamboo

This bookshelf has a ladder-style design that features a wide base and gradually narrows toward the top. The design creates an attractive visual and space-saving solution at the same time. Also made from high-quality bamboo, it is solid and durable while also being lightweight and easy to move. 

Due to its design, the shelf might only look good if you put it against the wall. That's how it's meant to be placed, anyway, so it might not be a good choice if you're looking to utilize your bookshelf as a room partition.

Maydear Ladder Bookshelf

Maydear Ladder Bookshelf

Overall Dimensions20.86"L x 11"W x 47.24"H
ColorsWalnut Wood
Warranty6 months
Sustainable main materialThe design makes the items prone to falling.
Durable and minimalistCan't be used as a room partition
Relatively affordable

How to Style a Bookcase

Here are some tips you can try to style your bookcase: 

1. Play with Colors

Don't be afraid of playing with colors. With the proper color arrangement, you can bring attention to your bookshelf. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing a dark background color, especially if your books mainly have bright colors. It will add depth and contrast to your colorful books, making them stand out. 

Another common way to make your room more aesthetically pleasing is by grouping the books by color. You can combine books with the same color to create a sense of symmetry and balance. To take things further, you can even match the color of the books with your room decor.

Play with Colors

2. Arrange Books Based on Thickness

Other than by color arrangement, creating a sense of balance can be achieved by placing larger books on the lower shelves and smaller books on the higher shelves. This way, what you put on the eye-level shelves would be medium-sized books, and it would create a proportional look and prevent the shelves from feeling heavy. 

Actually, this rule doesn't only apply to books. If you have large decorative items such as vases, you should also place them on the lower shelves. 

3. Mix and Match Decorative Objects

Decorative items are a great addition to keep your upright bookshelves from looking too

plain and boring. With a bit of creativity, a simple piece of furniture can be transformed into a sophisticated display that showcases your unique style. 

Examples of attractive decorations you can include on your bookshelves include artwork,

succulents, souvenirs from travel, bookends, lamps, vinyl records, and more. The possibilities are endless. All that's left to do is decide your personal style to display.

Mix and Match Decorative Objects

4. Add Space

Some people prefer to maximize the utilization of their upright bookshelves by placing as many items as they can fit. This is not a problem as long as they can create a cohesive arrangement that won't make it feel overwhelming. 

However, it would also be a great idea to add space between books and decorative objects rather than trying to fit everything onto one shelf. With styling a vertical bookcase, sometimes, less is more. This will give each item the space it deserves to stand out, highlighting the beauty of your vertical bookshelf and its surroundings.

Types of Vertical Bookcases

Traditional Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcases

Traditional floor-to-ceiling bookcases are the epitome of timeless elegance and practicality. These classic vertical bookcases extend from the floor to the ceiling, making the most of vertical space and providing extensive storage capacity. They are often crafted from sturdy materials like wood or engineered products, ensuring they can hold a substantial collection of books and decorative items. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases can either be freestanding, creating a grand centerpiece in the room, or built-in, offering a seamless and tailored look that complements the overall interior design. With their impressive height and generous shelving, these bookcases not only serve as functional storage solutions but also add a touch of sophistication and a focal point to the room.

Floating Shelves

For those seeking a minimalist and modern approach to vertical book storage, floating shelves are an excellent choice. Mounted directly onto the wall, these vertical bookshelves create the illusion of books and objects floating in mid-air, which lends a sleek and airy appearance to the room. Floating shelves are available in various lengths and materials, allowing for easy customization and versatility in arranging the shelves according to personal preference. The beauty of floating shelves lies in their ability to maximize wall space without taking up any floor area, making them ideal for small rooms or areas with limited space. Moreover, they offer a contemporary and clean display option for books and decorative items, and their unobtrusive design allows the focus to remain on the displayed items themselves.

Ladder-Style Bookcases

Ladder-style bookcases have gained popularity due to their unique and eye-catching design. Resembling a ladder, these bookcases feature shelves that gradually increase in size as they ascend, creating an interesting visual appeal. Ladder-style bookcases are typically freestanding, and their lightweight construction allows for easy mobility around the room. They are often made from wood or metal, offering both sturdiness and aesthetics. The inclined shelves provide an alternative to the traditional horizontal arrangement, allowing for a more dynamic display of books and decorative objects. These bookcases work particularly well in rooms with limited floor space and can be utilized to create vertical visual interest, drawing the eye upward and adding a touch of style to any space.

Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

Wall-mounted vertical bookshelves are a smart and efficient solution for compact spaces or rooms with limited floor area. As the name suggests, these shelves are directly attached to the wall, providing a space-saving option for book storage. They come in various designs, including individual shelves or sets that can be arranged in creative and functional configurations. Wall-mounted bookshelves not only provide a practical storage solution but also offer an opportunity to showcase a small collection of books or display art pieces, plants, and other decorative items. They add a modern and airy feel to the room and are an excellent choice for those looking to keep their living space organized without sacrificing style.

Corner Bookcases

Corner bookcases are specifically designed to make use of often overlooked corner spaces, providing an elegant and efficient storage solution. These bookcases fit snugly into corners, making the most of both vertical and horizontal space. Corner bookcases come in various shapes and sizes, from simple triangular units to more elaborate designs. They add a touch of style and decorative appeal to the corners of a room, which are often underutilized. By optimizing these otherwise unused spaces, corner bookcases free up valuable wall space for other furnishings or artwork, helping to declutter the room and create a well-organized living area.

Modular and Customizable Options

Modular bookcases offer a high level of versatility and adaptability, allowing users to create a customized bookcase layout that suits their storage needs. These systems often consist of individual units that can be combined and rearranged to build a unique bookshelf design. With modular vertical bookcases, users can easily adjust the configuration as their collection grows or as their storage requirements change over time. This flexibility allows for future expansions or modifications without the need to replace the entire bookcase, making them a cost-effective and practical choice. Besides their functional benefits, modular bookcases also provide a modern and contemporary look, adding an element of style to any room they occupy.

Rotating Bookcases

Rotating bookcases, also referred to as revolving bookcases, offer an inventive and functional solution for accessing books and items on all sides. These vertical bookshelves feature a rotating mechanism that allows users to turn the shelves with ease, providing easy access without the need to move around the bookshelf. Rotating bookcases are particularly useful in compact spaces where it might be challenging to reach items at the back of traditional bookshelves. They optimize storage while occupying minimal floor space, making them ideal for smaller rooms. Beyond their practical benefits, rotating bookcases add an interactive and dynamic element to the room decor, making them a captivating and practical addition to any living space.

Final Verdict

Although a vertical bookcase is an excellent storage solution, before investing in one, it's essential to consider several key factors. There are plenty of options available to suit your taste and budget. By choosing the ideal vertical bookshelf, you will keep your books and objects organized and accessible for years to come.

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